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How to make the case run longer like more than 5-7 years?

Page no : 2

fighting back (exec)     21 August 2014

....So whats wrong if the author wants to wriggle out of the mess he has landed into..........why are some members getting hyprocritcal? it  is normal for any human being to wish to wriggle out of a sticky situation he has landed into...

if the author himself is shouting on the top of his voice that his woman is not ready to leave him, then how can he even think of divorce and paying 10 lacs!!!

some members have advised about waiting for law to take its own course...welll if he were to wait for the wheels of justice to turn, then he might well end up marrying a dead body in his grave!!!!

lets be practical guys! it is well known how fast the justice system works in the country. if his darling is not ready to budge, then why  should he suffocate......

@ the author,,,,,,no crime is a crime until  it is proven

so you can still very well marry the woman of your choice. provided she is cooperative and understanding/

you dont leave any proof of your marriage on paper and photographs. no witnesses.....etc..

if you wish to take the plunge you have to have the guts...agreed the you are breaking the law, but at your given situation you have no other way out or......

wait for tarik pe tarik pe tarik pe tarik pe tarik.........................................

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     21 August 2014

@ fighting back, 


hats off to u

rising up again (FFF)     21 August 2014

but in that case wont he be walking on a thin a juggler all his life............. 

live in a different city / lead your life in a live in / do whatever ........and not be caught !!   but what if that have kids....??? how will he hide them ??????? and if that is proved.....he will fall from a very high cliff and nothing will save him............ and then 10 lakhs will be a small amount which he would have to spend on saving himself.......


His life....he decides..... If he is strong enough..........he may take whatever action he wants to take.........


“When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”
Billy Graham

“If you dont know learn how to be scared, you'll never really learn how to be brave.”
Simon Holt, The Devouring

" One has not Lived his life until he has not taken his risks to prove his life"

 --A Sufferer

@ Author,

1. If you are damn strong within your heart to face the consequences what ever it may be,then plz do proceed with it.

2. Always make a note that Indian judiciary runs on the basis of evidences,if no evidences then a murderer also move freely to commit another murder.

3.In legal point of view even your second marriage will be called as void U/s 11 Hma r/w u/s5 as you are not legally divorced to perform second marriage.

4. Your second marriage will attract Bigamy U/s 494 IPC only when it is proved that you have performed second marriage r/w sec.5 and 7 HMA 1955.

5. No evidence = No crime

6. Baby born out of wedlock is still legal in value for him though he may be called as illegitimate but he have all rights reserved for the inheritance.

7. DNA of infant child to prove bigamy is some what against fundamental rights of an infant, it will be the wish of her living mother to say yes for such test or not for her infant child to prove whose child is this..

8. In every condition a single bachelor female can adopt a child if she has crossed the age of 21 years and she is unmarried. So,in this case if the author try to live as liv-in and child is produced then his female partner can adopt her own child to hide the illegitimate issue.

Contrary,is that no adoption is there for her own child but here she has to make a catch against such rule by delivering her own baby to some far away relative and from them she has to adopt such child after the divorce of her male partner from his first wife.(Here that relative has to hide the identity of the child and make strong proof that such child has been raised in their home only)

9. Once,divorce has been taken from the first wife then both couple could legally marry and adopt such child legally.

10. If not then no need to create such game,simply the female partner has to be bold and carry such illegitimate child though legitimate child till her partner is not legally divorced from his first wife.

11. There are many cases where husband has married his own choice still having his first wife due to the frustration of moving of his divorce case at a speed of tortoise.

12. Those who have money they settled out the issue outside the court and those who don't have such illegal money they try to fight till the apex court.

13. So, don't worry the Indian judiciary will only make your case pending for years after year.....till SC court.

14. But, for all these you have to carry your own risk and willingness, No pointing should be raised on any person directly or indirectly...after all it's your life and it's your choice.


fighting back (exec)     22 August 2014

....thanks ESIS for supporting my view....if the author is ready to bear the risk, then he can still live his life......instead dying each day, he has madeup his mind to take the all the best.

fighting back (exec)     22 August 2014

@amit........its not a question of bravery....the author is anyway dying...he only has to choose what type of death he wait for the judiciary to decide when he steps in the grave...or better take the risk of marrying and try his his second option is much better in true logical sense. than waiting patiently and dying each day.......

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     25 August 2014

This is not a place to seek ideas to do illegal things.  If you think you are smarter and know everything better, do it, why do you have to approach here seeking ideas.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     25 August 2014

agreeing with Mr Kalaiselvan I will add that fraud is a fraud be called by any name.

malipeddi jaggarao (retired banker)     26 August 2014

If you want to commit an illegal act, why do you approach the forum?  Do it and face the consequences.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     26 August 2014

agreed with Mr Jaggarao..

dineshp83 - Legal Fighter. (manager)     28 August 2014

Dear Author,


Just cool off file a case try for ex-party divorce just get her to court and may be she will also be willing to get rid of you, if possible take elders help let them meet and discuss explain them how 3 life s are suffering in this there are good people in the world take help from them.

And one request don't disrespect experts of this forum by asking how to cheat or misuse law for your freedom.

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