How to deal with a bullying colleague in a govt. job?

I work in a govet school under delhi administration as a hindi teacher.


there is one colleague who passes personal comments on my dresses that they are too fashionable for a teacher to wear(i wear salwar suits),on my jewellery on my kajal,on me applying nailpolish,etc.many teachers in my school come daily in anarkalis,jeans with kurti,high heels,open hair,long earrings,etc etc.but she never criticises them becoz they are her frenz.


she also interferes and tries to put my views down when i'm having a conversation with any teacher even though it's none of her business.


after school,we use the same cab to reach our homes.


 its too hot in delhi summers.she always occupies the front seat (which is comfortable)so that i cant sit there by reaching slightly before school bell rings.i have a health issue becoz of which i need to sit at the front seat so that i can stretch my legs.talking to the driver doesnt help since he too fears her.



likewise there are many more incidents where she does or says things that trouble me or defame me.but she does them so subtly that nobody knows.

for example once i was wearing a neon shade salwar suit.


on the same day in our cab she said that she hates neon colours because they irritate her eyes.on questioning her,she fought that she was talking generally.

i am facing deep anxiety due to her bullying behavior.

i have tried to reason with her many times but she's too quarrelsome.

i tell principal but she does not take my complaint seriously and tells me to take a transfer.

now what am i to do?please dont suggest me a transfer.


Be bold and blunt to point out her nuisence and  retailiate in the same manner as she does. Being offensive is the best defence. If she do not mend report the matter to local police.

Avoid her as far as possible.

You may consider to use some other mode of conveyance (even if it is un-economical) and/or arrange a transfer/posting from this school .



Behave with her in the same way she does with you. Pass comments politely on her dress etc as she does with you.stay confidently before her ignoring her existence completely. Don't allow her to bd your guardian.

Behave with her in the same way she does with you. Pass comments politely on her dress etc as she does with you.stay confidently before her ignoring her existence completely. Don't allow her to bd your guardian.

Ignoring her is the best medicine, why are you so much curiosity about her comments and thinking about that,  why cant  you divert your mind.  Just concentrate on other things.   while you are in cab talk to kids, other colleagues or listen music/ read book.  Hardly its a matter of half an hour to one hour journey.  


Ask your class monitor or Head Mistress to solve your problem since it is not a legal issue.


This is not at all a legal issues and such queries should not entertained in this forum.  It is misuse of the facility available free of cost.  If you feel hurt by the behavior of your colleague either warn her or approach local police station for her misbehavior.

Dy Director

so far no legal point is raised. No views expre3ssed.


To those who are saying it's not a legal query,I want to ask..

if there exist any code of conduct for teachers or not regarding how they have to behave with each other?


are they supposed to ridicule each others' dresses,on their way of eating,talking etc?do government rules allow ridiculing colleagues?


if someone is frenz with you,he can joke with with you.but when someone does not even talk to you(like my colleague above)and opens his mouth only when he has to ridicule,you people find his behavior normal and my query childish???


i guess india has no laws to deal with workplace harassment.therefore ponga pundits are finding my query non-legal.


cant i get atleast some basic guidance here instead of philosophies and saracstic comments?

even my principal never takes my complaints seriously.she's too freindly with all such bullies.

ironically, she was directed in a principals' meeting few days back that she has to ensure all colleagues behave well with each other and with students.




thanks for your advice dear sister.


i have tried replying back,but then other staff members start taking her side and yell at me.they all gang up against one supports me.then in a few principal summons me just to scold me because they allege falsely that i "misbehaved",although i was trying to defend myself..she never gives me the chance to explain anything.this has been happening always.


i cant take transfer in any other school since this school is the nearest whereas all other schools are very very far.

Dy Director

first of all be clear that it is charitable forum where advise is being given you free of cost.  You cannot dictate what type of advise will suit your ears and eye.


You have not disclosed any cause of provable miscnduct on the part of your collegue which can be a legal matter.




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