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How much maintenance under sec 125 crpc??

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Pritam (manager)     27 November 2014


Conclusions have been drawn from your comments only. First you make 56,000 / month and able to maintain yourself and your child. Also in one of the comment you have mentioned that your goal is not just to be greedy... How should I intrepret? Also your husband doesn't have his own house. Why don'y you ask for shelter rather than maintenance? Let him pay rent. As far as child is concerned, it is shared responsibility. Please go through below link.



Ofcourse wife should be supported but when greed is involved then it ruins relationship. You would be happy to wipe out your husband's monthly salary but even though your parents spend 10% of their salary on your husband or in-laws then you would fight with your husband.


Also read





In one of your post you had mentioned that luckily your wife didn't  know some judgements so you managed to fool her. I am sorry I do not have any intention to put you down but all your recent posts are  opposing male member's comments and somehow favor women. Is there any law which protects man other than defamation and perjury that too post 7-8 years of fighting case? Anyways All I am saying please help in the right direction. Such tactics of getting husband's credit card and all will drag case further. Her husband should contribute towards her son not her at all. As I said I am making much more but not paying maintenance because we stressed on unable to maintain. It would be better for Swati to request mediation in the court and settle with MCD. She can enjoy tax free money and high interest rate in FD will give her better maintenance money and much needed peace than finding all tricks to harass her husband. Her husband will also open her books. 


Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     27 November 2014

Pritam, you are really getting desperate to prove yourself right when all you could have said is that you misinterpreted my comments.  If I think that I was lucky that my wife did not know some of the judgments, that does not mean that I fooled her. I am and was not her advocate. I have also repeatedly stated that judgments are meaningless and a good advocate can show the factual differences. It is just that my work would have increased. My wife did appeal and she had an army of lawyers in the High Court. I defended the appeal, very successfully, without any advocate. Where does fooling my wife come in all this? Please...  

True that I was aggressive in my earlier posts, possibly some against women too, and certainly against advocates. I do NOT oppose male comments. I find it appropriate and intellectually challenging to give proper legal guidance on how to collect evidence and apply law.  I find it appropriate to guide women these days on this forum because whenever they post queries, the only comments from non-advocates are usually outright abusive, lacking substance and clearly not intended to help or guide.   Your own responses in this thread are no exception.  

Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     27 November 2014

What I meant to say is that I am NOT and was not her advocate.

UniteFamilies (Social Worker)     27 November 2014

Judge even taunts working woman who asks maintenance for herself. After reading all the comments, I think focus should be on child's maintenance and Swati should forget her maintenance. Indian politicians are going to make hindu husbands slave with IRBM law so male members are going to attack female members even more.

Pritam (manager)     27 November 2014


I am not gender biased but at the sametime I don't like people especially women abuse law which favours them 99%. If 56000 is not enough for 2 people then I guess I also need to ask raise from my company. If you think I misinterpreted your comments in other posts then I am sorry.  

In one of the post you mentioned that you are based in US. How did you fight alone without a Lawyer in India? How can your wife have an army of lawyers? Do you mean she kept changing lawyers? 



Judge even taunts professional degree holders who are seating at home purposely to get maintenance. Aren't we done with IRBM? Is it going to be applicable to existing cases too?

dr g balakrishnan (advocate/counsel supreme court)     27 November 2014

swati move no point wasting time with more and more talk as i see some unprofessional replies are registered, that is not fair indeed.


my advice to experts either respond positively to people seeking your advice,no point n talking you are lying and all that, advocacy is the protect accused as also petitioning, so choose who want to help, if you feel bad better keep quiet never aggravate please. thanks

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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     27 November 2014

Very good intervention Dr. G. Balakrishnan.

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swati (hhhhhh)     27 November 2014

Hello Dr. Balakrishnan,


I think whenever anyone reads the word maintenance on this forum the only bell that rings in the mind is "WIFE". I had made it very clear in my post in the beginning that I am asking for maintenance for my son under the Sec 125 which some of the members didnt pay attention to. 


Thanks for your intervention....





Sandeep Naik (Advocate)     26 March 2016

U have not mentioned whether ur son is major. 

Adv. Sandeep Naik

Bombay High Court....Mob : 99670 56980

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