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I stay in a co-operative society, where the society committee formed an internal project committee without calling for a meeting and in a social gathering among a few people a committee was formed and a circular was sent after a week on the formation of this committee to all the flat members. When I sent a written letter asking the society how this election took place, the President told me that he can take any such decision. .

The Project for which this committee was formed has decided to do some work in the society which will cost over 2lacs, for which I felt that all flats members should be informed about the total expenses that was going to be incurred for which again I asked the society committee to give it to us in writing and they said it will be informed to all flat members once the work is over and in a general body committee meeting, is this right that a flat member cannot ask for the expenditure details or challenge the expenses.


Pls let me know if a committee can be formed without a meeting called for. Or in any society social gathering without an agenda.

Is this type of information not necessary for the all flat member to be intermitted.

Is this type of expenditure which is going to be incurred not necessary to be intermitted to each flat member.


Kindly advise at the earliest.



The Managing Committee of a Co-operative Housing Society is a body elected by the members of the Society. It has powers as stipulated in the byelaws of the Society. In the Model Byelaws the Managing Committee can undertake repair work up to Rs.25000/-. If the byelaw has been duly amended approving a higher amount the Managing Committee can spend such higher amount without consulting the General Body. But if the expenditure is above the ceiling specified in the Byelaws, a meeting of the General Body should be called and  its approval obtained by votes.

 As the Managing Committee itself is elected by the General Body only, the General Body cannot elect another committee. Election of any such committee can create conflict between the committees. If at all any such “sub-committee” is formed, it should have the approval of the main Managing Committee and it shall only be sub-ordinate to the main Managing Committee. Such sub-committees shall have no powers whatsoever. The project committee mentioned by you shall have no powers either to issue work orders or purchase orders. They will have no powers to operate bank accounts or make payments either.


If the Managing Committee only execute the work and they take the assistance of other members as a sub-committee or otherwise for work involving no exercise of powers, there can be no objection for such assistance.




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