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Scared   13 January 2016

Help needed!!!

I am writing to seek the right path to be taken .....i am currently very very scared....

i was in love with a girl with whom i got married last month in arya samaj mandir, after marriage her attitude changed completely and she along with her parents started forcing me to take in her daughter along with paying 50k a month to them.

my salary is not that much i cannot even afford that...

secondly on the marriage certificate it says that she is unmarried and in the affidavit which was made by an advocate while i was reading the affidavits i saw that it said that she is unmarried and a virgin....


how can she be a virgin if she was has a 6-7 yr old daughter  ????


and after doing a deep research i found out that in 2009 she was invovled in a marital dispute with another guy but the status of case is unknown and in 2012 the court order said that they have come to a mutual consent and the petitioner ( which was this girl ) is taking her case back.


now i am very much confused what should i do as she along with her parents and friends are threatning me a lot that i should live with her else they will be filling rape case , dowry case and if i file a divorce they will take away my mother's property too..... my mother is a widow and i am the only source of income of the house .


please advise what should i be doing ....

i am very much scared from this girl and her family.


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Manoj Choudhary (Advocate)     13 January 2016

File a criminal complaint of fraud, extortion and conspiracy against the girl and her family members to SP (police)
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Scared   13 January 2016

can this marriage be nullified ? and if yes how long will it take for annulment ?

and can i be fabricated in any of the things which this girl has said, e.g. rape, dowry or domestic voilence ( we were not living together she was staying at her home and i was at my own home even after the arya samaj marriage)

Vijay Raj Mahajan (Advocate)     13 January 2016

Annulment of the marriage on the basis of fraud by non-disclosure of facts about her person, previous marriage and its outcome, child born to her by the previous marriage are good grounds, however as her intitions seems to cheat you, her not returning the gold given to her at the time of marriage that she will now claim as her Stridhan, although it was once your mother's stridhan but by the sweet will given by your mother to her although the fact she had played fraud not against you but your mother too can serve as good reason for claiming that back too.

Yes the charges of dowry and rape can always be made against you by her and her parents but these too get diluted as your case of fraud by her seems more strong. Filling criminal complaint under section 406,420 seems good, but simultanouesly filing for annument of marriage under section 11 of the HMA is best solution for now.

Born Fighter (xxx)     13 January 2016

dont worry your wife's past has already digged the grave for her. File for annulement after gathering all evidences of herpast. Record conversations if you can.

Dont get scared, be a man and fight the case on merits. You have a strong case in your favour.

Pls do not be afraid to fight for your self respect and freedom.

Scared   14 January 2016

there were no witnesses from my side in arya samaj mandir and only 2 of her friends were the wintnesses....there was no streedhan involved....we never even lived together but yes before marriage and once after marriage we went to a hotel ( same hotel which we used to go to prior to getting married).

i think she is trying to fabricate that i have consumated the marriage and she is no longer a virgin.

but how can she be a virgin if she has a 6-7 yr old daughter i am not even able to collect what she is trying to do....

Vicky (Engg)     15 January 2016

to answer your question -

can this marriage be nullified?

first find out whether she is divorcee or not. second once you gather all the information on her file annulment of marriage since she hide many facts to you (as said by seniors)


immediately go and give non congnizable complaint on her so that you won't get arrested in any of her cases like - 498a, rape cases.


arya samaj marriages will not encourage any dowry, it will be only marriage ceremony which they perform.

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