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Alok Sinha (Software Engineer)     06 March 2011

Girl is giving threats of suicide


 Actually I am facing very serious problem in my personal life. Some years back I had love relationship with a girl who was staying near my home in my native place.I used to go her home and they used to come my home.For last five and half years I am staying in other city for my job.Initially for 2 yrs I was in delhi then for past 3 yrs I am in bangalore as software enginner.I was in touch with that girl by phone.We used to talk for hours daily on mobile.Around 2 years back her father caught her talking on phone and beaten her up.Her father talked to me and I said that I am ready to marry her if my parents are ready.
I somehow convinced my parents and sent the proposal of marriage but her family members (mainly mother and her elder sister) rejected our proposal.
And the way they treated my parents was not good. So my parents became angry with them and warned me not to contact her.So i did not contacted her afterwards from my side. So for last 2 years I never called her up and my parents started searching other girls for marriage. She used to call sometimes but I never entertained her. 
Now for last 6 months that girl and her family is forcing us for marriage. They are giving threats and saying that we will have to marry otherwise they will go to police. That girl is saying that she will suicide and will leave a note saying that I had s*xual relationship with her and then refused to marry. they are trying hard to threaten my family. In entire colony they have spreaded that I had physical relationship with her but now not marrying. Her parents are giving threats that she will either marry me or commit suicide and my entire family will have to suffer.My parents are really threatened.Her family is not reputed one and can go to any level.
Sir please guide me what to do???
We are gentlemen and never faced police and all.If she commits suicide by leaving these kind of suicide note then what may happen. She neither has any photograph of mine with her nor she has any letter or any such type of thing. I do accept that I had love relationship but always maintained my limits. Moreover for past 5 years I am staying away and go to my native very less.
Sir, I am carrer oriented fellow and working as a software engineer in Bangalore and my native is in Bareilly(UP).
Now I don't want to have have any relationship with that family because already they have done lot of drama and one of her sister has run away with a roady last year. I tried a lot to convince her saying that she will get a good grrom and can live happily but she is saying that either she will marry me or die.She is threatening my parents also.
When I was not established in my carrer,they were not ready.Now they are feeling that I am in good job and they cann't find a groom like me so they started forcing for marriage. 
We are very upset.Please tell me about all the legal complicacies and how to escape from this.


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Advocate Anuj Anand (Advocate)     06 March 2011

Legally you case is strong but yes then can cause mental harassment to you. If still they don’t stop last remedy can be that you file a case against them under section 506 IPC. But you have to twist the story for that

prashant pundhir (Criminal Lawyer)     07 March 2011

I do not think that she will do some thing like this,but of course she can complain about s*xual harashment and 

under section 493 IPC .If she does something like this then your call detail will prima facie prove it right and you can be in trouble . The best way for you is to twist the entire story and charge her about blackmailing before she take any step . For your protection give a written complain to the local police station and send a copy through registered post to the SSP . Keep in mind that your call detail is the weakest point for you,so keep it in your mind . 

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     07 March 2011

She can file a case against you.  To avoid it, it is better to solve this problem with the help of elders of the locality. 

zimmerzapper (student)     07 March 2011

are you not in love with her anymore?

Alok Sinha (Software Engineer)     07 March 2011

Hi, For last 2 yrs I have never called her up.She only kept on calling me.Once I changed my no. also but somehow she got that no. from some common known persons.Only thing is that 2 yrs back I used to call when every thing was alright. But there is no proof that I had any such kind of relationship or intention.Our families used to meet and visit each other.Now I am an IT professional and well settled. Now they stared forcing us and not trying to understand.Her family has bad reputation society.So we don't want to marry.Moreover they only had rejected us.Now after all this drama, we can not accept her.

Wlii my past calling on mobile will make any point against me? Moreover my parents are hesitant of going to police first because we have always been away from aal these things. How we can save ourselves? 

A_man Fighting for Justice (Unemployed)     08 March 2011

These girls can stoop down to any level to have their way. Remember, no matter how strong your case is, if they file a false complaint against you - be it s*xual harassment or abetment to suicide (306) - in all likelihood you will get arrested and would have to face the trial which can demolish your career and family. So, don’t be apprehensive about taking precautionary measures and take this issue seriously, if not for yourself than for your parents.

  • Shoot a letter immediately to Senior Police Officers complaining about the entire incident. Specifically mention that the girl is mentally unstable and if she does anything you cannot be held responsible.
  • Ask your mother to write a letter to NCW.
  • The next time she calls, record your conversation.
  • Think what can dissuade her from marrying you – spread rumours through common friends/neighbours like you are an impotent/HIV +ve/Drunkard/In debt over your head/Gay etc. This might sound funny but can be effective, at least give it a shot.

Pls. don't make the mistake of marrying a girl with suicidal tendency, trust me - my brother made the same mistake and our entire family is now facing a false dowry death case.

M.Sheik Mohammed Ali (advocate)     08 March 2011

make complaint

gandhamsrikanthreddy (student)     15 March 2011

hi alok if she do so u/s 306 ipc she is punishable.but do out of court settlm ent with elders of two familys.recently supremcourt also observng sucide cases and sujested for not to file cases aganist them they need our support

Mallik Karra (Done with AIBE)     15 March 2011

@ Author,


do not wait to file a complaint with the police.... there is no act  stating that those who are in love should get married, not even in the rape cases was this allowed.... but to be safe file complaint....  A_man Fighting for Justice has given the appropriate advise.........

Alok Sinha (Software Engineer)     16 March 2011

Thank you all..........suggestions are welcome.

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