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Kinza   24 January 2017


Hello everyone, I have been divorced recently.. I never had any relation with my husband and was not s*xually involved.. I loved a boy since 5 years.. I want to marry him and he also promised me of marriage saying that he would never leave me alone... He said that he will only proceed at his home after papers are signed. When divorce completed n I took this big step trusting him that he would marry me.. I have his messages where he has promised me of marriage.. Now he is denying saying that I did all this to take revenge.. He has spoilt my life.. I can never ever come out of this. He even betrayed my family.. He talked to my mother also.. Now he has just backed out as if I was just a toy for him. I need to know laws that would help me get my justice.


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     24 January 2017

Gone are the days of filing police complaints that boy has cheated promising a marriage, Apex Court has come out with a good judgment on such equal responsibiliy and protection of self respect by other partner also.

There is no way you can take any action for your own fault of trusting a boy.

The same old story of 'Bharata" is being repeated through centurties.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     24 January 2017

Agreed with Mr. autohide4u,Mr.G.L.N. Prasad.

biswajit   24 January 2017


Lonely_Guy   24 January 2017

You post fraud? You did fraud. You give pains to your weak husband for your boyfriend. You did not get s*xually involve in marriage, what you think you keep yourself pavithra for boyrfriend? Now you leaves husband also and your boyfriend also kicking you hah hah  laugh Now you are not home and not ghat. Noone spolied your life. You spolied your husband life and your boyfeirnd is smart, played toy (you said) and he will not make same mistake of your husband to marry you.

What justice you want now? You got justice ... god justice not court justice.

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     24 January 2017

With due respects to all, if some one selects the forum in utter frustration and despair and looks to us, irresective of the facts try to help the member to come of out this legally if possible, or just sympathize, if some one further hurts the already hurt individual, then there is no meaning in Human being.  Yes. certainly every one is having  our own weakness, faults and we may not accept them also, but if others specifically point out, naturally it hurts.

A walk alone (-)     24 January 2017

Boy was very clever he know you very well. As you before divorce love him since 5 years. You do fraud with your can you expect that boy will marry you? No boy can marry that girl who faud her husband. The thing which do with your husband you got its result by this fraud. Anyway better forget all and find someone else.
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Lonely_Guy   25 January 2017

Originally posted by : autohide4u
Lord Krishn also explained this to Arjun in Kurukshetra. Do not make compassion an excuse to avoid the path of dharma.

I did not know this. Nice. Thankyou.

Kinza   25 January 2017

Well I think I can find a suitable place to get my justice... Instead of further querying me about the entire situation you all have simply drawn conclusions... To the one who has laughed on me I don't know who you are but laughing at me doesn't at all made me feel guilty.. I was reading your replies but didn't reply because I realized I have posted my question in a wrong forum... I have not betrayed anyone.. I was forcefully married against my wish to a man who is lot older to me.. Yes, it was my fault that I didn't run away at that time thinking about my parent's respect. Well now I have lost my patience. That boy I loved is my true love. I couldn't adjust with my husband and made everything clear to him from the very first day. Even before my marriage I told him but still he married me. Anyways, thanks for your opinion. Just because of people like you boys are free to do whatever they want. Girls are blamed everywhere just because a boy is a boy. How funny right? Boys can cheat make false promises ruin a life and take you to the verge where you feel like committing suicide, but how well girls are blamed for everything. Cool people.. Poor indians... Poor law I guess... Anyways I will fond a suitable place.. Thanks... N yes I dnt know much about what bhagvad gita says but Allah knows my intentions... That's enough for me.. He will do my justice.. Thanks... Bye

Kinza   25 January 2017

Yes now an enemy... He has badly played with my life since five years. Now time fr justice.

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