. She filed 498A , DP3, DP4 cases against us, 

2. she filed 125 Crpc also (even if MC awarded she hardly get Rs 1000 or Rs15000), as husband is un-employee and physically challenged.

3. 498A, 125 Crpc are pending at her hometown

4. Husband pronunced triple TALAQ at KAZI office, in presence of KAZI, wife, and elders. Husband also sent TALAQNAMA to her.

5. Wife replied back to TALAQNAMA saying, she is not accepting it.

6. Husband gone to court for disloving his marriage and the dissolution of marriage is pening at his hometown court.

7. Now the adovcates at her home town in 125 Crpc ((both her advocate and our advocate), telling that if you pay 2.15 lacs money she will take back all the cases and she is ready to give divorce also.

8. The advocates are telling that 

    8.1 first go to KAZI office, and she give KULA... and you pay 1 lac

    8.2 On the next hearing date, we dispose the MC case
    8.3 After three months you pay 1.15 lacs, she gives hostile evidence and she withdrws the matter

    8.4 All money should be cash only, no DD and cheque business

    8.5 they are not even ready to sign on the DEED of AGREEMENT.

    8.6 I preapred the following terms and conditions to execute in LOK-ADALAT but they are not executing this also

         1. The petitioner has agreed to receive a sum of Rs XXXXXX/- towards her one time            permanent, alimony and she is giving up all her rights to claim any maintenance                from the respondent towards her maintenance. Accordingly the respondent has                  paid the said amount Rs XXXX/- to the petitioner and the petitioner is             
          acknowledging the receipt of the said amount.
       2.  The petitioner is also agreed to with draw the following cases against the                           respondent and his other family members.
         (a) case# CC XX/XXX, 498A, DP3 and DP4 cases which is pending before JFCM                 Court,XXXX

          And the respondent has also agreed to pay the Rs XXXXX (Rupees XXXXXX) to                the petitioner after the above case ( ie, CC # xx/XXXX, which is pending before                 JFCM Court, XXXX) is withdrawn by the petitioner.
      3. The petitioner has no claim whatsoever in future against the respondent . The  
          petitioner has no right whatsoever in the future against the person or property,   
          either movable or immovable of the respondent.

     4. As per the Islamic personal law, the respondent pronounced triple TALAQ and the              petitioner is ratifying the same and with this, the marriage between petitioner and                respondent is dissolved. The petitioner is divorcee and she is no more wife of                   respondent. This award/agreement can be used as proof of completion of divorce               between petitioner and respondent.
5. The settlement contained in this document is comprehensive and final. No subsequent
conditions / demands will be raised at any later stage. No civil/criminal cases will be filed
by either petitioner or respondent against each other or any of their family members at any later
6. Each party bear their own costs

 9. Now my doubt is , after taking 1 lac rupees, if they don't come forward to settle MC /498A cases, then to whom I need to ask?

    9.1 The advocates are not wriging DEED agreement
    9.2 the advocates are not executing the terms and conditions that they accepted at LOKADALAT
10. Let me know what I can do at this stage?
11. Is both advocates are playing with us for extraocting more money ? or is advocates are playing according to WIFE directios?
12. I am not understanding why they are strictly asking to pay the money in CASH only? The advocates telling that they give some receipt?
13. To what extent I Can truse these advocates at this stage?