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 Iam one of the Managing partner in a Marketing company, working from past 2 1/2 years located in Bangalore.

 Before i could go further i would like to inform one more thing that our company is an Family oriented business. And my caste is Muslim.

One of my employee was working with our company since 2 1/2 years. He was a very good employee. And designated as Head Operations.He had an Retail background. And my Father had bought him to this company through one of his contacts. And that was the time even when i started entering into business so my work time is same as his. We were all comfortable working and all was going well. But after a years gap my father started irritating me indirectly and harrassing me mentally to increase the business and forced us to open retail chains and as per his advice we went ahead but as the shops were about to start he started abusing and demotivating by saying that the things which had done is not correct. But we though as the days goes ahead everything would settle down. With all these it was not over he started getting annoyed for each and everything and shoting in front of our subordinates and then asking everybody to report him directly. With this issue everything got disturbed and asking everybody not to report me and Head Operations but to report my father directly. (My father was not accepting the professional way of handling the activities and he was against profession business also). With this disturbance few of them left the job and then the blame again came on us saying that it is bcoz of the mis handling of the staffs by us. In between these days my Employee had taken an approval to invest some money in business for which i issued an N.O.C also for the same. But since i though that i was mangaging the things in the Co i had not informed about this approval to my father. And i knew that my employee would not go against my Co. During these days his mother was also not keeping well and he had requesting me to grant him leave 4-5 days every month. This was during the month of October 2012. Days passed on.The hatredness towards the employee was getting increased day by day by my father. Then to increase the business we started travelling bcoz it is an marketing company and the field work was important. Since i was new to the company and my father was well known name in the market, i could some how manage to take this employee and travel. But when i was finding difficulty in building relationship between the company and the market every step i asked my father's help but he kept on dragging the need. These things went on for another few months in the same way. 

Now in the beginning of this month i.e July 2013, my father asked to clear the cabin where he was seated when this employee was on leave for 4 continious days bcoz his relatives had visited bangalore. Hearing this my employee put up the paper ( Resignation Intimation Letter) on July 9th on one month's notice. On fifth day when he joined the work my father was out of station and asked him to take leave for another 2 days and meet him by next week i.e monday.

As informed he was here by Monday and spoke to my Father with my presence and he requested the management to accept his resignation on immediate basis and would work Offline upto August 30th. During the conversation between my father and the employee my father asked him that did he invest money in any business through this Company. I was shocked to hear this he was all in an impression that i had invested the money in his company and he was running the business. Now my father has asked me not to issue acceptance letter and he would draft the same. I though its ok now there would be no issues. But to my surprise yesterday i came to know that my father has taken his appointment letter to one of the highly designated labour officer who is an good friend of my father and the same person is running one man power recruitment services also. Through this i came to know that he wants to damage his career by filing a fraud case or what ever may come to his crooked mind with the help of his friend.

I have analysed one thing that since it is an family business, there is lots of misunderstandings and lack of trust, caste / Religion issues, mindset of doing unethical business with traditional thoughts.

Requesting you all to help me out in this issue and suggest me in a good way.Bcoz i dont want to spoil any body's career and my employee has a very good background but with this unethical way of sacking the employee is not fair. And i would go upto the maximum to support his career.




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