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G.Nagarajeshwar Rao (Advocate)     16 May 2011

Experts are requested to give proper replies


Hon'ble Experts! 

Please give proper replies to the needy queriests, if you are having legal knowledge in the particular query which is asked by the queriest. If you do not know the proper remidy or answer, it is better do not attend that query. I saw some of the hall of fame top scored experts are attending the queries by giving evasive replies. All experts are not the Gods! they need not be well versed with the particular law or aspect. If any of the member of this site asked for any judgments, some of the experts are giving their answers with evsive manner and those answers are painful to the queriests. All queriests are not illeterates or not the laymen. Some of the queriests are paracticing advocates and they well versed with law. But to get second opinion or to get more clarification in the particular aspect, they are asking queries. Some of the members are not having sufficient library in their loacal area. So they are asking for texts of citations. For that some of the experts are givng answers like "go and get the citation from any library". To give such answer he need not be an expert. A lay man can give such answer. It is appearing some of the experts [socalled experts] to get more points to get their name in the first 10 members giving such cheap answers. Being I am the member of this site to give feed back through this site I am posting my view. I am a practicing advocate in muffusil court in A.P. I am the junior advocate of one of the expert advocate in this site[i.e. Mr. Y.V.Vishweshwar Rao]. My senior did not give such evasive replies sofar. I request all the experts please do not answer with evasive replies and do not suggest with wrong interpretation of law. If the query is not proper you can post your answer like required more information in the query. I hope that you will take this mail sportively for the sake of the quality of this web site. Thank you one and all.    


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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     16 May 2011

I agree completely with you, Sir. I too have observed that some of the experts are giving evasive answers. More detrimental is when they misguide the person asking the query. Moreover, I do not understand on what basis they are chosen as experts. Some of them even lack basic English knowledge. Pitiable.
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R.Ramachandran (Advocate)     16 May 2011

I fully appreciate your feelings. 

Even I also feel that many a times answers are given without even understanding the question in all its gamuts.  Further more, the answers are also lack seriousness and practical aspects involved. There are also occasions when persons try to answer without even eliciting missing/wanting details.

The quality of the site can be improved only if the Administration does the following:

1. Should not allow 'Anonymous' posts / answers.

2. Should post some Moderators - first to allow only genuine queries - and to allow only quality answers.

3. If possible remove the points system - it has no practical utility.

4. Insist that one (INCLUDING ME) should be in the 'Forum' area  at least  for a minimum period of six months or one year and then only, after evaluating the quality of the answers given by the person, permit him to upgrade to 'expert' zone. 

5. Unless the answers are based on 'first principle' basis, each of the answers should be backed by case laws with citations.

6.  Unlawful queries (very recently some one was telling that he is going to commit a crime etc.) should not be permitted.

7.  Queries asked by students seeking help for solving their 'moot problems' etc., should not allowed.

These are some of my thoughts.

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G.Nagarajeshwar Rao (Advocate)     16 May 2011

Thank you sir!

You are the one of hte qualitive member of our web site, I saw that your answers are very reasonig method and you are not deviating the law any where. Basing on the legal principle and basing on citations your answers are appearing. There are only few members in the expert zone those who are committed to give the proper answers for the sake of helping the needy people and to share your knowledge. Those who are few members are Mr.Arunagiri, Mr.Rajeev [rajoo], Mr. Makkad saab, Mr. R.Ramachandran [you] and my senior Mr. Y.V.Vishweshwar Rao, etc.,

With regarding to the sharing your thoughts on my view I am also feeling the same as you mentioned to improve the quality of this web site.  

For responding to my message I say once again thanks!  

G.Nagarajeshwar Rao (Advocate)     17 May 2011

Mr.Dhingra and A.V. Vishal also giving proper replies to the queries of the needy people. 

Jamai Of Law (propra)     18 May 2011

G.Nagarajeshwar Rao



I did read some of your queries in forum section as well as experts section, out of curiosity .............



If anybody gives a readymade reply to your queries then that person is good .............. and one doesn't do so .................. that person is evasive!!!



Wow ! ............. This is the quality which is required to become a forceful and pushy kind of lawyer!!



You have a bright future as a lawyer ....... I must say ...... Many youngters feels shy to give sermon to seniors but that makes them bogged down !!



Carry on boy!





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@G.Nagarajeshwar Rao

You said,"Some of the members are not having sufficient library in their loacal area. So they are asking for texts of citations. For that some of the experts are givng answers like "go and get the citation from any library". To give such answer he need not be an expert.



Devajyoti Barman  said in expert forum :


Go to any Bar Library and get a copy of it. Go to any Bar Library and get a copy of it.

I dont find their reply unusual ,normal and i also accept your fact ,you said that 

Some of the members are not having sufficient library in their loacal area. I also face same type of problem .






Also,many advocate dont have digitial facility( pc software based)its too costly for them

you only asked 

Full text of citation AIR 2011 MP 18 is required, please help me.

You didnt mentioned about the case party ,judge wise etc so sometimes its very difficult to find.Thats why  second adv.said,What is the title of the case? 

I will guide you how to search a judgment in google by doing extensive search ( using add-ones)and thereafer you dont have to ask the judgment from experts.

So, in future be specific and Devajyoti Barman  is a senior member and we have learned a lot from him.And  i also welcome your reply to devajyoti (

Dear Barman ji I am sorry for my unnecessary comment on you. )

And wellcome to LCI.:P

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G.Nagarajeshwar Rao (Advocate)     18 May 2011

Sir! Jamai of Law! I think this web site is established and running to serve needy persons to give / exchange knowledge to the general public and as well as to the litigants and lawyers. It's very caption of this web site is interactive platform for lawyers and indian public. Some of us deviating the same. Some of us using this site for their time pass. 

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I really appreciate this thread and thank you so much for helping people like me.

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very good issue , we have try to eliminate multiple vague reply eddicts from this site.

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