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Hi Lawyers,

I did try to find the validity of emails as proof but was unable to do so.

I sent couple of emails to my wife during our marriage. Some of them she replied back.. some of them she never replied as we discussed the matter over phone..

So will all my emails be taken as valid proof in my divorce case. Or only those to which she replied or the ones which she does not disputes as valid.

How can I prove the mail was sent by her. Some of them were sent to her office address.

Thanks in Advance.



All your e-mails can be traced by a third party - an escrow key holder (an intermediary) which is also stored in your mail account, and can be given in evidence as per the Indian Evidence Act. Contact and Consult your Netwerk Service Provider


Family Counsellor

Yes, emails are taken as the valid proofs. You need to provide along wth the headers. This will show the validity of the emails, if questioned. The emails can be send to the cyber police if required.


But if she distputes this is not even my email address then what. and anybody can create a false printout.. how can I prove the email was actually read by her and she chose not to reply anyhow.. My lawyer has no clear answer.. he says let them object then we will see..


Mr.Pradeep its true anyone can create a fake printout,but the headers are unique the id generated will be stored in the servers with reference to that id,the origin of mail,the system fro which it was created,the path in followed in reaching the destination,the system where it got opened and time spent on that mail and everything is tracable and unique too provided you need to proceed fully legally.




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