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divorce on the basis of impotency

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@khuku... Don't ALLOW Criminals to roam around in the society.. Put them in JAIL or else do something to get rid of them so that they will think staying in JAIL might be safer than roaming outside..!!!!! First try through courts, otherwise many other ways to get justice !!!!

Khuku Das   03 January 2019

Lavanya mam... two of my friends are advocate. one is practicing in supreme court and the other is practicing here only. they said if i want justice then it will be both time and money consuming. better go for mutual divorce. mam i want to focus on my career and education now and we are very simple people... we cant afford that. its just i want to know my right and the grounds of taking divorce. i dont want divorce also but i dont have any other choice. he is not ready for the treatment and the type of education he is getting from his father.... chi!


@khuku... Then, do whatever you liked and decided.. why do you need other's opinions when you are fixed with some decision? Why are you wasting all others time? Is it for time pass? 


@khukhu girl,

oh your impotent husband is ready to give divorce to you (MCD)? or again he is going to cheat you and torture u by saying this and will be going to spoil by marrying another girl he spoiled your life  and by leaving that criminal impotent without punishment you are going to spoil another girl's life? so you as lady should have human value and not to spoil another lady's life.'

if he is impotent why you dont want to take divorce ? if you dont want to take divorce then time is not matter for your right,

if you are losing time and money then your impotent husband and his family is losing time and money. they will also have daughter in their family and make sure what needs to be done if they get married to same kind of impotent husband.


Khuku Das   03 January 2019

No i dont want to spoil another girl's life. Mam but i loved him. N he had kept me like a queen over there. I had everything there. Everything. Online shopping, restraunts, movies, tour... what not! Everything i had except his time and love. I didnt understood earlier. Later on after knowing about his impotency i got to know that he used me. I was his cook, watchman(who will open the door for him at night) and a show piece(whom he will take to parties and all and show peoples that this is my wife)... bass this much was my work. When i was staying with him, he used to return after 10pm. Sundays also he go to the office.. says he us having work. And now when i am nit with him, he is returning back home within 7.30pm. No Sundays. What should i do i dont know i am very depressed. N yeah he is ready to give divorce. I dont know about his father, but my legal advisor talked with him and he said he will give divorce and will return all my things. His father is a master mind. I dont know whats going on inaide their mind. Why this happended to ne? I havent done anything wrong with any body. How i fall in this trap?!

Khuku Das   03 January 2019

mam i love gim so much that without s*x also i am ready to live with him. i just want him to go for test and then treatment. but he ia not ready for the same. even now also i am like if he call or msg me asking come lets go to our home, i will go. but no msg no call from his side it was me who msgd him call him. now his anger is why i left his house!? his parents are givibg him wrong advise. they destroyed my life. i dont know what should i do. mam when i was ill, he took so much care of mine. 2 times i git hospitalised. second time he stayed with me 14 days in hispital. reminds me of taking medicines, food... going to hospital with me for regular check uos, test n all. he dis everything. n that too just after marriage. mam whenever i thinks about his cruelty, his these good things are also coming infront of my eyes. i cannot forget all these. and that is why i said that i am ready to stay with him even when he is permanent impotent. he was beside me when i was not well then hiw could i leave him when he is not well!?

Khuku Das   03 January 2019

@S.Shanmukh.. no sir i came here ti know my rights and the grounds. so that people cannot fool us. as our advisor is saying that the time limit is within one year. and we are in weak side.

K.K.Ganguly (Advocate)     03 January 2019

1. It is not a fact that you can file a divorce case on the ground of impotency with in one year of marriage.


2. You shall have to file an annulment case for suppressing vital fact (like the fact of his impotency)  for getting your consent for marriage within one year from the date of your coming to know about the said suppression of fact. In the instant case, you can very well say that you came to know about his impotency recently when he failed to perform for the first time in last three years.


3. You can also file a divorce case on the ground of cruelty. 

Khuku Das   03 January 2019

thank you Ganguly sir. thank you very much..

K.K.Ganguly (Advocate)     03 January 2019

It will be prudent on your part to jointly file a mutual consent divorce petition on agreed terms which will be dicided within 6 & 1/2 months from the date of its filing and then further move in your life.





you only mentioned this in this forum of his harmful acts against you 

nd also apart from this he raised his hands on me 2 times. 1st time he kept a knife on my neck and said that he will kill me and second time in this oct he beat me so hard that i couldnt move my hands for 3 days. 

and now you are saying different you decided to stay with permanant impotent and what happens if he do some illegal things and make you pregant by soem other ways  to prove that he is potent? is that ok to you?

you discuss with your parents and relatives and well wishers that he is impotent  and decide accordingly

just ask him to say that he is impotent to everyone and then stay with him. is that ok to him?

Its upto you how you decide your life.i pity you



My suggestion is to take divorce and live independent  life with some self respect and dignity

Khuku Das   03 January 2019

Yes mam. Everybody is asking me to do so.


@khukhu girl,

then what is stopping you mam if he is ready to give divorce and ready to return your items? see how great he is.. giving divorce and returning  your items. you are the luckiest in the world . 


Khuku Das   03 January 2019

his father is mastermind person. i dont know what is going inside his brain. his son is juat his puppet. i am lucky or unlucky that no one can say mam

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