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Divorce, compensation, Please help

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Minal (Student)     28 May 2011

Why shud I leave him...?? Think of my side too... how my parents must be feeling coz of his behavior & tht too for silly reason. He has become proudy since he starting earning. He can very well manage the situation & handle things, but no. He wants freedom from me. Isnt this called playing with my feelings & emotions & leaving me mid-way? Marraige is not a joke, but he has ruined my life by doing so. How much shud I compromise & let myself down jus to please him & do things as he say, and wht I get from his side?


If he is really bad then you will leave him.

You can get true love again, its a big world and god surely has something in store for you too!...

Stop thinking about him and from his side, start thinking about "your" LIFE and future and you will get the answer yourself....life goes on dear, believe me!..after say 3-4 years, you will even forget about his existence in this world and he will regret and miss you if you were good to him!

The friends and relatives who are provoking you now and encouraging you to punish him, will not stand by your side after a few years. The only thing left with you will b the fruit of your own deeds,....let the fruit b sweet..

Take this as a sister's advice and you will totally understand what I said!

Minal (Student)     30 May 2011

@ let and let live.


He was my first love. And I hv been loving him for 6 yrs. U think, how m feeling after all these years if sum1 u luvd behaves this way... juz for d reason, m not pretty as I was n I hv become fat? I want to teach him a lesson, so tht he doesnt does this to any other gal.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     30 May 2011




Originally posted by :Minal


He was my first love. And I hv been loving him for 6 yrs. U think, how m feeling after all these years if sum1 u luvd behaves this way... juz for d reason, m not pretty as I was n I hv become fat? I want to teach him a lesson, so tht he doesnt does this to any other gal.


@ Author 

Apart from suggestion given in my previous post(s) I like to add that given to understand your current medical problem and profession status mentioned below your name it is advisable not to get into vicious loop of "teaching him a lesson"

Why ?

1. If you file 498a the case will go on for average 3 years. You get nothing in these 3 years except his couple of visits to chowki and or court. After 3 years if your side proves your evidences then only he may be convicted. The current national average of conviction is nearly 2% in case you want to know this.

 If you file S. 125 CrPC you have to wait minimum 1 year to get interim given to understand backlog in Family Court Mumbai (assuming this case from Mumbai !)

3. If you file for Divorce then you also have to file S. 24 HMA i.e. maintenance as mostly lawyers will not advise plain vanilla Divorce filing to a lady!. National average wait time to first get S. 24 HMA maint. is 1.6 years. 

4. If you opt and file Bharat Ratna DV Act then even if you include all the Bharat ratnas i.e. relief / protection order sections then national average to get protection order is 1.6 years.

Against above harsh backdrop which is only explained outside chambers of legal professionals i.e. not to discourage you in anyway to not to act so, kindly sit with yourself and decide at the end what lesson you have taught to your first love coupled with your growing health and student status! Did you get anything at the end even all laws in favour of women and even if you manage to use all above 4 laws on your first love?. 

OK, the solution to your main issue is to compulsively sit with him and his family and ask colly. elders from both sides to decide within "societal walls" what you deserve and what he shall deserve out of years of secret union of two souls in presented briefs situation otherwise all 4 above law usage are just expressed to you which before coming here you might be aware of as people come here with little basics of Law and or after brief socio legal consultation but still wants to know from experts a better way out.


zimmerzapper (student)     30 May 2011

dear minal, i think you are right in wanting justice. a person cannot just abandon because they have become ugly. you have my sympathy, but sadly it won't help you

Minal (Student)     30 May 2011

I want to finish this off ASAP... Plz help...


you choosed a wrong person Minal.He does not deserve your love.Do not waste your life running after such a cheat  as u have not anything practically lost.Rather you should be grateful to the Almighty as you could know him before you are spoilled(who changes his feelings based on body beauty).Husband -wife relation is such a pure one that everything that a child can not express before parents expresses before the spouse.

So forget him, start a new life.Let him know what you are.People like your husband is not a human being .His nature resembles with that of an animal.


Suppose you got him back by litigation, will u be able to accept and love him as before?so leave him to get punished by God.

Amit Singh (Owner)     08 July 2012


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If there is no possibilities to live together as husband wife than you have to separate, divorce each other and take your live hood yourself. Never depend to others.

Court will not allow 50% maintenance of salary,

rajiv_lodha (zz)     08 July 2012

I do not see any reason to revive this 1 year old thread. Its of no help to queriest

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