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Divorce and 498a, no head no tail

1.If wife need more money from husband files 498a.

2.If husband wants divorce she files 498a

3.If husband files RCR and she don't  want to come files 498a.

4.If she wants divorce she files 498a

5.If she wants to keep her husband and his family as slaves files 498a

6.If wife wants to teach husaband and his family a non forgetable lesson files 498a



no end.

Brainless girls(I am not saying for all) by using 498a loose husband,young age,jobs what they get only frustation?



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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     19 October 2012

The Law was made in 70's. I suppose you were born after that. Who stopped you for not selcting the ingredients before tasting shaddi ke laddu !

To late to re-invent a wheel.

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Shantilal Pandya ( Advocate)     19 October 2012

It appears that  there are ample oppourtunite for abusing legal machinery  by unscrupulous wives , to guard against possible danger of misuse the lagislature should make suitable  provisions ,  the Prevention of domestic violence Act is more  drastic than it   ought to be, for an example there is provision  to  treat a single affidavit  by the victim as sufficient to  establish  entitlement for any relief under the Act !

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Heera (lectrurer)     19 October 2012

there is no punishment for wives of misusing the 498a if proved  

dr.pawan rajyan (member and secretory)     19 October 2012


Ganesh,what about those ladies who filed false dv after reciving rcr notice.regards

shalini (software engineer)     19 October 2012

if you are good to your wife without any dominations and not puting any restrictions.she would have been nice with you, ive seen few dumb girls with wicked parents go for it ...My husband is so worried that i would file 498 a , but never i thought of it ..if you are not against dharm , why you think of 498 a, girls who cant bear domination and torture of in laws and husband goes for it and its valid..why you think  wife is slave for you n your family..??putting stupid restrictions, demanding for dowry guys forget wat u spoken with your wife and there family....u forget that you looting family , insulting and using harsh words  , girl bears it for while , when she starts questioning comes man handling, character assasination......mattters go worst n they file still think that she is always wrong and you as satya harischandra ...i see very little percent of girls file 498a, i dont see any one in my surrounding or locality who  went for 498a, only internet i read this kind of news about 498a harrassments....girl goes  to any extent to save her marriage(she gives her life)..its all in laws illusions which provoke their sons on DIL's..ive seen a girl who is killed by in laws , in my relatives ..but girl parents didnt complaint to police on them coz there is a kid from the marriage ...keeping kid  in mind they said she died in accident ..even one more case , MIL hanged DIL..they went to jail but they came out by spreading money ..helll....i dont see girl is no where supported to go for police station and courts..still in many familes they say do or die but dont break marriage 

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498 A fighter (Advocate)     19 October 2012

Shalini you are right but not absolutey, if girl and boy come together then no one thought of break up even boys also want to save the marriage , but regular interfer of in laws disturb the life, no boy tolerate it , the situation become worst when girl gives coutner arguments just in most case only girl tongue is the root of dispute, then ego of course from both side, then threatning i will go to my parent house? they help me ? they see you? i am well lead my my wife?

shadi hi karni thi? such type of taunting irritate boy? ladke to hamesh ladkiyo ke waise hi by nature also gulam hote hi hai,so why there is need to show them you are slave ?

now come to demand dont you think , just before marriage or at the time of marriage father of any one who is main from girl side must clear to boys familiy in strict words " saab hum na shadi k e pehle na shadi ke baad kuch denge, na hi aisi koi demand entertain karenge , agar manjur ho to hi shaadi karen warna hath jod kar mafi mangte hai ki hame ye rishta manjur nahi hai?

if all people start wiht this then almost half boy side will never demand if they planning to demand.

to be more clear take it on bond paper , when matter are incrasing day by day so to save the girl from future torture this is good , and this should be the first condition of marriage,but the situation is just reverse girl side them selves offer we do this and this in the marriage and give such and such items to over daughter.

yes if they want to give their daughter just give her slowly but not at marriage time sent her by empty hand. they did not do this becuase it is the question of their status that we had given so much to our daughter. and this thing put water in the mouth of greedy people and ...........dowry accidents/ incidents/ events happens.

Now in my case before marriage to my wife i had offer of 35 lac, but i choose my wife not a single rupee i took , even though i invest money in my marriage form wife side also, kyonki mujhe karna hi tha nahi to marriage nahi hoti kyonki mere sasur ji 10 saal pahle VRS le chuke the teen ladkiya mere wife sabse badi. second beti ko loan se pada rahe the unke paas tha hi nahi kuch even reception ka kharch bhi aadha maine diya.

maine court marriage par jor diya to wife boli meri bahno ka kya hoga ? MIL boli him itne gire hue hai kya jo court marriage karenge, FIL bole meri beti bhaag kar shadi thodi kar rahi hai?

[mere bhai ke bete ka first bithday me jitna khaane pe kharch hua utne me mere shadi jaisi paanch shaadiya ho jaati.]

now see what my wife says "tumko koi mil nahi rahi thi isliye, mujhse shadi ki, agar paise ki baat karte to mai bhi nahi milti  kunware rah jaate"

"tumhare ghar me to sofa bhi nahi hai mai guest ko kaha baithau"

jab beti hui to boli ke 10 hazar me ek bacchi nahi pal sakti mai apne maike jaa rahi hu.

now the condition is i am earning more than 70 thousand and she is earning 4500 INR.

ab bolti hai ki mai mehnat ka kama rahi hu, tumhare jaise baithe baithe nahi kha rahi, ab mera work administrative hai wo bhi college me naturaly work load nahi hai par iska ye matlab to nahi ki mai haraam ka kama raha hu.

wo school teacher hai uski work jada hai to isme mera kya dosh isme mehnat ya beimaani kaha hai.

fir ab 5 hazar me bacchi kaise pal rahi hai.

i mean to say girls ke words bhi unki barbadi ya aisi ghatnao ke liye jimmedar hai fir ego aata hai to jhoota case karte hai jaise mujh par kiya mere yaha to inlaws bhi nahi the hum dono hi the khush the dono kama rahe the, even ghar ka aadha kam mai karta tha, khana bhi bana deta tha , last line she said "mere baap ne jan bujh kar tere jaisa laalu dunda hai"ye bhi jab kaha jab mai jail se bahar aa gaya false 498A me , use wapas le aaya beti ho gayee 20 din ki thi bacchi. ye sab kya jaan bujh kar provoke karna fir boy kuch kah de to ..Mahabharat. still i am facing dates , i won sec 09 in which it is clearly said " Ladki ne soch samaj kar jhuta dowry case lagaya hai, ladke ne koi marpeet nahi ki, na hi pratadit kiya" i know i win 498A and twist is after when she comes to me her father died by suicide / mystric death. as he thought i will take revenge and i will kill her torture her. but not a single thought of like this was in my mind. mai to kaise to bhi apna ghar basane ke prayas me tha wife pragnent thi aur delivery me koi ladies nahi thi operation hua sab maine hi kiya now you can imagine how i manage all in the hospital which is in other city. aur uske baad bhi ..........

ye meri kahani hai  aap exception me daal dogi ek do ladki bhi hoti hai aisi.

i know my wife is very good i know this but what comes on screen? her language , her act, her behaviour?

to aise bhi ho raha hai , aap sirf  ladko ko hi akele dosh nahi de sakti? isme galti jada ladki walo ki hi hai,

bhai agar aapko bachna hai to aap hi foothpath par chaloge na ki vehical. waise to ladki wale bade dimaag ki baaten karte hai fir yaha kyon nahi? kehte hai ki hum ladki apne rakh sakte hai to fir yaha kyon nahi pehle se clear ho jate?

sab baad me kyon hota hai chahe jhoota ho ya saccha dowry demand ki ho ya na ki ho? jab jaante hai ki aisa bhi ho sakta hai to simple chor ke saane garib bane raho hamesh kya jarurat hai apni tijori dikhane ki.

maine court marriage par jor diya to wife boli meri bahno ka kya hoga ? MIL boli him itne gire hue hai kya jo court marriage karenge, FIL bole meri beti bhaag kar shadi thodi kar rahi hai?

just i said this bcoz -- this is also the fact and it takes two hand to clap. so be alsways positive.dont blame others.

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Heera (lectrurer)     20 October 2012

good mrg..

my question is if wife  files maintance case and if it proves false as she is well educated and working just to theartean husband if she files and the case falls then its like misusing the law ... then what is punishment to those wives ... law is one to all na .....

498 A fighter (Advocate)     20 October 2012

heeraji just go through this ipc sec you can use them agist the wife i am attaching them in the form of MS WORD FILE


Attached File : 168406665 sections against 498a.docx downloaded: 252 times

Vinu (executive)     22 October 2012


Don't generalize and i strongly object you saying 'brainless girls'.

You can find so many 'SMART' guys using RCR ( to ask for wife to come back) as weapon to show that they are innocent? They realy hates and don't want their wife and child but wants to become safe and avoid criminal cases from wife by saying i want to continue... But the real fact is as Shalini said most of the wives try hard to save their marraige ..but finally they go for legal actions like 498 A.

Mr.Aneesh, not all boys want to save their marraige..even in the forum check with the ratio can find most of the guys asking ' i want divorce..but wife is not giving' . It's a common fact that most of the males want to lead a bachelor life with his own glass filled with freedom and girlfriend (if any) and needs divorce/separation. Instead they could have remove their ego & spoken and showed real love to their wife.

Both should keep expressing love and be true to your spouse..that is what needed.

Shalini, i appricate your interest to say the good side of Girls who sufferered out of such issues.

Vinu (executive)     22 October 2012

Mr.Pawn, Also you can ask about the guys who apply for Divorce after getting criminal cases/498A/DV maintenance?

If your answer is they have been harrassed by the wives false cases......Cool the same is the answer for your question the girl is harrassed by his husband.

so she runs for her life..and leaves the husband. She don't want to file legal complaint as it is too draging/money consuming..but the husband is worried as he is aware of what he has done to his wife and expecting criminal cases from wives... and so with the help of half baked lawyers ( I respect all lawyers i mean to say about few money minded fellows) files RCR sometimes even without having interest to live/love her.

So your question comes...the wives enter in to the legal battle and answers to the RCR he wants me but i went away because of these reasons ( stating his harresments) and takes the DV/498 A to prove it. 

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