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SuperHero (Manager)     09 December 2015

Originally posted by : Sankar Sankar
Dear Mr.Super Hero ,

As I mentioned earlier, they are financially well in their background, even for small things they cant even control their feelings and anger

I was not spoken to my wife and son for 6 months, when her brother(younger than me ) shouted/scolded  on me without giving respect.

After this incident , We called their parents to take some good decision/solution , but they came to my home and shouted on my mom, cursing , throw sand, etc,etc

That day , I deceided to go for divorce,

Might be the reason for their overwhelming anger on us.they thought that my mom and dad would have been changed my mind.

Thats the reason, she was cursing and thrown sand on our home., 

Mr.Super hero , if a  weathly family fails for such a small things in their life , as their opposing party is as lesser/smaller than of their status, who cant bare their feeliings/control.

There their EGO , STATUS issues  etc etc begins,

After the 6 months from marriage date , our issues had been started,.

I bare with them , because of vising my child's furture for 2 years.

"" The guy who can live without parents,wife and child, but the dominating wife , mentally torchoring life cant continue for a reason of 10 months child life "

HOpe you understand my above sentence.

I am not interested in getting divorce, if I would not initiated my side  , sure they shall go for police to file case against my mom,dad and me.

If i dont get divorce also , not an issues, I dont continue my life.

Is their any law that the husband and wife can live their life separatly without giving divorce , as I am taking care of their basic necessity.













What might happen after 1 - 2 Years is what Helpin Hand has given.

Also you have mentioned you are working in Gulf. Does your Parents live with you in Gulf or they live in India?

As you are the Only Son of your Parents, You need to take care of them. Agreed.

Not many Women adjust and go. Society is changing at a rapid speed by the influence of Western World, Friends, Society, Money, Movies, News and Mega Serials.

It is always suggested or recommended to take separate accomodation near your Parents home.

As mentioned by Helping Hand, if you want Child Custody it might not be that easy.

I do understand your situation. This kind of dominating and loose tongue, uncultured people are very very difficult to bear. Feel Sorry for you.

But there is a Child out of Wed Lock. That is the reason for my reply.

Please check your Pros and Cons. Wish you take a good decision.

There is a saying if you are middle class look for middle class people. What has been done in the Past can't be corrected now. And you can change your Present and the future will change accordingly.

To me your Case might take couple of years roaming around the court, by that time Patience, Tolerance, Wisdom pops up and may guide you in the right direction.

World is a Drama Stage and You have to Play or Act in your Role accordingly.

Already advocates have given there replies. Wish You Good Luck.

Sankar Sankar (Employee)     10 February 2016

Is surrogacy/surrogate mother legal in india ?

If I dont get divorce, Shall I go for surrogate mother without the permission of my wife ? I would like to have a child.

Since ,  I dont like to live with my wife , if I  dont get the case favour to me , shall I adopt or surrogacy without getting permission of my wife ?

Pls reply...


KISHAN DUTT KALASKAR (Advocate)     21 March 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since your case is complicated case as such I require documents and same may be send to my email/PM (personal mail) for detailed legal advise.


With regards,

Legal Expert

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