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Discussion needed

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"so even genuine cases are taken as false/fraudulent cases" You said so.Is not it?

What is the source of this information?


@ Mugundhan & @ Aishwarya,

                                                                      498a & Statistics

Something that I have respected unconvincingly is "Statistics". I have respected because if totally used in some limits, it is very useful and if used in length but in isolation then it can be totally misleading. But the question is where do we draw a line?

For example, Two batsmen with a strike rate of 200%, sounds genius but we find that both though share the same strike rate one achieved the same by virtue of 50 runs in 25 deliveries and the other scored 2 runs of 1 ball. Funny isn’t it?

Similarly, we have leaders who have successfully established themselves as icons be it as a chief of a Gender Lobby. Or who brands a baba as a non vegetarian or someone who has shut the doors to the dancing ‘women’ in bars. They have repeatedly expressed their concern over mandatory registering complaint of the daughter-in-law in the police station every time if-she-feels-harassed.

My question to these people is “Is there any agenda behind this?” and I get an answer “Yes that is Statistics”, while some people would call it as scam or racket I would discuss on the blunder that has been committed.

They say

1) there cannot be such laws where the sections are against the daughter-in-law. But they also agree that the misuse of the over protecting laws has been in abundance. They are not documented as there are no “Specific” sections to do so.

2) They also say that everytime a daughter-in-law complains, the cognizance has to be taken (they actually mean irrespective of the authenticity of the complaint).

Now here comes The Catch:
This only means that we are ‘merely’ adding on to the statistics which will project a pathetic and scary one sided picture. Conversely, now we do not have a special section that is enforced on the sides of the daughters in law, and the stringency is almost absent as I encounter many pre 498a victims complaining that the police refused to take the NC and after easily applicable 498a where would they go? Now while taking a glance at the end of year we are left with ready reckoner on the section 498a front and related sections but when it comes to the sections applied on the daughters in law which is rare as there are no compulsions, well, that is where those cases are lost among the regular criminal cases and the distorted result shows that the DV and Dowry cases are on rise and once again they do not get a separate identity of criminals.

But now what do we need to do? File a PIL, sounds good but it needs each ones contribution. Why? Because PIL is about PUBLIC INTEREST and just 1 or 2 do not make PUBLIC, it requires Junta technically "aam adamis". Then only the judiciary has business to mind and hence we need to build our own real statistics and fight against the pseudo projections with one sided compulsions that makes a drunkard of an institution that uses statistics like a pole to balance itself when fully drunk.

Few days back I tried pushing the non functioning endangered Indian men cause but had not much of  luck and it was exhausting, I alone could not make much difference but once people like cool, toon, dune and bhajan mandali joined the effort required to push that cause for each one was almost negligible with everyone putting their strength and we could push the cause now quite easily.

Similarly, please come up with a path breaking PIL and contribute invaluably in your own way. Help us help you. We need our strength to be heard in right spheres. Else this statistics will eat us up.

My co-brother rightly argues on statistics that if there are 10 women in a room where one is pregnant then the statisticians will project each women as 10% pregnant. Or out of 10 women if 5 are virgins then each one would be 50% virgin. Or the SMS that read “If Laden had 20 kids out of 4 wives and Laloo had 10 from 1 Rabri ji definitely Laloo averages better inspite of Laden’s 20.”

Now how do we fight against poison (read feminsists) ? By using the poison in an antidote. So let build the real statistical strength of separate identity.

Om jai jagdish hare.....bolo fir sey...... Om jai jagdish hare.............xxxxx
Inputs credit: Jinesh Zaveri


"But now what do we need to do? File a PIL, sounds good but it needs each ones contribution."

Sounds utopian. If each one joins the move then it will not be necessary to file PIL. Much before that politicians will amend it. May be it is a distant cry.

ANAMIKA VICHARE (LAWYER)     15 April 2016

Even the Supreme Court and the High Court from time to time declraed 99% cases are false

ANAMIKA VICHARE (LAWYER)     15 April 2016

Even the Supreme Court and the High Court from time to time declraed 99% cases are false

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