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discrimination-at private nursing home to person with disabi

Dear Sir, 1) I am Sonu Bhola a person with (Mobility)disabilities belong to OBC catagory S/o Sh Jaggan Nath R/o A-89 Street No-8 Jagat Puri, Krishna Nagar,Delhi-110051 Contact Mob-9213953775. On 1st July-13 around 11: 00 am I admitted my wife to Ashok Nursing Home situated at F 3/15,Krishna Nagar Delhi 110051, Contact 011- 22003420 as she was in full term for delivery. After some hours around 5:05 pm we had been informed by the Nursing Home that she has delivered Baby boy with low weight around 1.98kg and there is need to make him stay at nursery at hospital for few days in order to manage the treatment of baby and without saying anything more, they (Nursing home –Staff) asked me for cash deposit for new file for baby to admit to their nursery and I did the same and situation was normal for next two days as baby started getting feed by his mother. 2) On 4th July-2013 Suddenly around 4:00pm Dr Piyush informed my wife that baby is serious you should shift your baby to higher centre for further treatment. These were only words they mentioned on the refer letter and discharged my wife without any further formalities as they wanted to get rid off with us since child was getting poorer and poorer at their nursery with their treatment as in fact baby was effected into their nursery only and they have not make clear to me the problem had happened with the baby, at the same time the same message has communicated to me by Dr Ashok Singh and Dr Deepa Singh (owner of whole setup) and Sister molly and Lavleen when I reached there from my office and my other family members were already there waiting for the Ambulance to shift my 3(three) days old baby from Ashok Nursing Home . 3) being a person with disability It was very hard to me when I took my baby for admission in other hospital ( Shanti Mukund, Max Balaji, Kalawati Saran and Gangaram hospital) one by one as by seeing the condition each hospital denied to admit him and was keeping running with a Ambulnace and finally doctor at Emergency block at Holy Family Hospital was agreed to start the treatment after assessing the physical condition of the baby and said” don’t aspect, but we will try to save the life” as he told us that condition is very bad then I replied to doctor that we had reached here by rejecting so many hospital and I not able to take him any other place, we do believe on God and similar to you. Then they asked me to complete certain formalities before admission of my baby at ICU late at night on 4th Jul-13. Whole night we were waiting in the corridor to hear some news from nurses or doctors come in/out from ICU room but we were just waiting whole night. 4) Next few days doctors at ICU at Holy Family Hospital were struggling hard to know the exact problem with the baby since Ashok Nursing Home has not given the good referral documents as all the treatment related document were kept at Ashok Nursing Home even after my repeated demand at the time of discharge in Emergency by Mr Ashok Singh(THERE WAS POINT AS HE WANTED TO HIDE THE TREATMENT DONE AT ASHOK NURSING HOME, INITIALLY WE ARE NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND HIS LOGIC BEHIND THIS AS THEY DID NOT HANDOVER THE ORIGINAL FILE). 5) On 9th July-13 around 2:15 pm I did try to get the Original file after reaching at Ashok Nursing Home direct from Holy Family Hospital keeping the idea that these prescripttions and medical treatment history or Case summery may be helpful to the doctors those who are still struggling at ICU at Holy Family Hospital to find the way to start the constructive treatment. My this whole idea was generated by discussion at Holy Family Hospital ICU as could understand that any good technical reference may be helpful to get direction for treat of the baby. When I reached here (Ashok Nursing Home) I did discuss the same with staff at reception that i need some reference from the patient file so as to show at ICU at Holy Family Hospital since the baby is not responding based on the treatment they are doing, they could be referring the prescripttions slip ( as he was under treatment and we bought some medicines based on it ) and medical treatment history or case summery. Upon my this request hospital staff started finding the documents by going here and there and I could sense that they were just doing something to manage my request at that time when inquired again, she(reception staff) replied that we are doing our work, you just wait till the time the papers are collected. I got surprised to hear her, since already I informed her that I am in rush to reach Holy Family Hospital again before the doctor leaves around 4 :00pm in evening. There was not development in the situation and one more guy came along that girl and I questioned him the same that”I have to rush, pls arrange the documents for me “he said, keep the seating and don’t shout on us” we are not your servant to serve you instantly and argued me forcefully, even he could see i am a disabled Person I could not respond back to his level. 6) When this guy behaved abnormal and started hitting me I call on 100 (helpline)to Delhi Police and also to my family members so as to tell them what is happening here at nursing home. Around 4:30 pm police came and Mr Shiv Kumar IO at PS Krishna Nagar East Dist. from Delhi Police came after the PCR van and he had been informed with the full situation and the requirement of the documents by myself as I was asking from afternoon to the staff at Ashok Nursing Home. This guy was not able to manage the situation and my requirement to reach at Hospital along with the documents and started showing the interest into the Ashok Nursing Home people( as Mr Ashok Singh, Dr Deepa Singh Dr Gautam Singh along with Dr Piyush was there) they had some small meeting into their room. After this meeting Mr Shiv Kumar called more police men over me and my family as we all were asking for these documents. At this stage I was worrying seeing these so many police men all around us favouring the Ashok Nursing Home people and forcing me with my family to comeback without any original documents as me my request. NOTE;- DMC/DHS/F.5/2/2009/ Subject : Statutory Obligation 15th May, 2009 Regulation 1.3.2. of Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics), Regulations, 2002 mandates that ‘if any request is made for medical records either by the patients / authorised attendant or legal authorities involved, the same may be duly acknowledged and documents shall be issued within the period of 72 hours” All registered medical practitioners and hospitals / Nursing Homes are directed to strictly adhere to the aforementioned regulation as failure to do so, will constitute professional misconduct and entail disciplinary action. (Dr. Girish Tyagi) Secretary Medical Counsil of India. 7) I really could not understand what has happened into the short meeting at one of room at Ashok Nursing Home and Mr Shiv kumar IO Delhi Police changed his idea and view instantly comeing out from there and was trying to ignore my all requests of support to get the documents. since just after this meeting he reversed and started not hearing me including so many other people gather on the road seeing me ( disabled person) struggling with him to know the status of my request for the documents. Whole this situation changed after this short meeting which had happened with Mr Shiv Kumar IO Delhi police and Dr Ashok Singh, Dr Deepa Singh ,Dr Gautam Singh along with Dr Piyush at Ashok Nursing Home at same time. 8) Till date Mr Shiv Kumar IO Delhi Police has not contacted even a single time me to know the status of my baby and he has not shared any development over the complaint I wanted to raise about the medical negligence against the Ashok Nursing Home. I am really surprised not see his interest at all into my phone call to police and his support to a lay man with disability. I belive this kind of incidents really helps to create the gap between police and public. 9) My baby is still struggling along with the doctors at ICU at Holy Family Hospital and I being the non medical person don’t know when he will be seeing my Home since he has just seen only hospitals in his life. I do my humble request based on the above subject that do something strong so as not be repeated this kind of incident to any ordinary man as always ordinary man is in problem especially a PERSON WITH DISABILITY LIKE ME Herewith I would strongly request to take some concrete action and please do let me know the possible action could taken to get the resolution of the problem mentioned above so as to be satisfies with the system. Sonu Bhola 9213953775




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