Suitable anti virus.

Dear Raman,

It is windows xp professional;

version 2002;

servicepack  2


Dr. Tripathi,  Sir, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is the best one and no other antivirus can challenge its utility.  It has got antimalware software in it.  It detects and removes viruses, trojans, malicious software, adwares and unwanted spy mails.  You will never come across such problem any more.  It costs just only Rs. 1,200 to 1,500/-.  Regards.  Adv.Deepak.

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Please, download these hotfixes from Microsoft:




Install these two fixes and restart your computer. Please update me how did it go !

There are also Service Packs (2b, 2c & 3) available for Windows - XP from Microsoft !
** It is always a good practice to turn on windows updates (automatically).

Dear Raman,

Today I restored the sestem to an earlier date (three weeks back -when system was reformated). Now it is working some how. Aforesaid message is not coming but  another message came after sometime : "windows internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Please tell microsoft about this problem.

send error report/ do not send. "

 after opting do not send, I am working on it. I think ,the main problem occured due to openning of multiple progams or functions simultaniously.

 Kindly advise, whether updates sugested by you be down loaded directly from microsoft even when I am am not sure about gnuineness of current windows ?


Mr. Tripathi,

The cause of this error can be any number of things.

I would strongly recommend FireFox or Google Chrome browser, because Internet Explorer occupies lot of computer resources which are normally aimed at Servers. Since yours is personal desktop, need a light weight browser like the one I suggested above! Once you get used to this new browser(s), you wouldn't go back to IE any more !

You can have multiple browsers in your computer and choose one as your default one, that wouldn't hurt you. 

I would also recommend you having a minimum of 2GB RAM in your System, because Windows consume upto 1GB memory to run its own resources and the remaining would be alotted to its users.

If you believe that the restore point is clean and has SP2 in it then it is not necessary to download any thing from MS. However, if you see the same errors again then please follow the steps that I mentioned in my previous threads. Hope, this will help ! 



Thanks Mr Raman! It apears that now it is working normal . I have restored at the date of it's re formate . However I was not feeling comfortable when it was reformated.

  • I doubt  guardian anti virus installed in my computer is outdated and not updating. it is showing it's version April 2008.
  • I also doubt that   before three days a false guardian antivirus entered and when I was cancelled it , it  was reporting  virus threats . it was also showing like opening of "my computer" and reporting several threats in all files.

Thank you again for your kind guidance!


read the antivirus review here.

I would suggest you to use avast antivirus home edition.Its efficient and it won't slow down your system  you can download any antivirus or other essential softwares from here.Seems you are using a pirated copy of windows.So I suggest you use a firewall and prevent the windows programs from accessing internet..Zone alarm will do.

If things are not working,just re-install windows after taking copies of important documents to external discs.

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 Thank you Mr Krishnan. system was formated and Windows was installed recently in  in this month. yesterday I  restored the system to the date of formate. since then it is working normally and no problem encountered. I also installed google chrome as advised by Mr Raman. I am using internet explorer  or google chrome alternatively.

Note - after installation of google chrome  whenever I click on guardian anti virus,   it does not scan but opens google browser . should I delete guardian and install avast?


 That would be good idea !


 After deleting  guardian , I tried to download avast . when i clicked it thanked and reported that now it will be downloaded automatically. but it's icon did not appear  on desktop. has it been downloaded successfully ? if so, how can I verify that it is installed ?




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