I studied that in olden days, 4 castes were there and it was based on the attitide/behaviour/activities in their lineage. For eg, brahmins work with king to give them ideas to save nation and are good people, kings are bold and fight for their kingdom, and two more castes.

After war and other disaster, people died and some people were given to others for upbringing safely during wars. Now, there are possibilities that a person could have been brought in a low caste also and given caste certificate later for generations. I can see brahmins behaving rudely saying that they are better, SC fighting for rights and trouble others, everywhere competition.

My doubt is whether caste was classified properly or just by birth or by people motives? Caste is behaviour based  in old days and i see trouble everywhere now. I think one should be able to change caste if born in intercaste as per his wish during his lifetime based on his marriage and parents help. Wrongly classified by situations without knowledge will create trouble as their behaviour may become bad and they will use caste as a weapon to trouble others or they cannot fight better as higher caste will trouble them and think about intercaste troubled people.... makes sense? I am one such victim, still living for a hope. Is there any law that protects us(intercaste and good people caught in low castes by birth through generation error) from this caste based influenced society in marriage and job? or do we have to take trouble throughout and live our life getting hit by all sides of people? what law says?


If being a lower caste, you are being constantly harassed by upper castes, you can file a case u/SCST Act.

Your query is general. Please be more specific as to what legal remedy you seek.




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