Saving plant kingdom, animal kingdom - how?

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Apart from law, admin reforms etc, society need come up with new ways to love the wonderful nature.


For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

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Another wonderful aspect, evolved by society that is not law; but significant indeed.


.....  “Yuvraj is like a family member and we have reared it like a child. I spend Rs 3,000 to 4,000 per day on its diet and other essentials.“ ............



For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

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Transport of cattle: Delhi High Court seeks Centre, AAP government reply

PTI | Last Updated: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 15:16


After capture as if it owns them, MCD has treated in this way  ......

          Image result for photo of mcd cows


          Cow shelter


Only fraction of land now is left over now in the biological hotspot region to grow flowers, grass etc. Only a fraction of the cattle are left over now to look for milk for worship etc societal causes & sustain life forms.


As of mankind, science has advanced to sufficient levels & ALL reasonable demands (food, sustainable employment etc) can be met (for the ENTIRE mass). If mankind does not apply its mind even now, even the land that is left over now will all become this or that concrete & the fraction of the cattle etc lifeforms that are left over will also get killed / die due to starvation, disease this or that / become this or that dish. Prayer that good sense prevails atleast now.


Let there be guidelines to evolve a policy U/S Article 48, 48A of the Constitution. Let the Natural habitats not be eaten up more & more. Let lands, water etc resources be provisioned to grow food for lifeforms, enable them privacy, breeding grounds etc & enable them die peacefully, dignifiedly.


Let alone transport, let there be no catching at all, whoever, whatever it be (Butchers or Gvt.). Let there be no dilly-dallying, laxity, politics etc on this matter of peace, life & dignity of the 2ND Mothers & Fathers. 


Science definitely will enable evolve dependable, self sustainable livelihoods, all through advancements in technology. The society need be prepared for it. There should be strong guidelines in this matter. The matter is long pending. Prayer that above is enabled.

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Speaks it all....


Image result for cattle being transported


Image result for cattle being transported

Image result for cattle being transported


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The following may be considered in all earnestness:-

1. India need set example & start the process of banning transport of lifeforms whatever it be, whereever it be. Let every district, zone is habitat for specific lifeforms. Let them be replete with it. Let more & more land, resources NOT come under concrete jungle, this or that.

2. If any lifeform need be transported for medical reasons alone. They should be done only in authorised ambulances. The ambulances need have a distinctly different color.

3. Science has advanced sufficiently. bullet proof glass is already in market. The glasses that Railways use is of good quality too. There are toned down versions, varieties of such glass / plastics that cost a fraction. They be used on the body of the authorised ambulances & NOT METAL COVERED BODIES.

4. Lifeforms be transported in AC vehicles.

                                                     Rest later on.

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All in all, the LAW NEED DO THIS:




Let humor, spirit of zeal prevail over small considerations. Let greed, shortight, arrogance etc not eat up goodness. Sciece will definitely enable perpetual employment, food etc to ALL of mankind (The more the men/women, the better in such form of lifestyle. India, yes India might have to go in for population promotion schemes! Yes. Yes, in such ways of livelihood). India can lead the world & cause the transformation across the globe. Do we have the will?


The law now need do the needful. Such guidelines may please be put in place. Life be made a great experience for ALL.

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Discussions with some people who own hi-fi gadgets, appliances & live hi-fi lives revealed their thinking. They look upon bovines in terms of RECYCLING!  The argument that they put forward is the following: Bovines are created by artificial insemination, fed & they accumulate proteins, vitamins, energy after a period of time. They simultaneously become unproductive in terms of yielding milk & thus become burden. The proteins, vitamins, energy will get used in a con-shtruc-tiv manner by having them for dishes. New bovines can be created again. Oh What a mess!


How is this different from cannibalism? This argument can be extended even to people (many are fat) too. But does this happen xtenshively? Don't we go till the grave. There are cases where the mortal remains are not available & the final rites are done without that. When that is the case, what is the hell RECYCLING that is being talked off?


There are so many things to recycle (water, plastics etc etc). We can, should recyle them if we were to hope that planet earth will exist for our future progeny. We are not recyling what we need to, can & are lavishing all that, in fact everthing; but are talking of recycling lifeforms! What a poor thinking this is! Can we not mend our ways, thoughts, food? Can we not afford the God's creatures a happy birth, life, death? In fact, who are we to afford or not afford? We cannot create even a blade of grass without the God's resources.


The urgent need is to have better, kind definitions, dictionaries, etymologists, thinkers.


Something related to this shared by someone with me on fb.

Sadly we cannot bring back those species.

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2 points that cannot be mised in above:

1. The question posed @2.08m – Humans 2***? (When will humans become extinct - 2***?

2. Carl Sagan, (American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, science popularizer and science communicatior in astronomy and other natural sciences) quote: “If we destroy ourselves it may be a minor tragedy for life on the planet, but it’s certainly a major tragedy for us. So we have to foresee the mistakes & avoid them


Very clear, greed, shortsight etc will par take other considerations in important decisions. Law should do its bit in retaining whatever remains of: Water bodies, forests, mountains, plains etc.

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Why not ban gau rakshaks, SC asks Centre, six states

AmitAnand Choudhary



The following be given due weight:

1. ‘Gau’, the family comprises of the 2ND fathers & mothers. The parents do nourish, take care of us. But even they are inadequate. The mother’s milk is limited, it is the ‘Gau’ family that takes care of all of us till the end. It is that species that adds value in each of our lives. Coffee, tea, bournvita, horlicks, …. Curds, ghee, ….. sweets, dishes …. are all their gifts & mankind of the day cannot even think of living without them. Even terminally end patients take it as food till their last breathe.

                   THUS, IT BE SEEN THAT THEY ARE THE ESSENCE OF OUR LIFE, RIGHT THE CENTRE POINT OF OUR LIFE. That being the case, it is imperative to worship them & not look upon them as vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, the way perverse thinking portrays them.

2. They have the right to take birth, live their full lives, enjoy to the full extent with no artificial barriers, breed, die dignifiedly. God has allocated them the required resources. But today’s society, the today’s for-to-by Government itself is insensitive to their causes. Every inch of land, waterbody is being eyed by a this & that person or body for a this & a that concrete jungle & their everything is being usurped mercilessly, senselessly & there is no justification to so much of denudation, usurping. The usurping deprives them of their rightfuls. The democracy should be applicable to them too & they should have a say in the decisions that mankind, yet another lifeform on earth takes.

3. The society of the day, including the Government/s is/are worthy of being accused, blamed for EXPORT products, specially the meat & leather.

4. Article 48 & 48A i.e. the Constitution mandates the Government to take care of them. But the Govern-MINT has defined them as LIVESTOCK ?!* This is not acceptable to A WIDE POPULATION OF THE WORLD, INDIANS SPECIALLY.

5. Society of the day has come up with mechanized abattoirs, slaughter houses etc on public money. This is CONTEMPT OFARTICLES 48 & 48A.

6. The resources (land, manpower, infrastructure, finances etc…) that have been employed in above need be relocated. No one would lose their livelihoods, but there will be a lateral shift in the work patterns.

7. Science plans can convert the present mechanised slaughter houses into mechanized care homes / dormitories / hostels that take care of them from cradle to grave, all through science & technology with little of mankind’s involvement. That being the case, why create pain & tears in their eyes when we could as well create happiness & welfare & take their blessings. –

  1. If the SC or the Governments provide apt opportunity, undersigned could give a high quality presentanation / lecture worthy on "Ways to evolve alternatives to butchering, meat, leather, money, employment WITH THE BOVINES (Lifeforms at large)". This Science plan will enable mankind the following:

i). Perpetual food for mankind.

ii). Enable 24 X 7 x 365, perpetually self sustainable livelihood to as much of population as is available & the entire workforce in the slaughter business can be redeployed in the Care taking business.

iii). Get rid of butchery to a large extent & revitalize the erstwhile societal values: Kindness, forethought, wisdom, hard labor, honesty etc. India had gained the super position in the globe for those qualities & not for the butchery, meat, leather etc.

iv). Several times more money (20-30 times) than the meat, leather etc.

8. Even Government has successively failed their causes & have not done enough to protect the 2ND Fathers & Mothers from the butchers & slaughter houses. One need stay in the outskirts to find out the sort of deceit by which the CASH-ers catch them, all with authority, all under Pay Commission salary. 

9. The police personnel etc with the Government are not doing enough & at times collude with the butchers (for monetary considerations, mutual understandings, booze etc). – Undersigned would be able to depose before the Bench if apt opportunity gets provided on this.

10. Indian society was very prosperous, happy under the home polices, the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters than what they are under the uniformed polices of th day. – This applies to the Gaus specially. The uniformed fellows are indifferent & society DEFINITELY NEEDS VOLUNTEERS. Yes, tainted people have taken some forms of RAKSHAKS. It is deplorable. A wild beast does not become a deer because it is clad with the skin of a deer. The wild beast has to be handled (NOT KILLED, because it has its own role in the God’s scheme of things). {Man in the form of a deer definitely needs punishment & not the wild creatures}. – The SC could as well regularize the role of the Rakshaks in a scientific, transparent manner & trigger a bill that will enable Rakshaks to book catchers, errant Govt. personnel, including the colluding police- Yes, even police should not be spared if they are found to be wanting in their duties or are found to have done anything deplorable. – The SC could come up with guidelines to Gau Rakshaks all across & all of it would run on the will, voluntary participation of the people, without the Gvt having to spend a nia paisa of the common pool money.

11. All lifeforms need care. The Gaus need more care as: Society has come up with commercial products with Gaus: Meat & leather being the topmost. So, they face several times higher threats.



  • The Governments (Municipalities) need take care of them as envisaged in the Constitution. But there are Govt. jobs titled “Cattle catchers’ in the municipalities. These fellows are selling the Gaus to the butchers. The jobs be scrapped forthwith. The mechanized vans etc that are in their possession be converted into white color ambulances with glass bodies  & they be used only to transport sick animals to the veterinary centres.


  • Every inch of the towns needs milk & milk products. Thus, the country be converted into manageable zones for fostering Gaus. The lands, machinery, workforce etc allotted to slaughter houses be withdrawn, the machinery be crushed, the concrete structures be demolished fully. New concrete structure, machinery etc would be employed & the workforce will work to cause them welfare. They will be much more happier, wealthier & make the Nation too much more happier, wealthier
  • Every zone (Say district in the current adminstrative setup) be required to limit the maximum land, resources etc available to Concrete jungle & let there be an assured quantity of above be fixed to grow fodder for lifeforms, foster lifeforms specific to each of the areas. - Gaus are found all across let them also be given their due. - To make the plan more effective, due weightage may be given to ban export / import of milk products.
  • The railways could consider having fodder trains akin to petroleum trains, coal trains etc & zig-zag them on all of its lines, all across the country. - Let all sorts of fodder for all sorts of lifeforms be bought from all across the country & be transported to different parts where they can be used to foster the lifeforms. - I this contet, Gaus need 20-40 KG of fodder everyday - Governments should be saddled with the responsibility to provide required food to all lifeforms. 
  • Gvts should be held responsible (with stringent punishments) for safety of various lifeforms across the country.
  • Dairies be helped to modernise itself. Governments consider subsidizing fodder, machinery etc.
  • New dairies be encouraged.
  • Municipalities etc be ordered to provide the dairies, cow homes etc with adequate quantities of water, power supply, medicines, infrastruture, facilities, etc & ORDER THEM STRICTLY AGAINST POSING ANY SORT OF HINDERANCE IN THEIR DEVELOPMENTS, SELF STANDING.
  • Dairies, the enterpreneurs etc be given adequate training with new machines, cleanliness ways / technologies.
  • The country come up with schemes to attract Scientists, Policy planners etc to invest their resources into R&D in this area.


PRAYER: 1. The SC, Government or any authority may provide apt opportunity before the Bench / any authority / any competent science / engineering / policy body / committee etc. Undersigned would spend his own money & give a world class, technical presentation on the Science plan briefed above. 

2. Gau Rakshaks are a necessity & they not be banned or hurt, but be regulated in a meaningful manner that benefits our 2ND Fathers & Mothers.

3. Pseudo characters be eliminated, but Gau Raksha (If that is what it is to be called) be strengthened. The Government/s & the personnel are not dependable. The 2ND Fathers, Mothers are dying in millions in a very pathetical manner. India has to come up with ways for the World to find it very attractive alternative. The World has to emulate us. Societal vigil on Gau slaughering be strengthened & not diluted in any way.                

4. Science & technology can effectively substitute meat & leather. Guideliness be evolved in this regard to catalyse this change, this redeployment, this reenablement. (No business, no person, nothing at all will get affected. Everything need be redeployed, realligned that is all & it be done for a worthy cause - Wipe off the tears of the eyes of the 2ND Fathers, Mothers & Their siblings (that arise due to butchering) once for all, all through the legislation, apt Gvt vetting.

5. Lifeforms be given the due respect, love, care that Humans are given. Ban derogatory terminologies like "Livestock" & caution media, books, publishers etc against evolving / using derogatory terms (Published literature have used terms like 'Roach proteins" for proteins evolved out of cockroaches. There are many more. This is on top of mind at this time. SC need ban such things & bring them under the purview of misconduct for blasphemous / pervasive publication).

6. Government be ordered to allocate definite quantity of land, resources etc etc to sustain lifeforms specific to that area, Gaus, etc....

7. Whatever be ordered, be ordered with the full knowledge that lifeforms cannot speak or be present at any designated place where decisions are taken that will affect them. Thus, every decision be 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 % more lenient to them & 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 % strict on Government, humans, whoever, whatever it/they be. If the humane court, governments do not take their sides, fail their responsibilities at this curcial juncture too, wrong decision will come by. They will all die in millions, all unsung, all a miserable death. Planet earth itself will lose lifeforms. Planet earth will also become like planet Mars in a few years. ALL DUE TO MANKIND'S GREED, SHORTSIGHT. ARROGANCE.

8. Consider prohibiting Gvt spending, posts etc that involve cruelty of any form to any lifeform & redeploy the mechanism in R&D / Self sustainable Service / ventures that enable the lifeforms. (In this specific context, all posts of Cattle Catchers across the country be banned forthwith. All the CASHing vans etc be ordered to remove the wooden / iron bodies & replace them with glass / plastic & be used as Animal ambulances when need arises & with sufficient records of all that happens & bring all of such activities under the ambit of RTI Act).

9. Provide land, support to run free crematoria for lifeforms. 


                     Rejoinder above is amidst all sorts of constraints & is being made from a cyber café on hard earned money. Thus there has been limitation on dealing every aspect & minute details. Grammatical mistakes, errors in order of points, repitiion of points etc may appear & the Rejoinder may not be as perfect. Errors, ommissions, repetitions etc (if any) are inadvertent & be condoned. More details would be dealt & more orderly Rejoinder will be made later if God gives enough to do so.




It is hoped that the LCI platform, mankind at large would add more value & stand for the humane cause & not get drowned in politics or be indifferent to a cause. "Humanity alone can / will reap humanity".





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