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delhi police commissioner and its police officers in delhi


          The Ministers and Governor of NCT Delhi

         The Commissioner Delhi Police &Other Administrative Senior Officials and

          Higher Rank Police Officials deputed in NCT Delhi,

          State:- New Delhi.




Article 350 of The Constitution of India.

FIR 154 Cr.p.PC -Read With- Sec 7, 13, of IT ACT 2000.

Read with- Sec 29A IPC -Read with- Sec 88A Indian Evidence Act.

Delhi Police Act 1978




The SHO/S.O’s Shakarpur Police Station,

Viswa Karma Park F Block Rd


n  No needful police help received from Police Control Number 100 and 1091 or     Shakarpur Police Station which stopped commission of Offences dated 12-April-2015



Complaint Sub:- Continuing offence of Mischief, Nuisance, aggravated assault, Physical assault, criminal intimidation, wrongful confinment and damaging our “Immovable properties” by the Samay-Singh and his son & son-wife and other family relatives, Sardar and Sardani family relatives, Yogesh Rajput family and his family members all are attached to our surrounded premises at WA-24B, First Floor, ShakarPur Khas, Laxminagar Delhi.



1.       That I Mr. KK Agarwal Advocate due to practice in U.P and Delhi regions had purchased a flat in Delhi in year 2013 on the “first floor” in the name of my Mosiji “Aparna Goel” at the Address WA-24B, Near Anil Kumar Gupta Pani Wali, Gali No. 15,  Gurdwara Road, Shakarpur Khas, Delhi. That on the “ground floor” the uneducated person name Samay Singh and his family Lives, surrounded by a Sardar and Sardarni names unknown and widow Rajput family and his son live in the WA 24B, Shakarpur Khas premises in our local neighborhood.


2.      That on dated 12-April-2015 that my mosiji Aparana has got some Flat genuine purchaser person who are ready to buy our property of the first floor at price 34 Lakhs but the local people name Sardar and Sardarni and Samay Singh & his family members Nirmala and other Samay Singh elder brother & his family relatives and a Four person Rajput Family and his son Yogesh (does not know their actual names) attacked on my mosiji and snatched her long hairs and give series of blow and punches on the her mouth and on stomach and due to that she fall down heavily. That all the said culprits in this complaint as gave abuses of mother and father to her and called her a pimp and address about me a b*st*rd instead advocate they know I am not there. That as I am out of the court work could not reached out at home and due to this criminal incident happened at time 7:45 PM on dated 12-April-2015.



3.      That due to this incident She called several times the number 100 and 1091 at 7.50 PM where the one delhi police officer patrol officer were come and not helped her and also not discloses their name and refused to tell and take no action against culprits but instead in-front of them the Sardar and Sardani names unknown and other crowded people Samay Singh & his family relatives and Yogesh Rajput family & his relatives attacked on her and the delhi police officers not say a single word to any culprits neither not help her to save her from the clutches of the culprits. That I KK Agarwal Advocate dialed Shakarpur Police station numbers number 011-22542441, 22542992 and then dialed SHO Hari Singh number 8750870627 since 8:00 PM continuously to 2.00 Hrs but the bell rang so many times and no one Delhi police either have picked up the phone for listening the complaint of mine being official delhi police officers deputed at Shakarpur Police Station. The SHO Hari Singh at 10:00 PM picked somehow my phone then listen my incident and reply me that he will call the IO who went on the 100 number call dial and rest no further. That my mosiji being afraid and in faced fear & injured so much so much that today 12 April 2015 night she went to sleep at her friend in Shakarpur block. That the Sardar and Sardarni and the Samay Singh and his family relatives and the Yogesh Rajput family in-front of our house told that your cousin advocate name KK Agarwal Advocate we will see that how much big type of advocate he was and will also beat him like we beat youin just couple of seconds. You and your cousin KK Agarwal Advocate cannot live here peacefully and also we will not easily get rid of you to sell this Flat to the property dealer neither you can live here so easily. That a local person named unknown who brings dogs to my Flat entrance door also slapped me on face and said I will give witness against her and I will support all the above culprits and help them to get me out of this Flat and your sister son advocate who lives here.


4.      + That previous same kind of dispute matter on dated 12-Dec-2014 I reported this matter to the NCT Delhi State  Grievance Cell Online portal number GNCTD/E/2014/07277 but where the Shakarpur police station sent false reporting to the DPCOP Deputy Commissioner of Police Office that the matter is minor and closes my complaint on dated 06-April-2015.  Seeing no resolution the culprits get widen in their criminal intention and ulterior motive and that why new incident was occurred on dated 12-April-2015 at 7:45 PM


++  That previous same kind of dispute matter on dated 12-Dec-2104 I reported this matter to the Ministry of Home Affairs  Grievance Cell Online portal number MINHA/E/2014/02867 but where the complaint was forward to the 14036/10/2015­UTP(Misc)  dated 07.04.2015 Spl. Commissioner of Police, 7th Floor, New Building, PS BarakhambaRoad, New Delhi Complaint/Representation/Suggestion forward to Delhi Police for appropriate action but no action was taken till yet and the new incident was again occurred on dated 12-April-2015.


+++ That previous same kind of dispute matter being my complaint No. (PC-791/14 & DY-13571/DCP/EOW dated. 15.12.2014 ) has been forwarded to The Deputy Commissioner of Police, East Distt., Delhi.vide Dispatch No. 8730 Complaint. BR./DCP/EOW, dated, Delhi 18.12.2014. but no action was taken till yet and the new incident was again occurred on dated 12-April-2015.


++++ That previous same kind of dispute matter being my complaint (No. C-791/DCP/EOW dated 27.02.2014) has been forwarded to The Deputy Commissioner of Police, East District, Delhi vide Dispatch No. 1496/Complaint. BR./DCP/EOW/Crime Branch, dated  28.02.2014. but no action was taken till yet and the new incident was again occurred on dated 12-April-2015.


+++++ That previous same kind of dispute matter being my complaint (No PC-4332/13 & DY-8998/DCP/EOW dated 21.08.2014) has been forwarded to The Dy. Commissioner of Police, East Distt. Delhi. vide Dispatch No. 5801/Complaint. BR./DCP/EOW/Crime Branch, dated  25.08.2014 but no action was taken till yet and the new incident was again occurred on dated 12-April-2015.



5.       That the Delhi Police of Delhi under Delhi Police Act 1987 is not helping nature & mood of the people of living in Delhi NCT and its Higher Delhi police officers just rely on the below subordinate police patrol unit and that why criminal incident was occurring in the Delhi and we also getting affecting by these criminal incident.  The local subordinate delhi police officers not have stamina, courage and dare devil & workaholic in nature to help the criminal incidents and just making time pass in every criminal incident local 100 number call made by the Complainant.  Due to this crime graph has been occurring in Delhi and we are getting victimize again and again due to the criminal minded people present in the Delhi region.



6.      That several past or bygone times We made official complaint to the same problem but every-time the Shakarpur police Station dilly daily approach and leniency towards named culprits make no permanent and lawful & legal resolution of the criminal problem to me cause severe pain till today and its was now widen in criminal activities now like a tumor and due to that We are very much tensed from the behavior and attitude of the Shakarpur police station and its working officers Number 100 and 1091 delhi police officers and the Samay Singh & his family relatives Nirmala etc, Sardar, and Sardani and his family relatives, Yogesh Rajput family members and their family members to live peacefully on my flat at the Delhi area. That local delhi police officer being constable rank every time comes for simple enquiry and instead resolving the complainant problem legally and immediate arrest all the accuseds and said culprits immediately just take any meager consideration from the other opposite side attacker parties and leave the criminal incident matter and problems in lurch  and turn the problem matter as nothing was happened in that incident



So kindly take the legal action by the higher lawful authorities for immediate arrest of the culprits named Samay Singh & his family members, Sardar and Sardani and  his family members names unknown, Rajput family and his family members all are neighborhood of Flat premises being criminal nature persons & hooligans under legal Sec 34, 291, 354, 288, 323, 324, 337, 427, 506, 511 punishable under I.P.C and inform the local Taluk M.M Karkardooma Magistrate Court No.16 of this Shakarpur area under Cr.P.C to take legal action on the above persons who are giving physical daily tension and financial money loss to the complainants daily.



Mr. KK Agarwal Advocate, Aparana Goel (First-Floor),

Mb:- 9319365499, 9971443853, 9910362303


Living Address:-  WA-24B, First Floor, Near Ani Kumar Gupta Pani Wala,

Gali No.15 – Gurdwara Road, Shaharpur Khas,

Laxminagar, Delhi-110092.

Dated:-12 -April-2015                       



// Copy of this legal compliant was attached in PDF format for download and taking print out and passing strict visible orders for lawful action on it.                                                                                                     

Attached File : 32261 20150413013750 348771875 z complaint of samay singh sardar sardarni etc.pdf downloaded 52 times

What do you want to say by posting this query (application to police), being an advocate you should know how to follow up the complaint.




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