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Can impotency be grounds of divorce if accepted by man

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Very sensible reply by Amit.


I also find it amusing how impotence can be tested before marriage,since it's more "psychological related". 


In case of females,as far as I know,the medical ethics don't allow a gynaecologist to internally examine an unmarried female,as this may break her hymen.So she also cannot find out if the girl is physically impotent ot not.


She can be internally examined only after marriage.



Never accept the impotency allegation if you are not impotent.
Let her file for annulment on your impotency.
File counter admitting that you had no physical relation with her but the same not because of your impotency but her willful refusal. Clearly mention that you are ready for conselling and even visit a doctor if she has any misunderstading, and proceeding the case further with false impotency allegation will defame you in public.

Wait to see if she file application for your medical checkup...

If not, then, from your side, file application for your medical checkup by medical board.

When the medical checkup result comes in your favour, file for divorce on mental cruelty arising out of false allegations and willful refusal for s*x.

Alok Tholiya (self employed)     27 August 2011

I can appreciate understanding of my collegues on this topic of forum as none of us have had s*x education.

A small child too gets a erction. While in sleep most youth get erections specially in the wee hours. Even many get it with a little excitement , watching a movie with explicit scene, such talk , etc etc get erection. THe best of the way without test is to find that one gets erections while in sleep.

Some individuals may be temporarily not getting it for various reasons like during or after sickness etc etc.

But If one is not getting erections at all that means he has to rush for a investigations and only after getting cured ( which 90% ) will he should marry.

Physical relationship in married life is a very important need and if u can not  for ever meet is then u must avoid marrying or atleast be honest at the time of proposals. You can give annonymous advert in paper that u desire a partner but who can be happy without physical relations. But u cant deceive a lady and his family on this and keep her frustrated.

And there r some rare cases where person gets erections but is a 'gay" so he does not get erection when before a lady or gets only when he thinks or is with another male. And in such situation family does not understand his mental conditions and choice and forces him to be married and have a wife.That too is wrong. It is difficult rather very very difficult to change behaviour of such a person.

So basically no parents and samaj ( community) should force a man or women to marry if they are not very willing to get married. I have seen when parents forced  for a marriage then on the day of golden night many have committed even sucide. Why ??? One of the reason can be impotency, besides being gay, or having relation with another girl.

I am not saying that u must falsely say u r impotent but if u r than find to get treated and only if noy possible at all then go for papaverine injections  or Penile Implant etc.. But for these extra measuers u will have to take ur wife in to confidence and both will need to under go counselling. It will be her choice to agree to unnatural ercetins or not.   Read more : https://depts.washington.edu/uroweb/diseases_and_conditions-7-Erectile_Dysfunction.php






just with a Rx pill of  sildenafil, you can get erection . so why to take this absurd blame? make yourself legaly strong, by voice recording/ hidden camera, of all your fightings etc.

Alok Tholiya (self employed)     13 September 2011

Dear all,

Pl. give advise on issues which u really knomarital w a bit abt. Sildenafil citrate is a woner drug . No doubt. But it has its limitations and should not be taken without advise as it can not be talken by those on nitrate.

If some one is suffering from depression / anxiety etc may also not get erection even if he takes Viagra or similar medicine. So a good doctor will investigate whether he has loss of erection due to physical resons ( there r various reasons from hotmonal to several others) then whether he has psychological reason and he will be treated accordingly. In physiological reasons, some exercises to medicines  or some pumps to even surgery may be advised.

Leave that to a qualified doctor. And never feel s*xual disorder to be something to be greatly worried abt or greatly to be ashamed of . Be confident person. And walk in to a good hospital or clinic ( dont reach out to quacks) . Read abt it on net. 90% + cases will get best of results and improved marital relationship.

Organise lectures in your social groups by good docs and get s*x eduacation. In mumbai I can arrange for any group of 50+ nos. A time should come we shold be able to discuss abt s*xual ailments like we discuss BP and Diabetes. And a confident educated wife, mother or friend should be able to take walk in to a clinic of a s*xologists / andrologist/ urologist/ with a affected person like they do when a child is having a minor injury.

Sexual ailments are like any other ailments and need timely intervention of experts but for the ignorance in masses same is feared as one would fear a drgon which is never seen.


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