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Ajay (Sr. Account Executive)     04 January 2010

Can i file a case against Mother In Law -


My mother in law keeps brain washing my wife to leave me it's happening from last 1 month she  (motherinlaw) doesn't want me to be there in my wife's life. she always tells my wife to file an NC everytime we have small fight between us. This is ruining my marraige this has happened 4 - 5 times in past 1 year. Can anyone tell me how can i stop this & get my wife & my child back too me


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Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     04 January 2010

Mr. Ajay,

Give Surprise gifts to your mother - in - law & your wife. Acquire love & affection from them.

Anjali (IT)     04 January 2010

I will differ from ramachary's opinion...why do you need to give gifts to mother-in-law ? you just can't always feed them with gifts...try to go for a trip , 10 days with your wife and child...no mobile phones...make sure your mother-n-law can't contact your wife...which will help your wife to understand you more...after that she will keep her mother away from her life..important thing is make your wife understand how much love and affection you got for her..

Daksh (Student)     04 January 2010


There is a cause for every act.  In your case you have not indicated why your Mother in law is resroting to this negative behaviour.  Mr.Ramachary Advocate has a point for the simple reason that analyze the situation objectively find out the cause - take it from me boldly and emphatically you can only defeat the hatred by love alone.  Do not forget to realize the big picture  life has thrown a challenge before you don't get engaged in negativity of your mother in law try to win her over for long term gain.  I hope my message is bold and clear.

Best regards


Arup Kumar Gupta, Korba, Chattishgarh ((m)9893058429)     04 January 2010

be a diplomat, it is now happening every matrimonial home. now son in law is a good source of high income. that's why a few mother in law acting in the roie of 'hanuman' and treating their son in law as a 'ravan'. Have a diplomatic control over your wife And make her a Wonderfui Instrument of Fun and Enjoyment. - come here regularly and us about your day to day progress.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     07 January 2010

 Nothing will work with greedy women.

If you have guts, file a police complaint with police. Diplomacy, gifts, love, affection, control are all in th realms of fantasy.

Arup Kumar Gupta, Korba, Chattishgarh ((m)9893058429)     07 January 2010

Dear mr anil agrawal,

Under what act the complain will be lodged? is that mother do any legal offence? A mother has every right to see the welfare of her daughter. Only her daughter can say her mother not to poke her nose into the day to day domestic matter. if the husband try to do so without taking his wife in grip, then the wife will resist her husband first of all?

Do you realise it? Only a tricky approach to wife by husband will work here. untill the wife not realise that her mother's intention to break  her matrrimonial home - nothing will work. moreover we the males are not in a comfortible enviournment due to 498a, dv act and the provisions of HMA.

Therefore mr ajoy please move tactfully and save your family. your minor negligence may break your matrimonial home.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     19 January 2010

 For lodging complaint with the police for harassment, we donot need law or acts. It is for the police to investigate and slap the law. A complainant does not quote chapter and verse from the law while filing the complaint. If a theft is committed in his house, will he quote the Section of the Act while lodging the complaint? Even blaring of loudspeakers at dead of night disturbs the citizenry and they don't have to quote the section while calling the police.

modassir nasim (lawyer)     22 January 2010

I totally agree with Anup Kumar Gupta .Lodging complaint is not problem.But as anup says after investigagion what section/s will the police apply.More over will the daughter go against her mother in investigation?Second will the relationship not be more sour between wife and husband ?Third  daughter will obey more to her mother who is trying to break  ajay s  home.and in this situation ajay will destroy his home. He may come out  of false u/s498(a).But he will have to pay maintanance if wife dosent have sufficient earning to make out her living.It is only and only tact by which he should handle this situation to save his home and himself.

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Anil Agrawal (Retired)     22 January 2010

 It is false hope that after what has happened and is in store for him as well as the trauma that Ajay will suffer, he can save his home from destruction. A woman who has gone to such an extent cannot be expected to be loyal to her matrimonial home. Yes, in films it is possible. I am sorry that I cannot subscribe to the view of reconciliation. Once the faith is lost and promises broken, nothing remains to be salvaged.

Mr. Ajay, my humble advice is to save yourself from 498A. It is a draconian law and once a man comes into its clutches, perhaps God also cannot save him from ruination.

Shambhu (Advocate)     16 March 2010

Go Mr. Ajay. File a written complaint against your mother-in-law and, if need be, also against you wife for aiding and abetting her mother in ruining your marital life.  Because, if today you delay, tomorrow you wife may be coaxed by her mother to trap your entire family including your innocent aged mother and father and your sisters and their small children under the draconian 498A which our law makers have superbly drafted to break homes and then your entire family will be shattered and ruined.  Only fools will live in the paradise of peace thinking giving some gifts and and taking outstation will solve such dangerous problems.  Please perceive the things to come.  Even if your wife files a complaint against you under the Domestic Violence Act, you will be thrown out of your own house and become a fugitive.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     16 March 2010

Most unexceptional advice to be followed without losing time to safeguard your interest. Let not emotions come in your way.

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