can anyone make a fake complaint of ragging

Hello every one, I am having a question that, like every year some freshers enter to college, if anyone of them make a fake complaint about any senior saying that he has ragged the junior , So what are the chances that this complaint can be accepted by college authorities, and what could be the results, and if the results are unfair, then can the senior student make a case in court against the college authorities, and what are the chances of lose and win in court.


PS : The complaint made by the junior student is fake, and all the witness are his friends or related to him in some way..


It reminds of my early days in mahrashtra in District Buldana when i was ragged badly. Right away next day i approached college anti ragging committee and filed a complaint. After hearing my complaint college authorities itself took me to police station to mention everything to police. All the senior students were arrested and were released bribing lots of money to police station. If for any reason the FIR is lodged the life of seniors will be ruined and case will run in court forever. Quashing of FIR is also not easy.


Oh by the way don't even think of playing those tricks. You know what u did so beta what are crying for. Saale ragging karte wakht bahut enjoy kiya na -


Shirt ka teesra button,




jukh kar baat karo,


Juniors ke paas project,


Mess mein khaana khaane baitho to seniors pehle,


sir kehlana,


All this things.....bahut maja aati hai na aap logo ko. Do you think of the person who u r torturing ? No naah....so y scare of facing legal charges.


hello , @victim, please read the who content, then answer dont pre assume anything.


Originally posted by : Anshul Juneja

hello , @victim, please read the who content, then answer dont pre assume anything.


Bhai we have seen lot of posts in this forums where one plays as a family member or friend of victim and mention the story on behalf. If you are writing on behalf of seniors then convey the same what i have mentioned in above post.


@victim , let me explain to you, i am not posting on behalf of anyone. I am the senior guy, and I dint rag any one, and there is no complaint against me anywhere , my question is that if the complaint is truely fake and is filed on the basis to take some revenge of the past through misusing the law of ragging.

Please do not pre assume anything and try to answer ,

Thank you.




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