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Blank Stamp Paper Signined

I am from maharashtra pune. I have signed a blank stamp paper of 100 rupees. The signature is done on top left corner just below the symbol of 100 rupees. I had given this stamp paper to an agent in pune collectors office for making affidavite to obtain a new ration card. Till ddate it has been 6 months and he has not given me new ration card nor has he returned the stamp paper. he says that he used the stamp paper and had used it to apply for ration card.

But Now I am very worried that he may use that stamp paper against me, please suggest me what to do? Please help me and guide me. What misuse can he make of blank stamp paper signed by me.

Please help I am senior citizen.


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R.Ramachandran (Advocate)     17 July 2011

If you have affixed your signature only at the place in the Stamp paper where you have mentioned, then the same cannot be misused. At least in future do not do such things. Try to affix your signature only when the complete document is prepared, read and understood.

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himanshu harbola (Comp. Sec.)     18 July 2011

send a legal notice....asap

R.Ramachandran (Advocate)     18 July 2011

Dear Mr. Himanshu,

Legal notice on what and saying what?


The agent has asked time till the coming friday, I want to give a FIR against him but only after he gives me new ration card or he returns my old ration card which is in his posseeion now. I am also afraid of giving FIR as I dont wish any sort of complication and legal procedures. I think FIR is the only way left, but I dont have any evidance to support my FIR. Will the police lodge FIR with out any documentory evidance. Will police trouble me, as that agent seats in front of the Police station in that collector office primises. Agent would definately have contacts in that police station, so where should I go, I have a contact in Crime branch office in pune should I go to Crime branch office or should I give FIR in police station where agent seats?

himanshu harbola (Comp. Sec.)     20 July 2011

Legal notice refering that Mr. Vijay does not want the services of the agent and the stamp paper in question shall be returned back or destroyed by the said agent. Also it shld b mentioned that said stamp should not be used for any purspose whatsoever. A back dated non judicial stamp paper does not have any limitation period and can be used for indefinite period. so what i suggest that a simple legal notice will suffice. \


wherver that agent sits is immaterial....i wont suggest an FIR for such a petty issue nor does the local P.S will entertain you...most quick remedy is that just have a enrty in daily diary of the P.S regarding your stamp paper issue and have a NCR from the P.S along with the legal notice.

brajendra (manager)     25 July 2011

but know i that for lability of Blank Stamp Paper Signined   ????????

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