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Troubled Hubby (support )     26 February 2009

Advice required

Hello respected lawayers

 I am really sorry for posting such a big message below is the complaint gvien by my wife to vanitha sahavani  to brief married in may 07 stayed with me for 4 moths left matrimonial home on jan 2008 marriage not consumated husband filed RCR in familly court one year now still the case has not come for hearing because of lack of judges in the family court

wife Visited thrice to police station to file 498a but rejected what is the validty of 498a in the presnet situation after 1 year of sepration pls advice

my money around 4 lacs which i invested in my mother in law name to purchase a site how i can get back the money which is payed in cheque ?

Also based on the below complaint can i file section 340 and DP3 on my wife

With reference to the above I undersigned like to bring few lines for your kind notice and request your good self to kindly do the needful in giving me the justice and also to safeguard my life.


  1. I  got legally married as per the Hindu customs act to one ***** which was arranged marriage with the blessings of our parents and elders on the 4th day of may 2007 at a choultry named mudalair sang am Osborne road Bangalore -42 where our relatives and my husbands relatives were present and blessed us.
  2. During the time of our marriage our parents fulfilled all the requirements of my husband and in-laws by giving all the required jewelleries of about 200 Gms cash clothing and household articles which has approximately costed Rupees 6 lacs.
  3. At the very initial stage when we went to honeymoon I found that my husband’s behavior was not as normal as one like to behave. Example to say that all of a sudden he use to sit silently that his total behavior was completely changed and I could not understand as why all of a sudden he acts in such a way that he lost some auspiciousness in his life sometimes he feels like crying and will not talk for hours.
  4. when we were back at our house on very some occasions and only for a few days he was little happy with me and most of the times upon his return from his office he all of a sudden shouts with a high pitch of voice without any proper reason and during such time I was very much shocked to hear such type of high voice .I however tried to convince him and with a great difficulty bring him back in normal position this has happened a several times  and then I really suspected and found that my husband M is not of a normal character and he has lot of STRESS AND ANXIETY which needs immediate treatment.
  5. As the days passed I could not tolerate his behavior and with a much fear thinking some times if he loses his temper beyond the limit he can do anything as he wish I went to my parents house and relieved all the facts what has happened for the past five months .then my parents were much disappointed and requested me to go back to my in-laws house as all the things shall be all right. Again I very much tried to stay with my husband and with my in-laws ( as it was purely a joint family consisting my husband in-laws and 2 brother in laws ). On many occasions they ill-treated me physically and mentally and made me CRY unnecessarily and without any reasons FOR MORE THAN 6 HOURS and sometimes if I cry my husband will go to this mother and will enjoy without bothering for me thinking that nothing has happened when the night approached he sometimes shall be in so normal position that nothing has happened.
  6. when my parents finally came and asked as what is happening during such time also  my husband was so frustrated and he (Mr. **** went out of control and without any consciousness and self respect he suddenly hit his fore head on the wall inside the house and bought a kitchen knife and tried to cut his wrist). .  During such time my in-laws got worried against Mr. **** and forcefully pulled and bolted him inside a room and told that sometimes Mr. **** shall not be in a normal state of mind and during such time he himself will not know what he is doing when I generally enquired with the neighbors who are also long staying in the said locality they also told that his behavior sometimes goes out of reach and he is mentally not stable when our relatives went to reveal the facts during such time he behave very normally and acted in such a way he is totally normal and gave some of the medical certificate which proved that he is depressed and referred to  NIMHANS for further analisation.



By considering all the above facts and by knowing that my husband Mr.*** is not mentally right to lead a normal life my parents brought me back from my Husbands premises with an request to treat Mr.*** which will enable the young couples to be happy in their life at first my in-laws agreed that he was mentally not stable and to send him to a proper doctor for examination later on they refused to send.


When I was staying with my mother premised my husband behavior was much abnormal and I generally found that he has gone out of control and misbehaved with me and with my parents on many occasions later on we also came to know that he is been removed from his present employment for the reasons known to him.


During my tenure with my husband stay I realized the he has no self confidence to do any work independently and to take any independent decision by his own.


On many occasions someone ( on behalf of Mr. **** or by Himself) used to call to my present office and house and shall speak abnormally and by using vulgar words saying that there is a girl named Meghana and she is a prostitute and their family members are worst etc etc.


Recently when my parents went to my In laws house requesting then to give the Gold items and dress materials which was kept behind in my in laws house and it was taken by my in-laws as we have a couple of functions\Marriages in my family they refused to give the same



Hence I finally request your good self to kindly look into the matter and do the needful in giving justice to me and to protect me and my life where I am very much afraid to go to their house in future.



Hope you will do the needful at the earliest and oblige.


Thanking you


You’re faithfully




 2 Replies

Arvind Singh (Profession)     27 February 2009


Will be answering your detailed query soon. Be patient.


Troubled Hubby (support )     28 February 2009

Hi all

 I am still waiting for reply from respected members and lawayers i would appreciate your patience in reading such a big post but i am helpless and desperated to get advice

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