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Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     28 April 2012

A must read for every husband of india

Dear friend Pradeep Sensharma I can not suggest u the solution as I am not a lawyer. But I think u must have your voice spread to all the Indians through media like aajtak, NDTV and more of the local channels or newpapers so that whole world may know the truth. I think there must be some change in 498a , DV Act and dowry case because now a days women are well educated they very well know their rights and duties. Most of them are self employed means the not dependent to their husbands or family members. We can say "ANGRAZ CHALE GAYE UNKE KANOON ABHI BHI CHAL RAHE HAIN". Days are now totally gone when women is simply a housewife and can not go out from her house. No sati pratha, burning cases like old days. So its better to have some change in 498a law so that man can also get freedom peacefully and calmly without any problem. What is this law is doing is there any decrease in the cases no I think no change. But misuse of 498a you can not count how much. When Divorce is there and after divorce he bound to pay whole life maint. to her wife from hard earned money, share of property than why this much of heavy dose for the husband family and his family members by forcing 498a law to them. Is this not a harrasment ! If a father slapped her daughter or son will he or she go to court for all that. Fighting between husband and wife in normal way is common, when we love someone, we have also fight with him or her this natural. If somehow husband slapped his wife on her cheek because of some anger or tension how this law came into existence for that. Will she die after getting slapped. Just think twice! But when a wife slapped his husband and keep his mouth shut because of society and his relatives than what will u say. Today's women is not silent women she can not bear this much so why 498a in old way there must be some change for equal rights given to husband's side also. Do not make this law for earning money from husband side by the wife family members and others. Equal rights in a peaceful manner must be given, must be in the law so that both husband and wife can be seperated peacfully without any problem, because seperation after marriage because of whatever be the reason is not a crime. No jail to husband's side relatives and his parents just think what is the result of all that just for grabbing money by the lawyers, policemen and other people from wife side is it not a corruption. Very bad law of India it must be change. In the end result is nothing husband and his family members are piece of paper, nothing left to them they are like beggers of the road just because they refuse to keep the girl because of her ill or abusive nature. We can if we want raise the same voice against the change and amendements in tha law through media, writing letters to the concerned person, through social organizations. In most of the cases husband side are not always responsible for all most of the time this law is misused by the Indian wife. My english is not so good so i am sorry if i can not put my thoughts in clear.


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Raj Kumar s (not)     28 April 2012


Yes. You are right.  Due to 498a I lost my mother. My father, brother and sister all suffering with this. I only the earning person in my family and I lost my confidence. Sometimes we will also go into depression. It is not a 498a, it is completely killing the family, and we will lose our respect in the society.


     If they want they can file divorce, or maintenance. What is this blackmailing activity.


sam munjal (na)     28 April 2012

brother dawoo appne bill kull such bola hai media mein  yeh bate bolne chaiye tabhi ladki walo ki asliyat samne aye gi

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     28 April 2012

WHY do u ppl marry ?, TO enslave women! 

stop evil of marriage and problem will solve automatically.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     29 April 2012

As Mr. Shonee Kapoor already said, 

Let the tyranny reach its peak, to unleah the revolution.

**Victim** (job)     29 April 2012

Originally posted by :Avnish Kaur
WHY do u ppl marry ?, TO enslave women! 

stop evil of marriage and problem will solve automatically.


Avnish what evil you are talking about ? Did you notice statistics of FAKE 498 (a),cprc125,DV is shaking so much nowadays ? Do u knw wht a women can do nowadays ? Do u knw wht extent a women can go nowadays ? I guess u really haven't gone through wht we have gone through.....u should really ask us.

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Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     30 April 2012

kya yeh possible hai ki sabhi women raja harishchandra hain aur sabhi aadmi jhoote aur makkar aapka ye 498a law to yehi kahta hai Avinash Kaur Ji. Aurat jo kahen wo sach hain bale waise asle main na hua ho aur court main husband ko uske sawaloon ka hi jawab dena hota hai, wo bechara agar sahi hai to bhi kuch nahi bol sakta.

Why there are more liabilities to man no rights in this law and many rights to women but no liabilites. Why ??

Hamesha aadmi hi kyon victim banta hai kya yeh possible hai ki 100% aadmi hi galat hai,  kya is law ka misuse nahi ho raha hai. Aap shyad sach se wakif hokar bhi anjan hain. In case ka end kya hota hai please yeh bhi kabhi dekha hoga aapne.

Madam yearly survey of cases ko dekho kitne cases sahi they pata chal jayega do not be emotional. Be cool.

Go to this link for correcting ur info

sam munjal (na)     30 April 2012

mein ek victim ho married life ka meri shaddi hui 20 nov ko usne muhje pati patni ke samband bi nahin bane diye 27 nov ko appne ghar rahne gaye hasi kushi jab mein leyne gaya to muhje bolte hai srabi tune muhje mara khana nahin diya mein ne zindagi mein srahb ko hat tak nahin lagya  is ne mere  pe sare case kar diye 125crpc dv fir hamri stellement hui court mein half pasia aur saman  ley liya  na divorce dey rahi hai na hi case withdraw kar rahi hai humne contempt to court dala judge ne mu se to ushe bhut zara par usne na case withraw kiya na hi divorce pe sign kiya  aur judge ne humre contempt dismiss kar di mein ab kya karo please help me   

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     30 April 2012

simple dont marry

mr **Victim**  

why dont men stop marrying and have livin relatin contracts delhi there are  21% couples already in livin relationship.

498a has only one bad thing its non bailable and non compoundable, rest is ok.

read osho and get above narrow field , narrowmindedness of marriage.


 @ Avinash ......  your expression " To enslave women " is idiotic ... !!! There are many more bad things about 498a are :

1. Gender Biased

2. No Legal action against the complainent even when complaint is proved to be false.

3. Legal extortion in the name of law .

4. Expensive affair to fight the case specially interstate or international  while for woman its minimal .

and many more ......

Marriage is a institution to be respected but due to legal abuse , it has certainly lost its significance and that's the reason  why 21% population in delhi are in live-ins and will keep on increasing  .

With deterioraion in marriage values , women have also lost their respect !! Earlier people used to see women as a Devi now see woman as a b*tch or pros  !! This is 21st century buddy.... Sab Chalta hai ~~~  

**Victim** (job)     02 May 2012

Originally posted by :Avnish Kaur
simple dont marry

mr **Victim**  

why dont men stop marrying and have livin relatin contracts delhi there are  21% couples already in livin relationship.

498a has only one bad thing its non bailable and non compoundable, rest is ok.

read osho and get above narrow field , narrowmindedness of marriage.


Avnish not marrying is not an option or never can be an option and your thinking about 498 (a) as mentioned that only one bad thing i.e. it's non-bailable and non compoundable......and according to u rest is ok......wht makes u think tht every 498 (a) filed in india are not fake ? Did u ever sit in a police station when womens are called in police station both womens and police talk about settlement if we don't make settlement then case goes to when i say "SETTLEMENT" which has it's own defination i.e. "MONEY".....lemme ask u when without any investiagion how come FIR is lodged right away ? there is absolutely no investigation nothing once the women approaches Precint and talk about 498 (a) sometimes FIR is even lodged without seeing the opposiiton....and u r saying REST IS OK......before advising me to read OSHO i suggest u watch movie HOUSEFULL 2 in which akshay kumar tells Johnny lever "KYUN THAK RAHA HAI" it seems u r really tired and i am sorry u cannot change my mind my thinking on 498 (A) remains same.

Manoj Kosi (Teacher)     03 May 2012

It is a SIN TO MARRY IN INDIA. IN OTHER COUNTRIES people get divorce in a day. But here YOU SUFFER, your wife and in-laws harass you till you obey to pay a huge sum of money (10 - 20 lacs) and our stupid GOVERNMENT is not paying any attention. When you say there there is no difference between a girl and a boy child (ladka ladki ek samaan) then why is this discrimination and 489A? IT IS TIME TO START A REVOLUTION AGAINST THIS ill 498A. Only then we can say that we are living in a FREE SOCIETY.

anil yadav (ns)     27 September 2012

india me ab sabhi mens ko mar jaana chahiye aur kuch nhi ho sakta and ab ladkiy paida honi chahiye agar ladka paida ho to hote hi maar dena chahiye

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