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Renuka ji, this is not a poem but this is a truth.  I appreciate you for posting this here as such things should be come up frequently before all of us so we can remember our duties toward humanity.

Shivendra (Sr HR Executive)     12 November 2010

hello renuka,

thanks for the post, i too am a fond of hindi poems, and like dushyant ji, request u for friendship and guidence.....

with thanks and regrards


Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     12 November 2010

bhut marmik kavita hai.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     12 November 2010

Ram Samudre Ji

Literature embodies truths of the time: struggles, frustrations, resistance, aspiration and a spirit to work for transformation!  And such poems speak hard, bitter truth but at the same time leaves ambers of hope, and aspiration--a possibility of change...


Shivendra ji and Sarvesh ji, thanks for appreciating this great poet. Here is another one from him: 



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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     12 November 2010

Thanks a lot Renuka Madam, for such a sensitive poems. Hope u will keep it up.


hedevil hydraheaded (non professional )     12 November 2010

There are lot others. Please visit this thread from where I picked up the poems I liked the best since my school and college days...


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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     12 November 2010

Thank you HEDEVIL!

I too picked up these two great poems from the same thread. Thanks for posting it, I just forgot to paste the thread. The poems which I picked up, shows how the poet had evolved over his journey through the heart of darkness!

Shivendra (Sr HR Executive)     12 November 2010

hi hedevil,

its not fair, i do not aprove your such post, yar perhaps every one using internet surfs and know many  such links but we are not here to direct them to there, the escence behind posting a poem must be appreciated, when a member is posting a poem, it, in my view, has his or her professional regards for the other members, the poem is a thousand $ important because it is so but it becomes a thousand thousand time more important because it is posted by someone concerned for one's professional friends.... i myself do have a book by dushyant kumar but reading a poem from there or from a link is different thing....... i think u would not mind but it was irresistable for me to stop mysef from writing this..........

with regards from a friend



Renuka ji, the picture of mother & son in your first posting, aapne mera chain chheen liya hai.. mere dil-o-dimag me chha gai hai yeh picture.. ek bebas maa.. ham apne bachchon ko aasmaan ke taare bhi todkar laa dena chahte hain aur yah gareeb maa uske bhookhe-nange badan bachche ko liye khule aasmaan ke neeche footpath par baithi hai.. "Aakhir karoon to Kya karoon mai apne bachche ke liye aur kaise karoon???".  This is the picture of 47 crore people of Shining India...


CWG - scam of 70000 crore

D.Raja, Telecom Minister - 125000 crore scam

scam.. scam.. scam.. scam.. inquiry commissions.. filing inquiry reports.. again scam.. scam.. scam..


Corrupt persons in governance and administration should be shotted at site, may be it is in the mind of this helpless mother. 

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     12 November 2010

Sir thanks for this sensitive information and raising this issue,

It is rightly observed that the difference between developed/first world and third world is corruption.

Also our late PM Rajiv Gandhi has observed that only 15p out of a rupee reaches to it's destination. and his son Sri Rahul Gandhi has said that only 5p reaches to poor.

Even fund allocated for the welfare of poor thru the various form of CSS (Center Sponsored Schemes) gets looted by the administration,

So, is it meant for poor or for corrupt administration? Why not these be closed?



Plz see the following news item,

Rs 9,000 million paid as bribe by BPL people in 2009

 Poor to be part of fight against graft

DH News Service, Deepak K Upreti, November 3, New Delhi :
Transparency International (TI) aims to tie up with the poor, the main victims of corruption in government, and make MLAs and MPs more accountable for their poll promises.
The organisation estimates that in 2009, people living below the poverty line in the country paid Rs 9,000 million as bribe for 11 government services including the NREGA, electricity, water, housing and forestry. This was to avail themselves of basic services that they should have got free.

TI has kickstarted its experiment in Bihar to make politicians accountable once the new government assumes office in the state. “The elected MLAs would be made accountable in their constituency with the help of the TI that could appoint a genuine NGO in a region as a facilitator between TI and the poor,” Anupama Jha, Executive Director of TI, told Deccan Herald.

For this, TI will have a Development Pact (DP) that would include the poor as partners to improve the chances of sustainable change in their region.

The pact converts an election promise into “tangible and time-bound deliverables”, defined jointly with the people. It would help candidates in the fray to know what development people in their constituencies would like.

Poll contestants  (MPs, MLAs and panchayat members) are thus part of the pact and not rivals. According to TI, the DP is a public agreement between a committed administrative or political representative or a body and platforms for the poor.

Depending on the political and cultural context, it may be a written agreement or a publicly displayed text similar to a manifesto or a citizen’s charter.

The pact allows the poor to see that their vote has a direct value in getting their demands met. This works with organised groups that commit themselves “to not selling their votes”— as a block.

“It could also lead to a progressive change where a vote is sold not for money, but to get a school or a health centre,” maintains TI.

Jha said the DP arose because TI found that the people in their constituencies had no role in framing the election manifesto and the poor were not able to make “informed choices”.


Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     12 November 2010

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     13 November 2010

Shivendra, I was really happy that hedevil had posted the URL which takes the readers to so many of this great poet's poems. 

Thanks for your views . Really appreciate you all for appreciating the work of Dushyant Kumar of whom I too have been an ardent admirer for a long time...

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