Withdraw of police complaint 498a lodged

Have experienced all the torture for 11 years, experienced the pain. truth exists in complaint.
But to avoid further complications, want to withdraw case and let go.
Have filed police complaint u/s 498A, u/s 3,4 and FIR done, now its in court to proceed further.
In 2 summons, attended one. Can I withdraw case? if Yes , what will be the procedure and fee involved?

Thanks in Advance.

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Yup Swathi u can withdraw by Prior consnt of Court in which the case is going on.However u have not disclosed the reason fr ur withdrawl frm case.Think twice before taking any action,coz it has bearing on ut precious life.Fr any further legal assistance ...My mail::: juristybcreddy@gmail.com..#9959850723......Regrds.....(BALACHANDER REDDY,ADVOCATE.)


Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

Reason-Childs Future and peaceful life atleast after all this sufferring.

Can you please explore more about the process & end results of withdrawal.

@Balchandar reddy

What Bearing? please write in detail


Already ruined my life the day i got married.

Like traditoinal indian woman served my duty in all the ways and sacrificed my whole life for husband and family being good and unselfish. Inspite of that retained disrespect and torture, suffer.



Swathi You can file a compromise petition to the court in which your 498a is going on. Make the grounds of compromise clear and exact to lead a hsmonious life. It does not cost any money. Other way as suggested, proceedings need to be quashed in high court under 482CrPC. Additional 10000 -15000 expenses. Procedure as suggested by capt. reason same (compromise). Any other reason will backfire you. Any state this is the modis operendi. Want further information call me on +919731110296. Shekhar BANGALORE +919731110296/9343782906


Pls read PM..



@swathi Call me on my no. PM I cannot reply. You can even SMS me. Let us know how to help you. Shekhar Bangalore +919731110296

It is not appropriate to offer you firm suggestion(s)  with the limited information offered by you. However, it is a good idea to forget about all these criminal proceedings and move foward with your life. That said, it needs to be done smartly.

Compromise or withdrawal, unless drafted intelligently, will back-fire either way. Unconditional withdrawal would be fatal and will attract all kinds of counter-claims. I am not here to blame you for filing them in the first place because may be, just may be, you are among the 10% genuine cases.  It is NOT only perjury that you need to worry about.  Are you going to file for divorce? Will you seek maintenance in the future? Will you be filing for RCR... are you planning to stay with him? Any compromise you enter into, first must be Court approved, and second must ensure that it does not bar you from asserting any claims, especially of a civil nature, in the future. For example, if you are going to file for divorce based upon cruelty, any compromise now, unless properly worded, will negate your future claims at least for events/conduct that have already allegedly occurred. The same will, of course, hold true for him. He can and will file for divorce based upon cruelty by you because filing of a false criminal case tantamount to cruelty....

I can go on.. and on... Any answer given to you, including mine, without knowledge of all facts, could be wrong. The purpose of this answer is only to enlighten you of the various issues involved... and I have barely scratched the surface.  Filing 498 cases is easy... withdrawing is not as easy as it may be made out here...

On a different note, I think that it is not a good idea for a lady to call strangers on this forum, unless you know for sure that the person is a advocate. I, for one, am not! smiley




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