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hello every one i have one q to all of you 


i m a hindu person and i want to change my religion 

as bhuddha 


plz help me out what i do ?


how i can change my religion?

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Hello, Manoj, I really wish and congrats you on your proposed acceptance of Buddhism as your phiolsophy and guiding principle for your own life.I am a student   and disciple  and advocate of Buddhist Philosphy and  and felt that every one who is a proud idnian  must revive  the glorious buddhism  and embrace  it over hinduism as the Hinduim is pervesive form of Brahmnism /Vaidic  Chaturvarnya Social system and pculiraly dominated by brahmins/higher caste denying all humn rights and privileges to other loer caste citizens of indian society.Historically  there is no religion in existance as "Hindu" to a person or society in India.Everyone has his/her own cate than than said religion.There is no Hindu without caste and the  caste is his own ID for deciding where the person stands.? The religion "Hindu" is like wrapper, however, inside there is an individuals with "caste".

I come to your point and reply the querry as under-

1.You can approach to a Buddhist Vihara or Bhikku(Monk) for taking the diksha  for accepting Buddhism and he/she will issue a certificate for accepting Buddism.

2.You should prepare an affidavit _cum dclaration and get it notarise stating that you have changed your religion from Hindu to Buddhism.

3.Along with above 1 and 2 can approach to you the home department  of the concern ed state Mantralaya and apply  for issuing your name and changed religion in the Govt. Gazet , which will be a final proof for all legal purposes to use as evidence for change of religion.

If find any difficulty pl. do write or give your cell to call, if possible.


You can




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