Regarding review and appeal in national forum

4 year has passed since i filed to case in district forum,

honourable supreme court of india stated that after statutory period expires no more time will be given to file written statement,

older judgement stated that on cost time can be given.

Regarding this i filed objection and interlocutory in the distrct forum and time was given and later on written statement was accepted.

My submission were also not recorded in district forum,  i field objection, interlocutory.

Against this i filed revision in state, state forum stated that and delegate the case below in district forum and stated that you can withdraw the case if you want.

I did not withdraw the case and it got dismissed.

Now what can I do ? Should I file Appeal or should I file Review.

Since after 4 years deal written statement has been filed by opposite party after i went to state forum, now in district forum they are saying i filed peition in state forum which got dismissed. 

Do i need to give copy of written argument and reply against written statement of opposite party to opposite party.

Is there any difference between reply and rejoinder or they are one in same ? 

I am the complainant who is still suffering, do i need to pay statutory fee in national forum for appeal, the statutory fee is gigantic. No order has been passed against me. Either in disturct forum or in state.

Due to health issue, I am not able to visit delhi, how can find a good lawer for national forum and how can i get legal aid, because of health issue right now i am completely jobless.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Since your case is complicated case as such I require documents and same may be send to my email for detailed legal advise.


With regards,

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar



Thanks sir, it is kind of you that you chose to reply

 what kind of doctuments do you need, 

i have daily ordersheed of district forum,

list of documents that i have submitted there, 

i have copy of peition submitted at state forum which was dismissed stating that i should rather delgate the case in district forum,

honable supreme court committee report talks about plight of consumer and the state of forum, 

right now i do not have order passed by state forum, i went there a few times, and the concerned staff was not there and the judgement is not upload on the website either.

sir if you would please do let me know your email address , I would be glad to send the documents that I have with me right now.




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