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Respected Sirs,

I've filed for divorce a while back. My wife has filed RCR. In it there are many false allegations against me and my family. However, in the begining there is point about jewels that were given by my in-laws. This is true, they did put some jewels. But these were not demanded and obtained. Its what they voluntarily put during the wedding. I've no issues returning it back either.

Ideally, I'd like to accept this in my response. However, I'm a little concerned given the number of dowry cases going on. My accepting this fact in the RCR response, will it endanger me later? Furthur, they have not mentioned in that point that it was demanded. However, they also make the claim later that my spouse was sent out of home by us demanding for money. This is untrue. Given that they haven't mentioned that we demanded the jewels, but merely mentioned that they had given it during marraige, I was planning on accepting this.  I am just worried if this can be turned against me at a later stage. Is this a  normal occurance in courts? Need advice.






Can someone please help? In most weddings both bride and bridegroom side do put something during the wedding. My question is, is it normal to accept that in court?



Beside game of court like rcr/divorce .what is your deep instincts ?. There are many cases. Just be careful with the jewels part. If you wife is approachable first handover the items with written and video proof. Rcr refusal may trigger your wife to file dowry/dv case so be cautious. You may need to pay compensation/maintenance If they win. So try to settle outside court .. settle with some money if u seriously need divorce.

the filing of RCR doesnt matter, you will have to fight the case on merits, her wild and false allegations in RCR petition will definitely backfire in her RCR case and will eventually help you in your divorce case, you have to plan and stratergically fight her RCR case if you want to win your divorce case as these both cases affect each other. regarding the query of jewels, your acceptance of that during the marriage ceremony, and later on accepting it in court that your were in fact 'gifted' by them will eventually backfire on you as it will appear in court that you are trying to  cover up your 'demand for dowry' by camoflaging it as a 'gift' and this will heavily backfire on you, if the opposite lawyer is cunning enough to corner you. this in turn will weigh heavily against you and her allegations of dowry will bear weight...so be very very carefull and consult your lawyer before making any statements in court


Simple - just return all the items to them instead of keeping it with you.


then, you can always say never demanded and having none with you.




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