Lien amount in saving bank

Bank has credited by mistake 10 lakh rupees in my state bank of india saving account.

Money has been credited three months ago. Money has been spent by me now i dont have that much money.

bank is currently showing lien amount of 50,000. Bank has not contacted me in 7 days after putting lien and without informing me they have put lien.

I am ready to pay 2 lakh ruppees now. and i will pay remainnig amount within three months.

My questions are:-

1) what bank can do if i dont pay amount?

2) What  legal actions it can take?

3) How to get more repayment time as much as i can get.

4) what can i do from my side to protect my self from legal actions?

5) Can get jailed?

I am ready to pay all the amount just i need is 3-4 months time.

I can pay partial amount only right now.( like 1/4 or 1/)


In this, both of you(yourself & bank)  have committed mistakes. As a matter of fact, Rs.10 Lakhs which was credited to your account, was not of you. It is your primary duty to inform the bank about the credit. But you were not to do so. You wilfully or voluntarily spent the amount either partly or fully, what ever it may be. The bank people also committed a blunder mistake, wherein they have not reacted and re-collected the said mistake. 

Hence the bank authorities have entitled to take action aginst its officials, who involved in this issue. And also the bank can take criminal action against you for your act of mischief. 

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what happened is in aug month i did online fund transfer for 10 lakh ruppes. Whom i did the transfer he got the money. But after 1 week bank auto-reversed the same back to my account. which i got 10 lakh extra as the person whom i transfered money he also got money. Now yesterday(1st Nov) bank has put lien amount 50000.

pls help me I dont want any legal actions against me. i am ready to give back money within 3 months.i can make only partial payment right now. pls tell me how can i protect myself.


In form the bank your willingness to repay and seek the required time for repayment. Obviously your commitment to repay will be utilised by the bank as your acknowledgement of debt and proceed against you, if you do not make payment within the promised period. Better sort out with the bank at the earliest.

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gm sir, need your genuine advice pls help me.


bank has called me yesterday, they are saving that make the full payment in 7 days. but i dont have full payment now. i need atleast 2 month to arrange for the money. pls tell me what should i do now. what should i say to them. can they send me to jailif i dont pay in seven days.


Same happened with me. I made the payment of my credit card through SBI NetBanking. Payment was successful. But nexd day, the amount was reversed to my bank account which I withdrew. Now SBI has set lien account on my account. I haven't received any call or mail from SBI. I want to know what action can SBI Take if I don't clear the lien amount.




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