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Dear Sir,

I have highly complex problem nature of CIVIL and CRINIMAL.

I bought agri land for 64 lakhs in Maheshwaram RR Dist. in the year 2007  deal is done with the help of mediators (Now main accused) who were known to me. While purchase they shown the piece of land, I purchased beleiving the mediators. I paid the sum on the day of registration. They promised they get the land fenced and mutated. While purchase they shown copy of ROR and Pass books. When me and the brokers tried to fenced the land within couple days i found some one removed the fencing. I rushed to the Broker he said he will get the boundaries demarcated by the Surveyor asap so after that we can go for Fencing, Though the owner was having the ROR and pass books issued in 1997 (10 years before i purchsed) his name was not appearing in Pahanis. When we asked the MRO said you come after Registration we will enter his name and by rounding his name we will enter your name. After few days the borker delivered PASSBOOK/PATTEDAR BOOK and ROR in my name also. But land still not got fenced as the Gov, Surveyor was transferred etc as time passed. I started pressurising the Broker who started telling lies one after the other. Started talking even he is not aware of the deal i should have checked the papers.  I approached the MRO office to find what exactly is the problem. I came to know the MRO who issued my ROR and PASS BOOKS was involved in irregularities and got suspended. Igot more suspicious and enquired about my land. The new VRO and MRO said  i was cheated the person who sold the land is not in posession on land and not in revenue records hence my land cannot be demarcated and mutated. They even issued me letter confirming that the person who sold land to me is not on revenue records hence my name cannot be entered. They even could not find any files mentioned in his ROR issued in 1997. I approached police filed criminal case and CIVIL suit. After seven years the trial has begun. There were three MROs confirmed that the person who sold the land to me is not in Revenue records. Three of them issued letters.

Suspecting the foul play i approached MRO office to find the status as on date. New MRO could find the missing file which was never found before i filed case . He also confirmed there is a PT in the name of the Vondor but his 38E copy is not available in the Records. It is a freshly made file nicely tied with new ropes. My knowledge about revenue records almost nil. I applied to RDO office for so called 38E initially they claimed there is no 38E but after help from officials i got CC of 38E. ( I am not sure this is original or planted as well i decided to go for Forensic aswell).

Upon digging info i learned on The same land there were 6 cases ( 4CIVIL and 2 Criminal cases pending ) still pending all filed before selling the land to me also involved the brokers who sold me.

I got CC of thosecase files thought my case is very strong . Meantime i asked Revenue officials to declare that the vendee is neither in posession of land nor in Records . The new MRO issued a letter he found the file his ROR is also correct but his name and my name is not in revenue records ( i.e. 1B and Pahanis). The extent in the survey no is already exceeding already existing pahani names 15 acres but the land is only 13 acres . This guy is havong another 5.24 Acres 38E.

People in maheshwaram said in 1997 there were lot fake documents issued by then MRO and RDO. The MRO was already jailed etc. 

Now the accused MRO and VRO who issued my ROR and Passbooks got stay order from Highcourt showing 38E . I lost 8 years in the process and my father who could not digest , as i was staying abroad my father was involved in payments and deal i visited whenever needed. 

This became too heavy for him to understand died of cardiac arrest. 

I am still fighting but losing hope in the legal system completely. The system, i feel not strong enough to punish the culprits . The amount of damage is done is unaccoutable to me i was not knowing the depth of problem started pursuing the matter the culprits planned every move very carefully to slip.

....Looking for advises.............







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