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Madras HC clashes have violent echo across TN
20 Feb 2009,



COIMBATORE: The unprecedented clashes between lawyers and police in Madras High Court had an instant, violent echo in Tamil Nadu on Thursday. Taking law into their hands, lawyers went on the rampage and smashed a police jeep in Coimbatore, while advocates in Madurai damaged a police outpost in the court complex.

After the clashes in Chennai, lawyers in Coimbatore gathered at the integrated court complex. A group of lawyers allegedly intercepted a police vehicle and pushed it on to a road median. Then, they smashed the windowscreens of the police vehicle. A little later, another police jeep of the narcotics bureau, which came to the court complex was smashed and set ablaze.

Lawyers across Tamil Nadu have not let the courts function for most part of the last two months over the Sri Lankan issue and the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code. "We are boycotting the court following the decision taken by the Advocates Federation in Chennai. And we cannot be held responsible for the burning of police vehicle," said Nandakumar, president of the Coimbatore Bar Association.

In Madurai, a group of advocates pelted stones and damaged a police outpost inside the court complex. However, lawyers blamed the government and Janata Party leader, Subramaniam Swamy for the incidents in Chennai and the rest of the state.

Lawyers say they would not be cowed down by any police action, and they would continue their protests. Pelting eggs on the Janata Party leader in the court hall may have been tantamount to "contempt of court", but he had provoked the lawyers, they insisted.

T Gangaiselvan, secretary of Tiruchi Bar Association said," If not for Swamy's anti-Tamil stand' the advocates would not have been provoked. However, the incident will not tone down the protests by advocates on the Sri Lankan issue."

In Pondicherry too, the members of the Bar Association have been boycotting court proceedings since February 9 to extend solidarity to the Sri Lankan Tamil cause and also to press for various demands.

"The bar association boycotted court for two days on February 9 and 10. We continued striking to gain the attention of the government to our major demand for deleting the recent changes in Puducherry Judicial Service (Cadre and Recruitment) Rules 2008. We submitted a memorandum to the Lt Governor and propose to resume work from Monday," Puducherry Bar Association secretary M S Maruthupandiyan said.


Police, lawyers clash at Madras HC

19 Feb 2009,



CHENNAI: Pitched battles were fought outside the Madras high court on Thursday afternoon after the police arrested 17 lawyers for attacking Janata


Party president Subramanian Swamy. ( Watch )

As police used baton on lawyers who were protesting and shouting slogans, about 30 lawyers and several bystanders were injured, witnesses said.

A division bench of the court on Thursday morning ordered that a five-judge bench would hold an enquiry into the attack on Swamy by advocates inside the court premises on Tuesday.

Lawyers sympathetic to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on Tuesday hurled rotten eggs at Swamy inside the court in the presence of the judges and shouted anti-India slogans.

A section of the lawyers was holding protests over the sufferings of the civilian Tamils in Sri Lanka caught in the conflict between the armed forces and the Tamil Tigers.



 Thank you Aatma .


Please stop putting the entire blame on the lawyer community alone.These so called TN Police should be immediately debarred from service. It is an open secret that Policemen are indulged in hooliganism, rowdism and various other nefarious activities.  Just like the politicians or civil servants, Policemen should be debarred from service. Till now no one knows who drew the egg on Subramania swamy. Only Police filed case against few lawyers in the high court.But How can you conclude that without any Trail. Swamy is a political vandal. He has been a nuisance all over India (Yes, all India permit) amongst his victims are Vajpayee (ex PM), Ramakrishna Hegde ( ex CM ), Jayalalitha, T.N.Seshan and many more.

Was it the police or the lawyers? Who instigated this violence? What is the reason behind this violence? One has to make a detailed enquiry on this? Laywers have saved the lifes of Judges too. For tarnishing the image of the century old High Court and the law, the perpetrator who had made a mockery of democracy should be punished severely.

Of course the lawyers should have been a bit more dignified. We will not remain silence by Police brutality- Govts. will need to create more jails and we will see if they can keep us quiet.

The center has now started to brutalize people of TN.


Dear Shreeji, What I am wandering is why should the action or inaction of the Indian Government led the lawyers and police into such unplesant clashed. What happened in Srilanka or the CrPc amendment has nothing to do with the lawyer or police? I just dont know what is happening with this Country?


Dear Assumi Sir,

  It is only natural for sections of the Tamil speaking population in India to feel more anxious than the rest in the matter and try to put more pressure on the Indian government to extract better safety of the tamil people concerned in Srilanka. Expression of worries has, however, to be within the frame work of the Indian Constitution (which is Supreme) and carefully preserving the federal fabric of the Nation. Lawyers are not ordinary citizens as they also carry the onus to preserve the Constitution.  

Not only the Tamil speaking population in India, but the whole world had expressed their grave concern about the safety of the Srilankan Tamils caught in the cross fire between the Srilankan military and the LTTE. There have been earnest appeals from all corners of the world to ensure their safety. India had promptly failed with Srilankan govt to stop genocide there .The TN opposition Parties are pressurizing the ruling Govts. by wide protests day to day including lawyers, Doctors, all college students and common public. What is the need for 1000's of police and intimidating ,inciting lawyers in the court premises. Why  the Govt. has sent this idiots is known to God alone.

The Police are the underdogs. However they can go berserk and become cruel if highly provoked. The Police have just exposed their basic rowdy instincts. A Policeman, however bad before becoming one, loses much of his  character once the uniform is thrust on him. He can be prone to bribes and petty criminalities. However he will not be the one to do tandava on the roads and set ablaze vehiclesof lawyers,judges,etc. We do have been witnessed several police atrocities exposed by our profession  and have often been mortified by the brutality of the baton wielders. Yet, the Tamil lawyers can teach the Police a big lesson soonly. HOW can they entered the Court Premises without the permission of Chief justice? Police could have  closed the doors of the court hall from out side  and reported to the chief justice. That would have been more dignified method of controlling the unpleasant incident.''If the place of Justice can become a place for violence, where will the general public go to seek justice''



The whole incident was shameful.


Dear Shreeji,

                                The Plight of Tamilians in Srilanka is as old as the Himalayan Mountains, the Indus river and the Goddavari. Why for God sake did the Indian leaders kept quiet for centuries over this issues, and why it failed to act and address the issues at the right time? Shreeji, there is time for evrything under the heaven, and the Indian Govt failed to act at the right time. I am really sorry that lawyers of Tamil Nadu have to take such extreme steps, and the incidents at coimbitore, one of my favourite spot in the south really hurt me.I wish our lawyers tribe had restraint themselves against the vandalism of police. Forgive me if I am wrong, but lawyer should have restariant themselves, as among all the profession in the world, it is lawyers who are labelled with the words, learned counsel, which even the judges are not  labelled with the said words and paharses.




Additional Photos: All for good !  Nature plays in strange way  to weed out.






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