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Mydaughter is 28 yr old married to a MBBS doctor since last 2.5 yrs. She came to know that her husband is having extramarital affair with another unmarried girl. my daughter is having a 16 months old son. she is presently getting moral supprt from her Father in law and from other family members. but her husband is not coming under any body's control. My daughter does not want a divorce, she wants that the illicit girl must keep off her husband and family. she has got the recorded conversation of that illicit girl having admitted the relation.

Now what action can be taken against the illicit girl for her act of having involved with my gaughter's family, putting the life of my daughter and the littile boy in danger and under torture. the family is on the verge of destruction.

What action can be initiated against the straying husband to bring him back on family track. 

there is lot more to write, but it is too painful to put on everything right now.

Kindly suggest some solution.---regards


she can seek divorce if u can prove adultery. no criminal action possible against girl or your son in law. better to solve it with help of FIL and family if she wants to continue relation.


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Except convincing your daughter's husband you can't do anything.  If your daughter filed any criminal case she will have to prove the illicit relation with the girl.  It is some how difficult.  So in my opinion with the help of the society elders try to convince him.

Another remedy is that if he has got any property your grandson has to file suit for partition and seperate possession of his share against  his father.  In this your daughter will also get her share.  Your grand son also can seek maintenanace from his father.

Two options are here your daughter can opt for both.


I agree with Rajeev Sir. 

No, an adultry case cannot be filed under these circumstances. For adultry, the main ingredient is, the other woman should be married woman.

I also agree with other advises given.

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The circumstances in the present case are crucial and it is not easy to get rid from. It is better to get involve the family members of both parties and try to reach an amicable solution. otherwise, no option except to take legal recourse 

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Has he had multiple s*xual/ romantic partners in the past? Infidelity or adultery is not the disease, merely a symptom of an emotionally immature person. Is there a reason to believe that after he ends it with this other unmarried woman, he will start another affair with another woman? What is his need - is he a s*x addict? Or is he going to other women for some other reason?
Does he drink or smoke? Most people with emotional problems who want to continue EVEN AFTER BEING CAUGHT OR CONTRONTED have a severe emotional dependence on another person and self-esteem issues.
. Do you understand that this is not a mere one-night stand? This is DELIBERATE, REPEATED ABUSE of your daughter's trust.
Do you understand the implications of going so soft on this person?
I think you should think of the long term. A person who does not understand the meaning of marriage will fall behind on a lot of obligations to his family. He will have poor impulse control and his loyalties will always shift, leaving your daughter with no secure base emotionally and financially. Also, your grandchild will grow up in an unhappy family.
If this had been one single incident and the husband had shown some remorse that would have been different. I don't know why anybody would want their daugher to carry on living with such a man. Kill cancer, or die with it.
Therefore, first think carefully about your reasons to forgive this person, how long you are willing to wait, what level of cooperation this person is showing.
This is not the problem of the 'other woman' and confronting her and getting her statement on tape (while a good step given your circumstances) also shows the level of desperation where you have to approach third party before your son-in-law.

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For justice and dignity

i am really sorry to hear of your daughter's plight and can empathise v.well with her.


the best thing is that her inlaws support her

i also agree with the views of 498A victim,esp. the 3rd point.

is the girl aware that ur son inlaw is married?if yes,i will say that she's still v.selfish and stubborn who's not leaving him.

i will add one point to 498A victim's suggestions that public humiliation of the gal is v.imp....threaten her once.if she doesnt budge an inch, humiliate her publicly after deciding the proper way to do so.

 u can also sit back with ur samdhis(daughter's sasural wale) and decide a solution on how to get rid of this girl.

there's a possibility that after humiliation the gal may walk out but ur son inlaw may go after another woman,esp if he has the habit of eyeing other such a situation leniency wont pay any further...u may file DV Act against him,showing all proofs...because laato ke bhoot baato se nahi maante...this formula has to be applied both on your damaad and on that girl...such people need to be dealt with an iron hand and deserve no mercy which has already been shown,esp. to your son inlaw.

all the best.please let us know the results.


(PS-i hope indira jaisingh reads this story and realises wot sort of women she's wanting to be given highly respectable names)


she wants that the illicit girl must keep off her husband and family

- illicit relationship can not be stopped by legal action.

- perhaps this relationship started before her marriage.

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