How to prove second marriage in court or police station

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I got registered marriage in the year 2009. My husband family didn't accept our marriage because of different caste. we didn't live properly in one  house but still our marriage is consummated. My husband along with his parents applied divorce in the year 2011 and which was not aware to me. Later i did a set aside and the case was going till 2018 inbetween my husband always pacify me and get huge amount from me. I have applied for IM immediately he stopped coming to court and the court dismissed the divorce order this year 2019 Jan and ordered that he should pay 4000 every month. Meanwhile he got married to another lady with her parents and brothers support in May. I called that gal somehow i got her no and told that i am his wife still. But through his relative i came to know that he got married secretly. When raised a complaint in police station about second marriage, they didn't do proper probing and atlast police was asking me the evidence and the lawyer who came along with them was telling that as per act which was passed in 2018 anyone can live with anyperson. Now i don't know how  to take evidence and police is not helping me to find the evidence. is it not criminal of marrying second wife when first is alive and not divorced. He is telling that even if it is proved he can be in jail only for 15 days. All the time i want to live with him. I was annoyed with that gal to whom he is married inspite of me telling the truth. I tried collecting proof through detective agency but they just collected money and cheated. Can i get a place in his house to stay. Will the court allow me. Everyone knows that gal is in that house but police is not helping me to go an enquire in that house.What should i do to reconcile with him. Since they have money they say nothing can be done to them. Need your help

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After so many disturbances and court cases, if you think that you can restore the then relationship, it is just a great expectation.  Another lady entered into his life, and such live-in relationships are sanctity under law.  You can only apply for a divorce on that ground and let him spend his life as he pleases without any disturbance.  It is not clear as to what you wish to establish and gain at this point of time when the break up was long ago and the relationships were strained.  Reconciliation with a strained relationship is an activity in between both the spouses and it can not be imposed by anyone on other spouses.  You are disturbed mentally, keep calm and decide as to what gets you that peace except for revenge.  Members of this forum can not help and can only guide you legally.   It is always the local advocate that can guide you.  


You try to collect voters list of your husband's family she may be mentioned as his wife ,ration cared ,if he is working he may mentioned his wife as nominee in insurance etc etc her present residential address.

Thank  you sir, i could understand that you talk on behalf of me to proceed my life peacefully. And I have given him money till this Feb month. So people who get cheated doesn't have any support to proceed further. People who cheat will enjoy their life's just like that. I lost my mother, i lost everything in my life because of him and he ruined many gals life and now got settled with one gal so that he can get his parents property. No justice for me .


Shashi mam,

they would have not added her name by now since he got married this may.


If she becomes pregnant then it may be easy she has to mention it's father name in birth certificate or in hospitalwere child norms.

No one can help you in collection of evidence(s) of second marriage. You are to fight your war if you want to send your husband to jail u/s 494 IPC.

What is the opinion and advise of your lawyer who is well aware about facts and circumstances of the case, an able, competent and intelligent enough to advise and proceed.

If you are dissatisfied with the ability, competence, performace or behaviour of the lawyer engaged and paid by you s/he should be changed immediately.

It is advisable to consult another local prudent lawyer for better appreciation of facts/ documents, professional guidance and proceeding.

However, if you are located in Delhi and feel so, may contact me with relevant records (on appointment) at: Chamber NO 647, Lawyer's Chamber Block, Dwarka Courts Complex, Sector10, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 Cell # + 91 98911 52939 email: or visit: 


Well suggestion given by my learned friend. i do endorse the same. where are you from? i am from chennai


Thank you so much Vashista and Sankar Sir. I am from chennai. Will the court take any action against my husband , if so what should i do to take this to the court of his second marriage.




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