domestic violence by sons and daughter in law upon mother

Managing Director / Proprietor


Sub: Complaint against mischievous conduct, conspiracy and colourable exercise of power vested act of Police Official of Beniapukur Police Station from smooth running of my office namely Unique Trading Co, lying and right situated at ground floor of premises B-42/5, Jannagar Road under P.S. Beniapukur Kolkata- 700017 in return or retaliation/revengeful attitude of complaint dated 19.09.2012 Xerox Copy attached for your kind perusal



Respected Sir (s


With reference to the above it is most important and necessary to state that the mysterious and unfortunate death of my mother on 19th March 2012 by way of accident who was victims of torture and ill treated by my youngest brother and his wife which reflect from the complaint made by my deceased mother being GDE No. 1545 dated 14.3.2012, M.C. being P.C. No. 755 dated: 15.3.2012, and written complaint dated on 16.3.2012  and subsequently her mysterious death on 19.3.2012 (enclosed herewith as Annexure Mark with “A”) despite of her grievances before the police officer attached to Beniapukur P.S. who did not consider the matter and /failed/neglected/refused to defend the rights of interest of victims and after her death I was deeply disturbed by the diabolic recurrence of my youngest  brother and his wife’s torture aided and abetted by my younger brother his wife and his mother in law upon my deceased mother who deserve justice at that awesome moment, not only in my view but also in the eye of law  the offence was of a serious nature aggravated by the fact that it was committed by those  persons and as such I and  my Mother & Father (since deceased) lodged several complaints against them time to time dated on 16.8.96, 7.1.97,  22.5.2010,  29.9.2011, 16.3.2012, 4.4.2012, 25.4.2012, 13.6.2012, 14.6.2012, 18.6.2012 to various higher authority as well as local P.S. Beniapukur. (enclosed herewith as Annexure Mark with “B”). The obligation requires the State to take administrative and all other precaution measures in order to protect life of victim but in this instant matter the officials neither took cautious steps nor investigate suspicious deaths. The State must protect victims of torture, ill treatment as well as the human rights defender fighting for the interest of the victims, giving the issue serious consideration for the reason that victims of torture shall not suffer enormous consequences psychologically. The problems of acute stress as well as post-traumatic stress disorder and many other consequences must be understood in correct perspective. And my such act of protest /complaint, I became the enemy of them and since then I  have been continue humiliate harassed by my two younger brothers and their associates through various ways and officer’s of Local P.S. well aware of the fact that the authority in concern refused or neglected to enquire the matter or deliberately refused to take any action only as because of  my continuous complaint in respect of  Police Inaction of Local P.S. Beniapukur in regards to Illegal, un-authorized, unsanctioned construction of multi storied building dated on 27.4.2007, 17.5.2007, 26.6.2008, 25.3.2009, 11.5.2009, 20.8.2010, 27.12.2011, 27.2.2012, 26.3.2012, 19.6.2012, 19.9.2012 (enclosed herewith as Annexure Mark with “C”)  And my younger brother joined hand in gloves with the officer’s attached to Beniapukur P.S. as because my brother as a contractor/ promoter is also constructing an illegal unauthorized construction at B/45/H/5, North Range Kolkata 700017 under P.S.Beniapukur. Since last five six months I am facing several sorts of disturbances, obstructions annoyance from my brother’s and their associates and unable to run my both business smoothly from my office namely Unique Trading Company and Amid Moash Management Pvt Ltd  which is lying and right situated at B-42/5, Jannagar Road under P.S. Beniapukur, Kolkata-700017,  Ground Floor. As such I am facing severe financial loss and setback in business due to police inaction and all official documents unable to reached before me as because my Letter Box in the name Unique Trading Co has been removed or stolen from the front wall of my office which has been intimated to Local P.S. Beniapukur by way of Complaint dated 14.6.2012 along with enclosure of photograph of my Letter Box Unique Trading Co, (enclosed herewith as Annexure Mark “D”) but no action has been taken by the police officials against the culprit/miscreant despite knowledge thereof.


Hence I am deeply disturbed and terrible scare in the minds that my lives and liberty are under a new peril because my continuous complaint against police inaction in regards to unauthorized construction and complaint against my brothers in respect of my deceased mother makes them more aggressive and desperate. Lastly my complaint dated 19.9.2012 in respect of police inaction which was received by different authority on different dates on 3.10.12, 4.10.12 (enclosed herewith as Annexure Mark “E”) subsequently a grave impact of complaint is prevailing at Local P.S. Beniapukur which cause distress and disgust among the officials and promoter too and as a result some miscreant put a key pad lock upon the grill of my front office door of Unique Trading Co and one sign board at my back office wooden door and a Letter Box install at the exact point of wall where a Letter Box of Unique Trading was exist earlier (photograph dated 6/10/2012) (enclosed herewith as Annexure with Mark “F”)  it is nothing but a crystal and clear revengeful attitude of Local P.S. in connivance with local promoters, hoodlums, hooligans and  I can feel the police personals are themselves fixed in the dock, ignoring the ground realities, the fact situation and the peculiar circumstances often results in miscarriage of justice and makes the justice-delivery system suspect and vulnerable as such society suffers and criminals get encouraged.


In view of the aforesaid facts I have every possible reasons to believe that a deep conspiracy is going on continue against me and there is an apprehension of threat to my life and properties as because most of the complaint has been made by me against Police Inaction and Kolkata Municipal Corporation Inaction  in regards to illegal and unauthorised  construction since year 2001 in view of the Honourable High Court Order dated 28.9.2001 W.P.10993 (W) and my temporary absence from my own premises shall be profitable for those who bent upon to start and complete illegal un-authorised  unsanctioned construction of Multi Storied Building in and around the locality.


Under the aforesaid facts and circumstances, I being peace loving, Law abiding citizen of India, with a request to make thorough investigation to unearth the truth and to take immediate appropriate legal steps for the end of justice further more i am requesting for confidential departmental enquiry against all those officials/persons for their misconduct, negligence, inaction those  who involve in criminal conspiracy for the encouragement of crime and allow me to run my business from my office premises smoothly without any panic and fear and can manage bread and butter for my family livelihood.


Thanking you,                                                                                       yours faithfully


   (Arshad Hossain)


                                                                           Contact: 9051917802, 9339843549






 I have Forwarded above complaint to below following but no action has been taken what shall i do??????

 The Hon’ble Chief Minister Govt of West Bengal (Writer’s Building)              Kolkata-700001

      The Home Secretary, (Home Department) Police  Administration                                                                                                        

  Govt of West Bengal (Writer’s Building) Kolkata-700001                  










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