My wife repeatedly keeps going to her matnernal house for months togather, after a few months, if I do request her to return back, she will have her set demands which have to be met before she returns back. Its been ten years she has been doing this & she is the only person able to cook in my family is in pain.!!!

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This is purely a domestic issue, consult a marriage councellor or take the help of some relatives to resolve the issue.


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Hire a Cook if this is the only dependancy on your wife.



Rajan Bhasin



Everytime she does that someone has got involved & resolved, but it keeps happening, there is no denying I'm at falt as well, but now its getting dirty to keep mud-slinging, with the years being spent togather it disturbs me. I had been to couple of psycological councellors in 2010 but for the next stage they always want the spouse to be present for which she never agreed. Practically with repeated happenings I wish to resolve the matter at the earliest.

Secondly hiring a cook can be arranged as a stop gap arrangement, ultimately we need to be clear of the future.


Hire a cook...And just ignore her when she goes to her home next time.


Hey Jack,


If you really feel  and believe that worth her to call back then foloow the below steps. If you feel its not going to work, then better appoint a cook. 

Let me tell you the steps,

Step: 1 (Very decent approcah, good for your wife and your last chance for her)

Talk to her openly and tell your concerns.if its not working engage elders in the family and society and bring to common people knowledge about her acts. Dont feel bad, otherwise it wont help you in life anyway. Involve 3rd party in the discussion (Some people only relaise if society watching their mistakes). Dont keep it everything in you and bring out.

Step:2 (Little medicine)

File a restituion of conjugal rights and in this petition strongly mention that you need your wife back and send the court notice. also please mention that whatever she demands from and always staying with maternal house no in marital house. this is very much required, dont feel bad for going court. itsa best solution. 


If step 1 & Step 2 not working then apply for divorce immediately find a good partner 






Joined Cookery classes & getting my skills refined with the help of my bed-ridden parents.


what saayujyaa said is informative and clear.


I hv put my ego alot of times but to get her back, now i running out of steam, lets hope god gives me strength & patience.




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