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7 years of separation

Page no : 3


Yes.We are jealous of a K**p if we are against them.

A k**p has made us aware of faults of our marriage.

If so what has made tajob to support this poor author who is deprived of marital life due to her lover's cunning and cruel wife.

anamika singh (pharma)     31 August 2011

thanks tajobs for ur valuabe time. u have given us clean chit for live-in but some people here have talked here about bigamy case and related stuff. i will work upon ur suggestion of article 21 but 482 will not work. and if anytime i need ur advice can i get ur address or any phone no.

upasna (coordinator)     01 September 2011 Anamika thy love

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     01 September 2011

Hi Princess,

Generally I don't reply to msgs other than that of query seeker, but I thought this was lil personal, so replying, also I would reply to a supplimentary query you raised.


How are you so sure that the wife here is cruel?

Did you talk to the wife?

Did you talk to wife's parents?

Did you talk to her husband?

Did you talk to the husband's parents?

  No Princess dear, I have not talked to any one. I have not even vouched for the authenticity of the content. And also, I have not levelled any allegation that the wife here is cruel.

You heard a story from an opportunist who's adamant about breaking a home,and you concluded easily that the wife is cruel!!!

I have not concluded anything, I just answered the query.


What if Anamika was the keep of your jeejaji?

Would you still call Anamika sympathetic?

Yes, I would still call her sympathetic to my Jeejaji. If and if, I would accuse anyone in such scenrio, would be my Jeejaji, and not the other girl, as I know not about the girl. This apart, you would have seen that I have mentioned "jokes apart" - this statement about sympathetic girl was given in light spirit.


As for your supplement query of not advising to girls. If you have noticed my postings, I have not replied to many threads of girls. Neither positive nor discouraging them in any way. Let me assure you that I am not anti-woman at all. I have greatest regard for women in general and I have learnt a lot from women. My story and postings have been all over net for last Three and Half years, not even my wife can accuse me of maligning her or abusing her in any manner.


Hope this clarifies a few things.




Shonee Kapoor

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