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narainreddy (Lawyer)     27 January 2010

4 SCs for 4 metros

The UPA government is closely examining the recommendation of the Law Commission to set up four Supreme Courts in metros and a Federal Court in the Capital exclusively devoted to examine constitutional issues, as one of the possible ways of reducing the huge backlog of pending cases.

Your views...


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Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     27 January 2010

We can'tsay what would be the result. Generally in our country every such steps results in heavy load on exchequer and nothing else. Let us see the result of Gram Nyayalay. Who will pay the heavy burden of emoluments of Presiding officers and staff and investment on infrastructure.  Only who pratice in courts knows the route cause behind work load and long pendency. Only to establish new court can not remove the pendency. Think honestly!

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Vijay Kumar (Advocate)     27 January 2010

I agree with Mr.Arvind.

Ishaan Pasricha (Advocate)     28 January 2010

I also agreed with Mr. Arvind as pendency of cases in courts is not because of the no. of courts it is because of the  inefficient presiding officers who dont  work hard they take so much time in giving there decisions most of them work only to complete there units per month. Hope this plan of making more supreme courts bring  speedy justice to people.



K.C.Suresh (Advocate)     28 January 2010

It is considered as a political issue. Several advocates settled at Delhi may not welcome this propo. Let us see what next. If the govet wants to distribute the judicial syaytm equally to common man all states must have a bench

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     28 January 2010

With due respect to the members doubting the proposals, let us also be practical. Consider those litigants from Gujurat, Nagaland J&K and Madras travelling all the way to New Delhi for appeal to the Supreme Court. The Law Commission recommendation should be implemented.

Prodyut Banerjee (Advocate (Corporate Lawyer))     28 January 2010

It is a good initiative. At least it will reduce the cost burden to the litigants and provide more opportunity to the lawyers out side Delhi.

Priya (Student)     28 January 2010

I also agreed with the views of Mr.Arvind.  The problem of backlog of cases cannot be solved merely by establishing four SCs in metros and federal court in the capital.   The need is that the Presiding Officers should avoid callous attitude.  They  should work effectively and with responsibility in disposing of the cases .

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     28 January 2010

I dont view this issue  from the point of Mountain of pending  cases in the court, bwecause there are other forum that can tackle that problems, and that has been discussed enough in this forum like establishing Morning and Evening Courts etc: but from humanity view of Article 14 of the Constitution of India. Consider this, a litigant from the extreme south travelled all the way to New Delhi to challenge the order of the High Court in a case of Power of Attorney: is this fair? i support the law commission Recomendations and something should be done in the matter:

Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     28 January 2010

Let Us note who is responcible for huge pendency ?, I think picture will be clear-

Who is responcible for huge pendency ?

1- Litigants them self?

2- Advocates?

3- Presiding Officers?

4- Executing agencies/ complying agencies ?

5- Prosecution?

6- Lack of Staff and other facilities like photo copier etc?

                                                                          Sir what solution may be in this country when every body searches the notification or Acts in refrence to an offence or issue, on the date fixed. Every body is well acquainted that no Government Gazzette Publication is provided to courts in time and the date is adjourned only to find out such notification or GOs.

Priya (Student)     29 January 2010

It is good to pay attention towards the expenditure incurred by the litigants who are living in extreme South when they have to move to S.C. for filing an appeal.  But this is also to be seen that a litigant for the final outcome has to wait  for about 17 or 18 years.  Throughout these years he suffers from mental agony and pain. Quck disposal of case is more important than travelling expenses.  No doubt it is not a bad proposal but we should remember that "justice delayed is justice denied".

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     29 January 2010

Quality Legal eduction a must for India and for judiciry: Here we hve to note Article 312 of the Constitution of India. Why we have slept over this Article till today? And why Constitutional Review Commission ignored or failed to address this Article?

H.D.Kumaravelu (Advocate)     29 January 2010


 Well a very good move and hope it is thro. One thing we should not forget that there will be more litigation taken to the concerned bench of S.C than the present percentage of cases before the Supreme court. This move will open a way for getting substantial justice to persons who are not able to go from far of places to Dehli and engage a counsel and get on with the case. I dont think that the move is to reduce the backlog of cases but it is one by  taking justice to the reach of a common Man.

Jithendra.H.J (Lawyer)     29 January 2010

 I agree with Assumi,

its a good move,  hope this becomes  a reality 


Theoritically, the idea seems to be good. But in practice, it is not so since it will become another High Court of the State. Article 141 of COI will not hold good. A judgement of one State's SC may not be followed by another SC. Our India will be broken into pieces and the Politicians can get judgments of their choice, since they are not appealable.

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