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Dear friends and victims of  Biased Law.Following are the 10 Best way to reduce or eliminate The maintenance/Interim maintenance from your shoulder.If all the tips and Points are used actively before or during the procedure then certainly you are going to save your hard earned money from forced charity so called as maintenance to your wicked wife who is willingly made as a parasite with the help of Biased Law.


To read full details go through the following link:


10 Best Way to reduce/Dismiss Maintenace/Interim Maintenance Amount....


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fighting back (exec)     04 January 2014

great man!!!!! thanks

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     04 January 2014

So fighting for a long time has made you an inventor of new ideas to tackle the issues(?), keep going, hope your services will be welcomed by victims approaching this forum for advise and relief.

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Soman (Dy Manager)     05 January 2014

Great work, I have a doubt though.

I am a private firm employee hence there won’t be any pension on retirement. I am contributing to VPF monthly for retirement life. But I read in this forum that VPF being voluntary will not be considered as a liability (looks sensible)  :(

VPF deduction will be considered as a part of "possible home take income" or as a "liability", could someone explain please?


Dear Adv.Kalaiselvan,

Sir, Invention is the need of scarcity or you must say an outcome of a hard circumstances .......

If fighting one case can be the cause of invention then I wonder why the lawyers who are fighting 100 of false cases of 498A/DVA/Maintenance can't invent 100 of genuine inventions to stop this legal misuses by unscrupulous women?

It's time to think........

The answer lies within my ID name only " EVERY SUFFERER IS A SAVIOUR" that means EVERY SUFFERER IS THE NEXT SAVIOUR.....

because those who know the symptom of pain ....... also knows the medicine of pain ... isn't it?


1. All the voluntary or involuntary investments from Take Home income is considered as Liability only but make sure that you have the authentic proof or documentation for it.

2. All the investments on GPF/VPF/EPF/NSC/LIC/IVP/IB or any long term fund or bond which are solely invested for the reason to secure ones future is neither claimed by anybody until or unless you have not nominated him/her who can claim the settlement after you demise or you have assigned any body for such benefit.It is just like your testament.

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D Seikhar G (self)     10 January 2014

gr8 job!! thanks sufferer

Rohit (service)     11 January 2014

Thanks for Sharing,, what is the best way to reduce take home income and invest in some retirement plans.. Please advice.

venkat (business)     16 January 2014

Dear Members,

Is persnol loan deductions considered while calculating maintaince..


@ Rohit,

1.The best way to reduce your Take home Income is already discussed in the previous post.

2.You can show your Liabilities through Loan whether personal/Home/Future/Study/Car etc.

3.You can also invest in the Group Insurance together with all your dependant,Your personal insurance.

Motor/Vehicle Insurance, Business Insurance etc...whatever you feel accordingly.

4. Your long term investment via Tax saving scheme U/s 80c

@ Venkat,

Yes. Personal loan is considered while calculating maintenance.

Maintenance is directly proportionate to your income after deducting your liabilities and expenditures and the same is considered with your partner which is vice versa.





Join hand’s to fight against Misuse of Law, their Legal extortion & terrorism.






The value of freedom is measured by the cost of struggle,If you need freedom then you have to become a fighter ….as no other option.

LAXMINARAYAN - Sr Advocate. ( solve problems in criminal cases.     06 February 2014

पति-पत्नी के बीच विवादों के चलते परिवार टूटने व पतियों के भाग जाने के जो मामले जबलपुर में आए हैं, वे चौंकाने वाले हैं। परिवार परामर्श केंद्र के परामर्शदाता अंशुमान शुक्ला ने बताया कि जबलपुर में बीते पांच वर्ष में आई पारिवारिक विवाद की शिकायतों के बाद से लगभग 4,500 पति लापता हैं।


4,500 पति लापता हैं-------


that means 4,500 wives may be searching their husbands like a sniffer dog to get maintenance:P

Bechari parasites.

Ab toh khud se Kamao aur apna pet bharo

Samaj me Izzat bhi milegi aur Naam bhi hoga.


If you are concerned about Maintenance,Then below link is for you:


Honey It's All About Alimony....("50 Alimony cases Covered By TOI")


Every urban girl before marriage study to get job and to stand on their feet,,,,, but how drastically the condition changes after marriage. The same girl who has degree, qualifications, capability to earn forgets all her studies and becomes parasites on husband when her marriage doesnt work. Even law of india also support her to forget all her studies and to beg from her husband to survive.

Is this not a suicide of upliftment of women, to make them stand on their feet? One side the government make programmes for women upliftnent and other side willingly making women as parasites, then how could the condition of women can be improved.

The conditions of women are ruined by government only as they have to think on these issues if they really want women to become selfdependant or make them to come forward and contribute in indias economy as well as in their social stability.



Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     26 May 2014

read the link.


I believe if the husband is really innosent then he is bound to be benefitted by the writ up. SUch like advise certainly help thos persons who are innosent and by reckless action prove themselves as rougues and get treatment which they do not deserve.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     26 May 2014

I believe Mr Rocky Smith has also done good thinking on the issue.


changing job may be helpful for a husband having a petty job in private sector.  This may not work for those who are in Govt service, or higher professional executive, reputed traders etc. Their shadows are long and trail easy.


even those who can change jobs hurriedly they join new employers and new employer may not be so considerate to the plight of new employee and he may get problem to get leave to attend to his case.


Absconding may not help if criminal case is also filed.  It will just add the agony of family. 498a accused are generally not professional criminal and cannot hide from police.


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