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# 1


Our country proclaims to guarantee certain Rights. But something is happening of late. Is:

1. Is thinking aloud on a matter that affects the Nation & its character prohibited or is it any sin? Put in other words, does a Citizen, rather a Samaritan; a Visionary; a genuine, ever caring family member have a right to talk out what his conscience, not just feelings say OR not?

2. “How can a subject express his/her concern against a percept, person, ideologue, phenomenon, ill”?


Thus, the learned forum may please involve itself in articulating, suggesting ways & means for Samaritans to think aloud.


Owing to severe crisis, Sh. P. Suresh is heavily constrained & does not know when God would provide the next opportunity to be on internet to be able to come back on the forum, be able to participate in the discussion. Thus, my next post could be immediately or after few days / months, but will happen. In the meantime, someone whose conscience pricks could / may do something on being sensitized on the wicked politics. Thus, many thanks in advance to all who participate in the discussion, educate, value add, advice, work up solutions, suggest ways & means etc on a lurking danger, that the society has not realized & is blindly falling for.


For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

# 2


All subjects are guaranteed some Rights. Some Samaritans use their rights, aegis to forewarn of catastrophes. This is highly philanthropic, costly act. They do this for societal causes & not for themselves. Everything has its own plus & minus points. But, some segments curtail such Samaritans & threaten the whistle blowers. The threats are now taking the form of:

1. The threats, of late are coming in the form of personal attack, even physical attack; mostly sponsored by vested interests, politicians, political parties & the like.

2. Threats of litigation (Defamation) – UNTHINKABLE, BUT TRUE IN TODAY’S REAL LIFE.

In this context, it is worth recall that the earlier society thought that the Sun moves around the earth. The entire society went by that manipulating minister who proposed this. The wisest men of the world, even the Courts & the Kings of those days are today proven to be absolutely wrong. But that great philosopher was brutally killed in front of the eyes of so many people, all as per a predetermined schedule in the open auditorium, all because that philosopher had the guts to propose a Universal truth & stick by it even though he was told in no uncertain terms that his thoughts defied the politics of the day. Damn politics, politicians.


Society comes up with precepts to meet needs of a particular time period/situation. The precepts should not stay perpetually without apt review, changes for ever & ever. There is a limit for everything, so also precepts. Precepts get outdated & new precepts, ways & means, modalities HAVE TO BE EVOLVED WITH CHANGE IN TIME, PERSPECTIVES, PERCEPTIONS, REALITIES ETC. A certain idea & the persons associated with it cannot be held to be relevant perpetually. Barbarisms of various sorts get reduced gradually & vanish only with such focused attempts. The reforms have to go on. Lest, society will fail to evolve & in due course of time, society itself would fail to remain as a entity. Someone benefits of some precept very very easily & so are threatening that it should continue forever & ever even if it were to be wrong on the rest of their brethren. People who have the power are themselves benefitting of such precepts & are thus fuelling such precepts. This is very very bad.

Visionaries, Samaritans, Whistle blowers etc are the most important part of such process. Thus, for welfare reasons; the modern, humane, virtuous society that we claim should encourage CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISIM OF A PERCEPT, IDEALOGY & NOT THREATEN THE WHISTLE BLOWER IMMATERIAL OF WHAT THE PRECEPT IS, WHO IS INVOLVED, CONVENIENCE THAT THE PRECEPT IS PORTENDING ETC. Politicians, political parties, the rotten stuff be condemned, not the upright, rare few concerns raised by the whistle blowers. The enlightening process should cause mass movements & cause changes. The society should be open to these possibilities instead of curtailing, threatening the rare breed. Do a good & over & above that face rowdyism, newer & newer categories of organized attacks, newer forms of jihads etc too. The Samaritans cannot bear so much of burden that is heaped on them. Thus, the society has to help the Samaritans with whatever is needed & help such people maturate their thoughts/fears into actions.




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