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In this Article I will be bringing to light many law students may have in their mind pertaining to corporate law. One may ask what do corporate lawyers do? The answer to this question is quite wide, so I will try to simplify it down for you; corporate lawyers are required to carry out tasks for their organizations such as due diligence (appraising the business for prospective buyers or partners). They must possess the skills of negotiate agreements with different parties and verify all accounts and finances for business transactions. Another important task corporate lawyers are involved with is navigating the provisions of a company’s constitution, shareholder and directors’ rights.


Talking about experience the best kind would be business-related work experience which may demonstrate your interest in how a company is run and boost your commercial awareness, which could be a key skill element that recruiters in the sector are looking for. One could also look into completing a vacation scheme programme at a law firm that specialises in corporate law, this could be another good starting point for this kind of career.

Alternatively talking about internships they help the law student to gain practical experience of whatever he/she had learnt in his/her law school during the semesters. The area and scope of the law are unbelievable; and hence, a law student has plenty of choices. Law firm internship will be your first tryst with corporate law and corporate environment and help you decide if that’s you cup of tea or not.


  • Young law aspirants wanting to pursue a career in corporate law in law firms must be well aware and not ignorant of the financial developments of our country and they need to be well updated on the latest news in the Indian and global economic space. Corporate lawyers cannot function without a working knowledge of business management subjects consequently, it is important that aspirants choose a degree with a sound foundation in law and preferably in business. Further it is extremely important for students to plan their internships and their curriculum vitae from the first year itself, if not then their second year. This brings about certain clarity reflected from their CV to make them a perfect pick for a top tier law firm. One should focus on obtaining internships in offices of lawyers or law firms that have a robust corporate law practice, this will provide the necessary exposure. A good option to consider is starting your career with a corporate company as a counsel, this will definitely add more years of experience to your CV in a specialised area and make you a good catch for any top tier law firm hiring for a senior position.
  • Another important tip would be to improve your negotiation skills by taking part in negotiation competitions or participate in corporate law moot court competitions to build your subject knowledge. As you may know that a corporate lawyer or partner does not only attribute his/her success to their bookish knowledge, but a large part of their success is determined by their personality.
  • Possess leadership skills to lead a team, good team spirit, have a good temperament and must have the ability to uplift the mood of the room you enter. This is necessary because partners of law firms are daily faced with pressurising situations, irritable clients and many human resource hurdles. The key to their success is a positive winner’s attitude which pushes them forward. Young law students must take part in team activities such as sports or engage in multiple extra-curricular activities to build their personality.
  • Communication skills must also be at par with their leadership skills and therefore students must engage in activities that give them self-confidence and make them effective communicators.
  • Extracurricular for law school could be activities like Debate Team, Model United Nations, Start Your Own Organization, Research, Publications, Volunteer Work, these activities could help you get a better stepping for the real world.


To conclude if an individual is efficiently focusing on work and is well organized, it becomes easier for them to hand the workload and be successful in their careers as mentioned in a prior article. When everything is already planned and work is prioritized, all the tasks piled for the day can be completed within the stipulated time limit, one should not stress of the workload, one should take on only how much one can handle. At the end of the day, we are all learners. The above mentioned pointer could help you get a better understanding on how to focus your energy and time if you want to pursue a career in corporate law in the future.

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