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The film "KASHMIR FILES" has generated such a resounding success story in the realm of filmmaking that it has kindled the conscience of the nation. While majority of the Indians has been emotionally moved by the visual contents of the movie pertaining to one of the darkest periods of ethnic cleansing of undisputable magnitude in the then Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir, it has also created a political controversy and critical analysis and accusation regarding the motive behind making the film.

It requires courage of conviction to accept the harsh realities of what had happened at that dark period, the effect of which is still being felt and continuing without any justice being mooted to the dead and suffered ones, still more courage to apologize for what happed and to show greatest courage to make amends to the atrocities committed on the Pandits community of Kashmir and to prevent such mayhems not to be repeated in future.

There are people who aided the perpetrators of the crimes helping such genocide of massive proportion living now show no remorse or regret.A section ofpeoplepropagate a concocted version to protect the marauders and their helpers by trying to mislead the people by presenting and portraying the displaced Kashmiri Pandits as migrants who voluntarily went out of their native place and to distort the diabolical incidents that happed in history as if it was a normal tragedy.

"To look is one thing. To see what you look at is another. To understand from what you see is a third. To learn from what you understand is still something else. But to act on what you learn is all that matters." Intellectual dishonesty and perpetual hypocrisy by which the truth behind a carnage was swept under the carpet for the last 32 years by the then political dispensation to cater to advance their political nefarious end and still continuing their efforts to defend their role of treachery, is brought to light before the world so that justice will be delivered to the dead and living victims of the planned massacre.

Is it not an irony that films like Schindler's List, Diary of Ann Frank, Judgment at Nuremberg etc. all academy winners were well-received without a demur and well appreciated, why should there be such protest and objections being raised not only in India but also outside India about Kashmir Files? Why should a section of people want to brand it as demonizing the minority community creating an 'Islam Phobia' whereas it depicts only the havoc created by the perpetrators from within and from outside right under the nose of the then partisan government uprooting the Kashmir Pandits from their own land through genocide?

It is high time that the government of India should initiate an impartial trial by instituting a Criminal Tribunal consisting of 5 members of which three from the legal fraternity, one from the local police and one from the Army to identify the people involved accused of crime against humanity in general and Kashmir Pandits, in particular, to bring justice to the already suffering Kashmir Pandits living as refugees in their own country to regain their lost properties and livelihood and also to recapture their lost paradise called Kashmir.

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