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We live in a digital world today. This fact has been further proved by the ongoing pandemic. The world of the internet is the link that still keeps the ideology of globalization running as physical travel restrictions have been put in place. Law students across the nation and world have started making the best use of technology with several webinars taking place, online certificate courses and online internships. This article will be listing down certain important websites, applications and accounts that should be followed by law students in India.


Law school is always synonymous with endless reading of bare acts and other commentaries. It is physically impossible to have in possession all the bare acts possible and to carry them with you. Hence here is a list of all the apps which can be used by the students for bare acts and other reading related work.

  1. LatestLaws: The app contains every bare act a law student can possibly need! The app is extremely simple to use and is another reason why you don’t need to carry your bulky law books around all the time. The app contains legal news, updates and articles. Besides, the app also provides with other features such as bookmark, underlining, saving, sharing etc., thus making the app user friendly.
  2. Law Bank: This app answers every question that a student faces in his daily life. Further, the app has simplified laws which are complex, in the form of questions and answers so that it can be understood by everyone. It also has a user friendly and easily accessible version of important acts like Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Code of Civil procedure, Indian Evidence Act etc.
  3. Manupatra: This name is probably known to every law student. The application offers not jus bare acts, but also research tools. With this app, you ca have access to entire set of Indian case laws and acts and it allows you to search the comprehensive library. It is easy to carry around, hence the app offers a mode of research anywhere, anytime.
  4. SCC Online: The application very similar to Manupatra. It also offers Indian case laws and acts/statutes.
  5. Indian Law: This app is another reason to leave your bulky books at home. You can also highlight the text that is important to you, use the dictionary to search for various terms, mail sections to your clients via the app, jump from one act to another and bookmark particular sections.
  6. LAWyersClubIndia: This app gives you an access to daily news updates, latest article, judgement analysis. But its most attractive feature is the legal forum. Through this forum any person can ask legal questions, which can be answered by people of the legal fraternity; lawyers, advocates and law students. You also can keep yourself updated with all the important happenings in the legal world with the 'Notifications' section. The app also allows you to share files with others, message people and do a lot more. This app is surely a must for every lawyer, law student and advocate to stay up-to-date with latest happenings of the legal field.
  7. Libra- The Advocate’s App:The main USP’s of Libra is, sending case hearing notifications every day, giving complete access to millions of judgements with headnotes and shot notes, helping manage clients efficiently, providing legal news updates for any lawyer to know what is trending in the legal world, sending daily orders and case details, sync’s google calendar and i-cal so one can easily access appointments and schedule from the app and lets the user follow other cases of their interest. ​


  1. Live Law: One of the best legal news website out there! The layout is catchy while at the same its is extremely user friendly. Application for the same is also available which makes any latest information at the tip of your fingers. The legal news portal covers Indian Courts, Judgements, Lawyers, Law Firms, Law Schools and Legal Developments in India. They also include interviews with great personalities, news on law firms, law schools and legal departments across the country.
  2. Bar and Bench: just like Live Law, Bar and Bench is also available on website and app. With this app, you can count on the app for giving you even the smallest news of the legal field. The news and analysis include current and relevant developments in the legal world, cutting edge analysis of judgments, as well as interviews with the eminent members of the legal fraternity.It is user friendly, up-to-date and easily accessible.
  3. TheQuint: While this is primarily a journalistic website, but there are several news pieces and editorials which give an in-depth perspective of the Indian legal system and hence the law students and other lawyers can use this app also.
  4. The Print: The Print is an online news channel. This website, like The Quint is also a primarily news website, but again, they offer several news pieces pertaining to the latest news across the country and world, that it would be very helpful for the law students to stay up-to-date.
  5. Lawctopus: This is a very important site especially fir the law students. The site is like a full functioning notification in itself! It gives updates about call for papers, internships and blogs. A law student shall always keep this website handy if they are interested in knowing about papers and other blogs.
  6. Legally India: Legally India reports news and information relevant to Indian law firms, the Indian legal industry, Indian lawyers, international law firms and lawyers doing business in India.


  1. Online RTI: Filing a petition is a tedious and problematic task. This app makes the filing process much more convenient for the lawyers as all the procedures are done online. The app also contains an online payment portal that provides for the users to even make the payment for filing the RTI in a hassle-free manner. 
  2. MySteno- Virtual Stenographer: This is a hands-free typist that can seamlessly convert a lawyer’s voice into text simply types as you talk. One can also voice command punctuations i.e, when you say comma it specifically inserts a comma and when you say jump to the next line it starts a new paragraph. Moreover, the App also lets one share the drafted legal document to friends & colleagues in seconds. It quickly converts voice drafts to word, or PDF and gives the lawyers a 100% keyboard free experience.  
  3. Path Legal: This is like a directory but exclusively for lawyers and law students. Law students can apply for internship and jobs through their attorney’s network. They are one of the best legal forums listing many legal blogs and articles on daily basis which the lawyers and students can find relevant
  4. SBK Law diary: This is a must have app for interns and lawyers practicing in courts. It makes it extremely convenient to manage case hearing dates and other details. 
  5. Legal Dictionary: This app gives access to thousands of legal maxims and words along with their pronunciations. This free app can help attorneys, lawyers advocates and law students in getting better understanding of legal terminologies,

The list provided above is definitely not exhaustive. There are hundreds of apps and websites to support the people from the legal fraternity, but the apps listed above have surely left a mark due to their efficient working and general liking by the audience. As lawyers of the new age, that is the age of internet, it is necessary we adopt these new websites and apps and make the best use of it. this helps us in being a step ahead and be more active and aware of our surroundings.

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