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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    i can answer questions relating to civil laws,land laws in up,a few relating to criminal law,but would not be able to answer questions relating company law matters.

    My area of expertise
    my area of expertise is in hindu law contract act,partnership act,negotiable instrument act and rent control and transfer of proprty act .

    My experience in the area (years):
    i am practicing lawyer in civil court since1975

    Organizations I belong to:
    self employed independent practice

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  • Kumar says : legal heirs
    Property was purchased in the name of my Father & Brother . In 2011 my Father passed away interstate with NO WILL mother was made Nominee as jointy appointed . In 2016 my brother passed away also interstate and NO WILL Fathers Heirs 4 incl my brother Brothers Heirs 4 incl my mother Mother had made a Holographic will and a video mothers health is very frail and my question is that will a video and a handwritten will be sufficient to get letters of administration for my mothers share

  • Subrat Jain says : Succession Certificate
    Sir my mother expired in 2014 and we are three siblings. Now we have obtains a legal heir certifiacte from the "Oop jila adhikari" in ghaziabad but that certificate states that the certificate is not valid for any transaction having value more than 5000.00 so what should i do for the transferring the property in the name of all three of us.

  • Kaushik Nandy says : Tenancy Vs Encroachment
    One of my tenant is occupying tow rooms at my residential building and being used for dwelling purpose but Monthly rent bill i issued for one room as it is being issued by earlier landlord from whom I had purchased the building in 2010 and residing in the building since then. at this stage Can i suit civil case against the tenant/ his son( who is staying in another room) for encroachment of one room and get eviction order if so then what is the process.

  • Riya says : Rights in Joint property
    Sir, Can a person's rights in a joint tenancy be transferred through a gift deed? Thanks

  • padmavathy says : Siblings re registration process
    I bought an apartment on my mum's name. After her demise my brothers registered that on my name. I am not sure what is the next step do i make sure the property is transferred to my name 2. what all documents should i check and what are the steps after the registration so i don't get issues in future. 3.We never paid property tax since we bought (2014) how do i get property tax on my name so i can pay the property tax online

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