Central Government in continuation of its endeavours to promote Ease of Doing Business in India has passed proposal for abolishing the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and allowing concerned Administrative Ministries/Departments to process a

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Rosseau, declared that -man are born free, but every where he is in chain. This chain of slavery or domination led man to engage in war to

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Addressing a judge in the court as "my lord", "your lordship" or "your honour" has been a matter of divided opinion many a time, not only in the Bar or Bench, but also in the Supreme Court (SC) too. However, the issue re

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Child is future of a country and their holistic development must be the sole aim of a country and this requirement becomes more important for a developing country like India. The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016 received

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Complaint 1: What can I do? Complaint 2: There is nothing I can do. Complaint 3: Nobody will help me. Complaint 4: It can go on and on. There is a way. In fact, there are lots of ways. In matters legal, one needs to understand that the law is there t

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INTRODUCTION: -The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment Act, 2011 was passed by the Parliament on 19th December, 2011.[1] The Act ame

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On the 3rd of March, 2017, Kulbhushan Jadhav, a retired Indian navy officer was captured by Pakistan-s army near the Saravan Border in Iran, and was arrested by the Pakistani authorities for acts of terrorism against Pakistan and spying for the

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'Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children' Charles .R. Swindoll Child protection is the protection of children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights

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Usually, Insurance Companies increases Mediclaim premium as the age of the person increases. Like after 60 years, after 70 years the premium amount increases.Actually, the premium amount should be lesser as the age increases. The persons cover medicl

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On advent of 21st century, advancement, reformation, re-formulation, innovation and what not (?) have been manifestly seen in various spheres of economic, industry, science, technology, etc, after all for well-being of the peoples of the world. Likew

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-Prospective over ruling Doctrine-Several times is a misplaced concept, why? A critical study on Indian honorable Supreme Court Judgements -ByDr. Guru Balakrishnan, An Emeritus professor , Free Lance Journalist and Advocate ,at Bombay Hi

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Judiciary On Medication

  BAPOO M. MALCOLM    21 June 2017 at 16:16

For Zoroastrians, the holiest of holies is Udvada, a village in south Gujarat. It is loaded, or at least it was, with priests. When, over a hundred years ago, the British insisted on everyone having a surname, those who had none chose either their pr

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A detailed analysis of the causes of crimes among youth and also a thorough study of the juvenile justice policy adopted by India following the guidelines laid down by international bodies. Frederick Douglass had once said, -It is easier to bu

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How Indians 'screwed up' the Constitution of India? -A perception study on the 'Constitution of India'

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A civil suit, as everyone knows, can be amended as per the provisions of law but the criminal law code provides absolutely no provision for amending a criminal complaint. However the Supreme Court and some of the High Courts have read down the crimin

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Delayed justice and hurried justice

  Subash M R    20 June 2017 at 16:05

Can delay in justice dispensation system be excused thinking the old age saying that better late than never? But, remember that justice delayed is justice denied. A person had to fight a legal (civil) battle for 40 years to regain possession of a sho

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The age-old debate on privacy has raged on for centuries, during which time it caught the fancy of filmmakers, novelists, conspiracy theorists, and who not, but never has it been carved into the touchstone of legislation. The kind of legislation that

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The existence is outcome of continuous process of Struggle. A baby is outcome of fight amongst hundreds of thousands of brother sperms in penetrating one ovum. In ancient days man struggled against the nature in order to survive. Changing time w

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Criminal defence advocates, defending the accused persons who have been considered by the people to be guilty in heinous crimes, are at the receiving end many a time. The public at large, a section of lawyers and even some Bar Councils have a view th

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Gone are the days, when service on the party used to be effected by way of publication in News Paper or by way of affixation in the concerned locality, where the party resides. With change in technology and with advent of internet era, e-mail, mobil

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