One of the frequently encountered issue in arbitration proceedings is missing out of a claim and parties seeking remedy by way of an amendment to the award or by way of an additional award. Normally the scope of correction of the award under S.33 of

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As an IP Lawyer, I am thinking to write something on sound Trademark.First of all it is correct to say that everyone is familiar with the words 'sound' and 'Trademark' in their individual capacity of word. The origin of sound i.e. 

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During 19th century, use of petroleum was limited. Since petroleum is dangerous, India needed legislations for regulating petroleum. Finally Indian Petroleum Act, 1899 was passed. With the rapid developments in the use of petroleum that took place in

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Jaypee Infratech Insolvent-Here what you can do to recover money? What is Insolvency?Insolvency is the state of being unable to pay the money owed, by a person or company, on time; those in a state of insolvency are said to be insolvent. There are t

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Legal Heirship Certificate, Succession Certificate and Letters of Administration have close relation. They serve a common purpose - they are being used for devolution of some rights on the property of a person died intestate, to their legal des

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Every government comes to power with the promise of serving the people and making their country a better place to live in. When this promise is broken, by inefficiencies and corruption, people’s trust in their leadership is shaken, and they dem

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At the Public Meeting on Growing Corruption in Judiciary and Justice Delayed, Justice Denied, organised by OJHA - Organisation of Jurists for Humanity Awareness, and the Litigants Welfare Forum, on Friday, 4th August, 2017, at Mumbai, Chief Guest, Ho

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No use of trademark, no remedy

  Chirag Bhatt    11 August 2017 at 13:22

As an IP lawyer, let it be informed that when a trade mark is not in use, no remedy is available for protection of that trademark on the ground of non use of it. In fact if it is proved that registered trademark is not in use, and it creates chaos,

Letter Trademark

  ajay amitabh suman    10 August 2017 at 16:40

This article deals with the Trade Marks comprised of Letter. There may be cases where the Trade Marks is essentially of Letters. Letters are the most essential feature of the Trade Marks. There may be cases where Trade Mark is comprise

All over the world, the supervising courts refrain themselves from interfering in an Arbitration award, for any other reason except those specified in the procedural law. Most of the Arbitration laws are similar to UNCITRAL Model law and hence the gr

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IntroductionThe Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is a sunrise sector for the economy and is making high growth strides. Proving its resilience to the world, the Indian M&E industry is on the cusp of a strong phase of growth, back

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Alternate Dispute Resolution

  Arjun Kohli    09 August 2017 at 11:53

Justice is a key component in any civilization for its existence and not merely an idealized concept. To administer the same, Courts of Law are established and empowered to deal with the disputes brought before them. The system tends to achieve the a

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Transfer Petition Supreme Court Recent trendThese days Hon'ble Supreme court is not lenient in allowing transfer petition in favor of wife and is mostly dismissing these kind of petition and citing K

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A human being is born free, subject to the restraints and constraints placed upon him or her by the state in which he or she is born. Thus every human being has some basic privileges- to wander around, to speak, to have their secrets kept; that&rsquo

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CONSIDERATION OF BAIL Denial of bail is an exception and the grant of bail is the rule. Liberty of an individual, accused of a crime is restricted in its view to the extent of possibility of hampering the investigation, influencing the witnesses and

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In part 1 of the article, which you can read by clicking here; Laws in IPC that could do with Amendment [Part-II/II]; I discussed two such laws which could fare better with some changes made to them. Listed below are three such more laws in the India

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Section 151 of the Companies Act, 2013-Small shareholders- rights to appoint Nominee on the Board-Whether their rights have been scuttled by Alembic Pharma Section 151 of the Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter referred to as -The Act&rd

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This is a tale of two servings. One denied, the other unwanted. Both problematic. Linda Atkins, a sales associate, got $277,565 (nearly Rs2 crore) in back pay and compensatory damages after being fired for drinking orange juice prior to paying the Rs

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As an IP lawyer, I have gone through 'The Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Act, 2015( herein after referred as Commercial Courts Act in short) and I find an interesting fact regarding the ord

As an IP lawyer, I always think about the remedies available under the umbrella of statutes and common law and whether common law remedy should prevail over statutory remedy in respect of the rights of Intellectual properties. Let me discuss it in th

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