(S.377IPC)FACTS1. This writ petition has been preferred by Naz Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) as a Public Interest Litigation to challenge the constitutional validity of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC), which crimi

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Rights of indemnity holder

  Parvathi N    18 January 2017 at 10:53

Rights of indemnity holder

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Right to life include right to die?

  Parvathi N    17 January 2017 at 11:40

Right to life include right to die?

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State of Bombay v. Narsu Appa Mali (Air 1952 BOM 84)

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Registration Process of Private Limited CompanyWHAT IS COMPANY?A company is a kind of business structure or a business organization. The company has been evolved from sole proprietorship business structure to partnership type of business and after th

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The Central Government may, by notification establish an Appellate Tribunal known as Securities Appellate Tribunal to exercise the jurisdiction, powers and authority conferred on such tribunal under the SEBI Act, 1992 or any other law for time being

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How to reserve the trademark?To reserve the trademark, one needs to apply for the reservation through the trademark application form i.e. TM 1, this can be done either manually or electronically.What is the process & cost involved?Step 1: Tradema

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IF Contractor has Ultimate Control over the Affairs of its Establishment, then Principal Employer is not responsible for Provident Fund Contributions of Contract Workers.

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Useful SC and HC Judgments to help you to deny maintenance to a Qualified wife

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Registration of Partnership Firm in IndiaA Partnership is a business structure in which at least two people oversee and work a business as per the terms and destinations set out in the Partnership Deed. This structure is thought to have lost its pert

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Legal profession and allied laws

  Anil Satyagraha    12 January 2017 at 15:09

LEGAL PROFESSION AND ALLIED LAWSIntroductionThe present article and write-up is an attempt to answer the below mentioned question(s) -IS IT TRUE TO SAY - -LEGAL PROFESSION IS NOT A TRADE OR BUSINESS-WHAT LAWS GOVERN LEGAL PROF

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Movies and companies have a huge influence on our lives today. While movies impact the popular choice of attire, language and behaviour, in the case of companies their influence is equally strong but only subtle. Not just for impact, but even in thei

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Salient Features of the Act: -Obligation of Promoters1. Sale of Apartment/Building in efficient and transplant manner to protect the interest of Consumers in Real Estate Sector established the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal from the decisions/directi

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Know your Company: One Person Companies (OPCs)

  Shankar    11 January 2017 at 12:22

Two is company-, a popular saying is no longer appropriate, after the enactment of the Companies Act, 2013, at least in the business world. With the introduction of One Person Companies (OPCs) any one individual can, on their own, form a compan

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4R-s form the basis for enforcement of any law; Companies Act, 2013, is no exception. Registration, the first R give the registrant a right which is denied to others. Company law too requires registration for giving registrants the benefit of l

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A Case Study Of India-s Enron

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About EPF:Companies in which twenty or more persons are employed are liable to register for allotment of the PF Code number with Regional Provident Fund Commissioner.

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Quash 498a - Vague allegations in FIR

  Nitish Banka    11 January 2017 at 12:21

Quash 498a - Vague allegations in FIR

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  Vibhor Bajaj    10 January 2017 at 17:09

Utilitarianism talks about political obligation from an absolutely distinct view.

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An analysis on "Contracts"

  Lokpal Hangal    10 January 2017 at 17:09

Contracts have become very common in todays enormous structures of corporations with a huge organization.

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