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labour service law

Validity of Employment Bond

Employment Contract – Validity of Employment Bond An employment contract is an agreement that discusses the working rapport of a company and an employee. It helps both parties to comprehend their obligations and the stipulations of employment. Importance p style="text-ali..

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Apple's supplier Wistron violated labour laws in India

Background • Wistron is a Taiwanese based contract manufacturer assembling iPhoneSE for Apple in a facility in Naraspura Industrial Area near Bangalore. • Wistron hires employees through staffing firms and makes payments to these firms who are in turn responsible for paying the..

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Evolution of Workers Rights

"Power concedes nothing without demand" - Fredrick Douglass (American Abolitionist) In 1802, a primary benevolent statute in favour of the working class was passed by the British Legislation as ‘The Health And Morals Of Apprentices Act', which was promulgat..

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Labour and Employment

The Ministry of Labour & Employment is one of the oldest and important Ministries of the Government of India. The main responsibility of the Ministry is to protect and safeguard the interests of workers in general and those who constitute the poor, deprived and disadvantage sections of the society, in particular, with due regard to creating a healthy work enviro..

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Termination of an Employee during Covid-19

Employment in India is divided into two sections, the labour sector and the employment sector. This divide comes from the definition of ‘Workman’ in the Industrial Disputes Act. The result of making such a definition and its connection to the definition of ‘factory’ lead to the specific conundrum, where a majority of the labour law statutes in ..

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Labour under Indian Labour Legislation and Regulations: A Critical Study

Synopsis: The word ‘Labour’ accompanies with itself a number of speculations with both the literal and the legal meanings. The research toils largely over the meaning of the word ‘Labour’ and its implications under Indian Legislations and Regulations specifically stating the Constitution of India. The stud..

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Migrants and workers from the unorganized sector

Synopsis: Introduction: Almost 85% of its population working in the unorganized sector. mass movement of these migrant workers from big metropolitan cities to their villages. Reason behind this mass movement; if these workers stayed back in thes..

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20 control rooms set up to address wage related grievances of workers

  Ministry of Labour and Employment has set up 20 control rooms under the Office of Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) (C) on pan India basis due to issues arising in the backdrop of Covid-19. These control rooms have been set up for following purposes. li style="text..

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Can an employee withdraw the Resignation or VRS request anytime before acceptance?

Service Jurisprudence: Employee right to withdraw request of resignation or voluntary retirement viz. a viz. employer's right Can an employee withdraw the Resignation or VRS request anytime before acceptance? During employment it is open to any employee to retire from servic..

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Union Labour Ministry notifies amendment in EPF Scheme in the event of outbreak of pandemic

Union Labour Ministry notifies amendment in EPF Scheme to allow withdrawal of non-refundable advance by EPF members in the event of outbreak of pandemic EPFO directs its field offices to process claims promptly Union Ministry of Labour and Employment has issued ..

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Employment And Labour Laws For Women

Brief Introduction Nowadays women are working in almost all the sectors and industries on field. They are actively and passionately doing their jobs. This could be possible due to the various regulations and laws have been implemented in the country in their favour. p style="text-align:just..

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Labor Law Compliances in India

While defining 'labor' as a resource working for some business entity, it involves the inevitable tripartite relationship of the labor with the employer and a labor union of the workplace almost every time. Labor law essentially intercedes this relationship among these three and works as a security mechanism to protect labors' or employees' interests a..

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Labour Codes Will Ensure Safety, Social Security and Welfare of Workers

In line with the recommendations of the Second National Commission on Labour, the Ministry has taken steps for drafting four Labour Codes i.e. the Code on Wages; the Code on Industrial Relations, the Code on Occupational Safety, Health & Working Conditions & the Code on Social Security by simplifying, amalgamating and rationalizing the relevant provisions of..

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361 Complaints of Child Labour Resolved Through Pencil Portal

The Government of India is implementing the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) Scheme for rehabilitation of child labour.  The funds allocated to the NCLP Scheme, year-wise, during 2014-15 to 2018-19 is as under: tr..

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Plantation Labour Act

The Government is planning to subsume the Plantations Labour Act, 1951 in the Labour Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Condition Bill, 2019 which inter-alia aims to provide fair wages to plantation workers by limiting the kind component, to provide welfare facilities through the welfare schemes of the government and involve appropriate agencies in prov..

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