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Welfare measures issued during COVID -19 Pandemic

In March 2020, when the Covid-19 Pandemic truly set foot in India, a nationwide lockdown was announced, resulting in the shutting down of almost all factories, offices, shops, and establishments. However, a lockdown of such magnitude, which brought the economy of more than 2.8 Trillion U.S. Dollars to a grinding halt, was bound to hurt all, including the workers emplo..

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ESIC & EPF relief scheme guidelines 2020 due to COVID19

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana: A Scheme to implement the PMGKY package for credit of employee’s & employer’s shareof EPF & EPS contributions (24% of wages) for three months by Govt. of India. Overview: The Govt. of India on 26.03.2020 relief package under Pradhan Mantr..

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Domestic Violence During Covid 19: Crime Behind the Closed Doors!

As all the newspapers today report a substantial decline in the crimes on road, ironically there is a tremendous increase in the crimes inside homes! Domestic violence as it is popularly known is elaborately defined under the Section 3 of the Protection of Women From Domestic violence Act of 2005. Ironically even after 15 years of passing of the said act it has..

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Post Covid-19 digital shift of legal practice

After the breakdown of Covid-19 in the country, it has almost been two months, that people are locked in their houses and are either working from home or working through using digital modes like video conferencing, zoom calls and WhatsApp calls to connect with their bosses, employers and other co-workers. In such a scenario, when people can’t go out to work, dig..

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Force majeure on contracts in India during COVID-19

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak has managed to take the whole world into hostage within less than four months, and disrupted the lives of millions across the globe and the global economy has been hit the hardest with the markets across the world also taking a tumble amid the virus outbreak. The businesses have suffered with multiple contracts and transactio..

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